Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary

Quick facts: The word ‘Tadoba’ is quite a unique name in itself. The Tadoba National Park has been named in the name of God called ’Taru'. This God is worshipped by the local tribes of the region who inhabit the dense forest of Tadoba and Andheri. The place has historical importance as the locals have constructed a building in the name of the village chief, who was believed to be killed in a mythological encounter with the tiger.

Address: The Tadoba Tiger reserve is located in the Chandrapur district of the Maharashtra region. The Tadoba national park is one of the largest and the oldest national parks in the Maharashtra region.

Opening Hours: Like every other wildlife sanctuary and national park, the Tadoba National Park can only be visited anytime between 9 am to 5 pm. Post 5 pm, the park closes according to the Government mandate. Therefore, you need to figure out how to reach Tadoba well in advance. You can also make a Tadoba booking online from any ticketing website.

Opened in: The Park was established in the year 1955. The area is considered a protected forest that also safeguards the lives of several wild animals, including the Indian national animal: Tiger.

Popular Festivals celebrated: A fair is conducted annually in the month of Pausha that comes around December or January. Adivasis visit the temple in the region during this period.

Deity: The temple was created in the memory of Taru, the village chief. It is believed that Taru was worshipped, and a shrine was built, which now is beneath a large tree that stands by the Tadoba lake.

Where is it located?

The Tadoba Tiger Reserve is officially the largest national park in Maharashtra. The park covers about 625.4 Square Kilometres of area. This area includes the Tadoba National Park, Andheri Wildlife Sanctuary, protected forests, and some uncategorised land. The Tadoba lake is situated southwest of the complete site and acts as a buffer between the Tadoba National Park and the farmland. The lake provides a fresh and clean habitat to the Muggar crocodiles of that region.

The Tiger reserve also occupies a region of the Chimur Hills, Mohrali Hills and the Kolsa ranges. The park is surrounded by dense forests in the northern and western region.

What Is the Significance of The Place?

According to folklore, Taru is the God who is worshipped by the residents of that area and Adivasis. Taru was the village head of a small village in that area killed in an encounter with a tiger. After this incident, a temple was built in the region and was dedicated to Lord Shiva. Locals have very high importance in that place.

The place has national importance as it is home to about 88 tigers that inhabit the Tadoba Tiger Reserve and the other 58 that live in the forests surrounding the Tadoba National Park. Tigers have now become an endangered species in India, and the place is home to several species of tigers. The Maharashtra Government guards the place, and hunting is considered illegal in this place. However, it generates a decent revenue from jungle safaris and sightseeing. You can first figure out how to reach Tadoba based on the location where you are stationed at.

What Are the Different Functions/Festivals That Are Celebrated Here?

The locals of this region have a vibrant heritage. They all come together in December to conduct a fair near the temple. Local tribal people and Adivasis come together and celebrate the local festival.

The Maharashtra Government also conducts an annual festival called the ‘Tadoba festival' in November. The main agenda of this festival is to celebrate the existence of Tadoba and showcase the expansion plans and progress made to make the tiger sanctuary a world-class entity.

Locations and Bus Routes

Buses are the best way to reach the Tadoba National Park. The redBus app will provide you with multiple bus options that you can take from the nearby cities to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve. As the location of the national park is remote, it becomes challenging to look for a travel option. Buses from redBus can even drop you at remote locations. Also, you can book the entire bus for your trip using the redBus app and create a whole new experience for your getaway. MSRTC buses are the best service providers on this route.

Tadoba is considered to be one of the greatest treasures of all times. It is one of the best National Parks for a jungle safari. You can plan a trip in the daytime as forests on all sides surround the place, and you may not have to explore the place under direct sunlight. Using the redBus app, you can check all schedules and buses that travel to the Tadoba region. It is recommended that you check out the major bus routes to Tadoba before booking your tickets.

How to reach the place by bus

A bus to Tadoba can be easily booked on the redBus app. You can take a bus directly from a nearby city like Pune or Mumbai if you want to visit Tadoba. If your city or place of residence is located far from Tadoba, you can take a flight to Nagpur or a train to Chandrapur Railway Station or Nagpur Railway Station and then book us from there. The bus travel will be a hassle-free choice as it takes about 2.5 hours to reach Tadoba from Nagpur.

How to reach the place from Delhi

Finding a direct bus from Delhi to Tadoba can be difficult as the two places are far from each other. However, you can easily take a flight from Delhi to Nagpur and then take a bus to Tadoba from there. A lot of people prefer travelling to the Nagpur Airport and then taking a road route. You can book a bus using the redBus app for a hassle-free trip to Tadoba.

How to reach the place from Ahmedabad

The best way to reach Tadoba from Ahmedabad is via train and then taking a bus. An overnight train is the best option for exploring the Tadoba National Park the next day. An overnight journey can be covered without any hassle, and then you can book a bus via the redBus app that will take about 2 hours to reach Tadoba. You can also take a bus from Ahmedabad to reach Tadoba. A bus will first take you to Badnera, which is about 746 kilometres away from Ahmedabad, and then you will have to take another bus to Tadoba.

How to reach the place from Dwarka

Dwarka again is a famous city in Gujarat. You will have to take a flight or a train to visit Nagpur, and you can then take a bus to Tadoba.

Tadoba Routes on redBus

Some popular MSRTC routes to Tadoba are as follows:

  1. Nagpur to Chandrapur

This route is the most popular bus route as people who take bus or flights to reach Tadoba will mostly take this route as all flights and trains halt at Nagpur. The distance between the two places is about 132 kilometres. The first bus leaves to Chandrapur from Nagpur at 5:20 am.

  1. Pune to Chandrapur

The approximate distance between these two places is about 788 kilometres. A bus covers this distance in about 14 hours. The first bus leaves around 3 am.

  1. Aurangabad to Chandrapur

A lot of people visit Tadoba National Park from Aurangabad as the city is quite close. The distance is about 499 kilometres, and a bus will take about 11 hours to reach Chandrapur from Aurangabad. The first bus to Chandrapur can be boarded at 12:30 am.

You can check out the redBus app for a comprehensive list of bus routes and the travel duration.

Guidelines to be followed during the COVID-19 Pandemic

All passengers must wear a face mask while travelling on a bus to Tadoba. It is mandatory to take all necessary precautions and practice social distancing while travelling on a bus booked by redBus. The buses are equipped with sanitisers, and the passengers are encouraged to use them.

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Q: What is the best way to go to Tadoba?
A: You can reach Tadoba by several means of transportation, depending on your location. However, ultimately you will have to take a bus or a cab to reach the Tadoba National Park. There are several ways of reaching the place: By Air: The Nagpur Airport is the nearest airport located about 140 kilometres away from the national park. Once you reach the airport, you can then take a bus to reach the national park. By Railway: There are two railway stations located near the National Park. One is Chandrapur that is 49 kilometres away from Tadoba, and the other is the Nagpur railway station which is about 151 kilometres away from the park. You can take a bus from both of these railway stations. You can check out the redBus app to figure out how to reach Tadoba. Once you reach a nearby city, you can take an MSRTC bus to reach Chandrapur. Several MSRTC buses take passengers to Chandrapur from Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur, etc.
Q: Can I reschedule my bus ticket?
A: First, visit https://www.redbus.in/reschedule and then search for your bus ticket by entering your ticket number and registered email ID. Verify your ticket details and select the date to reschedule your journey. Select a bus operator, verify every detail, and make your payment if any difference in bus ticket prices needs to be cleared.
Q: Can I cancel my bus ticket?
A: Yes, you can. All you have to do is log in to the redBus website or app and follow the cancellation procedure. You can even call the customer care number of redBus to get your ticket canceled.
Q: What is the average bus fare to Tadoba?
A: The bus fare generally depends on the place from where you board the bus. However, for a bus from Nagpur to Tadoba, the ticket is priced somewhere around Rs.500 – Rs. 800. The price depends on the kind of bus and the amenities you choose from the redBus app. You can compare the prices of different buses and then book a Tadoba bus as per your requirements.
Q: What’s the impact of the lockdown at Tadoba?
A: Currently, the Tadoba National Park is closed for any visits made by locals and tourists. According to the senior officials, the forests are to be kept closed for a very long duration, and the decision to reopen the park would be taken once the lockdown is lifted from the region. You can make your Tadoba booking once the lockdown ends and the sightseeing resumes.