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Yedeshwari Temple

One of the most famous temples in Maharashtra, the Yedeshwari Mandir, is a popular pilgrim route that is taken by many devotees across the nation. The temple is home to the Goddess Parvati and requires devotees to climb and reach the temple, located near the town of Osmanabad in the state.

There are plenty of buses that operate from cities such as Pune and Mumbai, which sees a lot of devotees throng during the festive season. Located near the road to Barsi, the temple is exactly at Kalamb Tehsil and is surrounded by the agricultural village of Yermala. There are plenty of pilgrims who come from bigger cities and you’re sure to find a lot of company should you choose to make this trip.

Quick Facts

Address: Yermala, Maharashtra 413525, India

Opening hours: 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM All days of the week

Deity: Yedeshwari (Goddess Parvati)

Festivals celebrated: Yedeshwari Fair on Chaitra and Shravan Pournima, Navratri

Location and Other Temples Nearby

It is situated atop a hillock that is two kilometers to the south of the village. It is also known as Yedai and requires pilgrims to climb 200 steps in order to reach the summit. One of the temples close to this is the Tuljabhavani Temple.

The Tuljabhavani Temple is another temple you could visit in the vicinity, and it holds significant historical importance as well. Dedicated to the Goddess Bhavani, it is located near the Yedeshwari Temple and is considered one of the 51 Shakti Pithas.

Built in the 12th Century AD, the temple is the second “shakti peeth,” which is a designated spot for worship consecrated to the Goddess Shakti, who is considered the female form of Lord Shiva. These temples are present all over India.

The Goddess is the family deity of the Bhonsale Royal family, the Yadavs, and the other countless families from different castes. The popular ruler of the Maratha Kingdom, Chhatrapati Shivaji, also used to visit the temple regularly, as he was a firm believer in her powers.

People believe that he was gifted a sword by the Goddess, known as the Bhawani Talwar, to help him succeed in his endeavors. The word, “Tulaja” is indicative of a Hindu Monastery at Tolaja village present in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


A Slice of History Awaits -

The Yedeshwari temple is designed in the style of Hemadpanthi. There are two different entrance doors located right at the front, with the principal one, which consists of lamp pillars and lamps as well. The central one is slightly taller than the ones flanking. As there are two rows of solid pillars, the mandap comes with two rooms at the end of it. There are also beautiful vestibules present at the other end.

There is an idol of the Goddess with a small linga present nearby. These are considered divine by the devotees as there is a story behind it. During Lord Ram’s search for Sita, Goddess Parvati appeared in the form of Sita to please him. However, Ram recognized her and asked, “Tu ka Ayi,” which translates to “Why you, mother.” Even then, Parvati didn’t give up and appeared a second time when Rama said, “tu yadai,” referring to her as a Goddess. Since then, the temple was established and has become Yedai or Yedeshwari.

There are regular fairs held at the Chaitra Shuddha Purnima as well as the Shravan Purnima, which are the two most important festivals that are celebrated here. Thousands of pilgrims throng and pay their respects to the idols here, and the first festival sees crowds upwards of 80,000. The second event also sees a crowd of nearly 15,000 appear and pay their respects to the idols.

Getting there

There are plenty of cities and towns that are close to Yedeshwari, making it easier to get to the temple. It is important that you choose a route that doesn’t take more than an overnight trip as it should be comfortable. There are trains and buses that ply towards Yedeshwari, and you can choose the one that suits your fancy the most.

Sites such as redBus make it easier to reach Yedeshwari Temple and get to the shrine for the morning darshan so you can explore the surrounding area as well when you get the time. The surrounding agricultural areas are peaceful to gaze at and can give you the peace of mind you are expecting.

Buses to Yedeshwari Temple -

The buses to Yedeshwari are available from different cities and towns that surround this town. You can easily book them on redBus and get some great deals as well as buses which are comfortable and hygienic. Cities from where you can catch buses include Pune, Mumbai, and Solapur, among others.

Thus, you can book your tickets on redBus and get comfortable buses at discounted prices to transport you to this temple town and pray to the Goddess. You can also get deals on hotel accommodations using the redBus app or website.

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