What is an rZone?

rZones are geo-tagged location markers installed in select boarding points in Hyderabad (Ameerpet, SR Nagar, LB Nagar and Panjguta) to help travellers navigate with ease and certainty, to the boarding point.

know your rzone

How do rZones Help You?

rZones offer a whole range of benefits to travellers, including:

  • Physical marker with unique identifiers, to help you locate the boarding points easily
  • Free Wifi access, and
  • QR code-enabled bus booking

Where to find rZone details on your ticket?

where to find rzone on ticket


Q: Is rZone available in cities other than Hyderabad?
A: No, rZone is currently available in Hyderabad but will be available in other cities in India.
Q: Is free WiFi available at rZones?
A: Free Wifi is available at rZones for 30 mins or for 500MB (whichever gets over first).
Q: How can I book a bus ticket from rZone?
A: Users can scan the QR code from any rZone, and book tickets for any bus that is leaving that rZone in next 2 hours.
Q: How can I search the location of my rZone?
A: rZones are geo tagged, and can be located using Google Maps by searching for a particular rZone name.

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