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Welcome to Primo!

Joy, peace and tranquility - that’s what awaits you aboard a Primo bus.

Specially curated by redBus, Primo offers you highly-rated buses with best-in-class service. Whether it’s punctuality, safety or comfort, the Primo services come with the assurance that all your needs will be fulfilled, at zero extra cost.

So, sit back, relax and book a Primo ticket. Rest assured, your journey will be tailor-made for memories you will fondly look back on.

How to Book a Primo Service

how to book a primo

The Primo Promise

Primo is founded on three pillars which are designed to create the best-in class bus travel experience.

  • Safe

Primo buses are known as "safer buses" and adhere to the highest standards of hygiene. They are equipped with first-aid kits, fire-extinguishers, safety markers and more.

  • On time

The staff is trained and makes the best effort to help you reach your destination on time, safely.

  • Comfortable

Primo buses are top-rated, and assure priority customer service and personalized attention, always.

The Primo Fleet

Primo Ticket

Experience Primo Asana

When you choose a Primo ticket, you don’t just choose a bus; you choose an experience. You come to enjoy the journey every bit as much as the destination. You feel safe, secure, and comfortable in the knowledge that you’re aboard a bus that will give you peace of mind in every mile. You truly feel the bliss of Primo-Asana – a state of complete and utter tranquillity in travel.

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