Track my bus feature enables our on-the-go customers and their families to keep track of the bus location. You can track your bus on a map and use the information to plan your commute to the boarding point and to get off at the right stop. Family members and friends can also check the bus location to coordinate pick-ups and rest assured about your safety. Bus operators use this feature to share any delay in bus schedule and which are instantly shared with you. A win- win for all, it’s the smarter way to travel!
Book your ticket
Look out for this icon Book your ticket Look out for this icon for the buses enabled with Track My Bus feature. You can also add a phone number of a family member or friend on the mobile app. 30 minutes prior to your journey, we will send the bus number and tracking link to you and your chosen contact and you can track the bus on your mobile itself!
Smart Boarding
Whether you are running late or early, use the app to know which boarding point is the closest to you and check the estimated time of arrival of the bus at that stop. No need to call bus operators to check if the bus is running on schedule as we will keep you updated on any delay in the bus schedule.
Smart Tracking
In bus travel, staying connected becomes tougher in areas with limited coverage area causing anxiety to you and your family. By using Track My Bus feature, you and your family members can see the exact location of the bus on the live map. You can now stay connected with your loved onethroughout your journey!
Smart Dropping
When you are traveling to a new city, use the mobile app to get suggestions from us on which dropping point would be the best for you. Confirm it with us and we will also alert you when to get off the bus!Someone picking you up at the stop? Ask them to use Track My Bus feature to check where your bus has reached and plan their commute to the pick-up point.
Track My Bus is best experienced on the latest version of redBus mobile App

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