Tamil New Year 2021

The Tamil New Year, also known as Tamil Puthandu, is an occasion that is celebrated by Tamils all around the globe. Tamilians from different corners of the world come together to take part in this beautiful celebration. The New Year begins with seeing the ‘Kanni’ at dawn because it is believed that watching auspicious things would bring good luck for the upcoming year. These things include silver or gold jewelry, fruits, vegetables, betel leaves, and nuts. Every year in the first month of the Hindu calendar, the New Year is observed with fervor and gaiety.

Date: The Tamil New Year 2021 would be celebrated on the 14th of April, Wednesday.

History of Tamil New Year

It is widely believed that this was the day Lord Indra visited the world to certify contentment and amity. Also known as the prince of harmony, he is believed to ride a white chariot, wearing a huge crown made of flowers. He gets dipped into the sea of milk (Kiri Sayura) by breaking the earth’s gravity. It is also believed that the creation of the world by Lord Brahma had started on this day.

The Tamil literature has mentioned in several cases that the Tamil New Year falls in April. ‘Nakkirar,’ the author of Nedunalvaadai, in the 3rd century, wrote that the sun moves throughout all the Zodiac signs on this day. Purannanooru, written by Kudalur Kizhaar, also mentions that this day is the start of a new year. Several other literary works have cited the significance of the day and why this day is celebrated.


The Tamil New Year, also called the Tamil Puthandu, includes several things that are performed before and during the festivals. The Tamil New Year is mostly about creating the possibilities of new beginnings for a fresh year. Therefore, the festival starts with tidying and cleaning home to prepare and welcome a fresh new year.

People also gather food the day before to make feasts and celebrate on the Tamil Puthandu. Most people follow the principle of the six different tastes that are found in traditional Tamil cuisine, commonly called the Arusuvai. These include sweet, bitter, salty, spicy, sour, and a taste called Thuvarpu, which is a taste of post-meal nut.

On the festival day, the people decorate their houses with kolams. They use chalk or rice flour to embellish their house entrances using various kolam designs. A lamp is lit to symbolize the destruction of darkness and make the festival merrier. On the day, people also take a cleansing bath, usually with turmeric, to cleanse the sorrow and sins of the previous year. They celebrate wearing new clothes, and many people choose to wear traditional Tamil clothes. People also wish each other Tamil New Year’s wishes, which is “Puthandu vazthukal” in Tamil.

A part of the morning routine on the Tamil Puthandu is to pray and give offerings to the Gods. Offerings include sweets and fruits along with flowers and garlands. It is an ideal time since families come together and pray for their prosperity with various rituals. Classical instruments are played, and traditional songs are sung during the time of prayer.

Traditional dishes

Food is a significant part of Tamil festivals, and the Tamil New Year is one of the best times to check out traditional Tamil cuisine. One of the unique dishes made during the Tamil New Year is the Manga Pachadi. It is a combination of sweet, bitter, and tangy ingredients like jaggery, mango, betel leaves, and sambar powder masala. Though it is a side dish, it is included in the traditional main course, which usually contains mixed vegetables, steamed rice, and kurukku kaalan. Manga Pachadi is a must-make dish on New Year.

Manjal Poosanikai Sambar is another dish that’s everybody’s favorite. It is a nutritionally packed dish made from toor dal and pumpkin and is a staple food in Tamil homes. This is another main course dish that is mostly eaten as the afternoon meal. Another main course dish is the Arachuvitta Rasam. This is famous in many parts of India but is commonly made by Tamils because of its intensive digestive property.

A common snack made during the fest when people wish ‘happy Tamil New Year’ to each other is the Masala Dal vada, a combination prepared of chana dal and urad dal. It is usually paired with delicious sambar, coconut chutney, or rasam. An excellent dessert, Aval Payasam, is a lovely traditional south Indian kheer. It is usually made from rice, and it has a creamy consistency. During the festival, the people also gather jackfruit, mango, and banana, which are considered to be some of the tastiest fruits by the Tamils. It will be a great delight to see this wide variety of fruits even during the Tamil New Year 2021.

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