Republic Day 2022

In India, 26 January is marked in history and celebrated as the Republic Day of India. India adopted the constitution on the 26th of November 1949, thereby officially making India a complete self-ruling and republic nation. Since that day in India, Republic Day is celebrated on 26 January every year. The vibrant country is home to multiple religions, cultures, and languages and has always been an ideal role model for the world on secularism, democracy, and harmony. The very preamble of the Indian constitution states clearly for the people of India and the world that the main agenda of its constitution is to provide Justice, Liberty, Equality, and promote Fraternity among its citizens.

Republic Day represents a significant day for India and Indians, as on this day, India decided its place, nature, and the road map it took as a nation that made it the world's largest democracy today. Republic Day 2022 will be the 73rd Republic Day celebration for India.

Republic Day 2022 in New Delhi

The Government of India has decided to scale down the republic day 2022 celebration amid Covid-19 crisis. From the elaborate parade to the number of guests, everything has been cut down to half this year. The marching distance for the parade has been shortened from 8.5 kms to 3.5 kms and the number of marchers has also been reduced due to maintain social distancing. The total number of tickets for the celebration is also reduced to 4,500. 

India celebrates Republic Day on 26 January with patriotic feelings and nationalist emotions. Schools, colleges, government establishments, and offices organize Republic Day programs with cultural performances, flag hoisting, Republic Day parade, and the traditional sweet distribution. However, for India, New Delhi, the national capital of India, is the place where 26 January is celebrated with utmost discipline and enthusiasm. Each year, New Delhi hosts a national Republic Day parade that showcases the nation's strength, culture, and history.

Events and Awards at Republic Day

26 January 2022, Republic Day celebrations will start with an exuberant display of India's defense and military capabilities, followed by the arrival of the President, hoisting of the national flag, and singing the National Anthem. Then, the troops from the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, Para-military, CRPF, and State regiments march to salute their commander-in-chief, the President. A glorious display of Indian heritage, culture, festivals, dance, and tradition is displayed, and children from various schools from all around India come to perform at this event.

Next, the President awards medals and defense awards to the respective recipients, and the National bravery award is distributed to children who displayed selfless acts of bravery and sacrifice. Republic Day ends with a glamourous display of tricolor strikes in the sky that are made by jet planes while showering rose petals on spectators.

In India, Republic Day is also the official day when the highest civilian awards after the Bharat Ratna, the Padma awards, are distributed in three categories to the winners by the President of India. This award signifies exceptional and distinguished service (Padma Vibhushan), distinguished service of a high order (Padma Bhushan), and outstanding service (Padma Shree) in various fields.

Another significant event at the national Republic Day parade is the Republic Day chief guest. Each year, a Republic Day chief guest of honor is invited from a foreign country on the day of the Republic Day parade. In the past, many Dukes, Kings, Queen, ministers, Presidents, and Prime Ministers of many states have been given the honor of being the Republic Day chief guest in India. Some of these distinguished Republic Day chief guests include Queen Elizabeth II, former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, and the current Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe. However, taking the Covid-19 situation into consideration, no foreign guests are invited for the Republic Day 2022 celebration, making it a low-key affair this year.

The Beating Retreat Ceremony

The final event of the India Republic Day celebration in the capital state is the Beating retreat ceremony, which takes the Republic Day celebrations to a ceremonial end. The President of India, Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, will be escorted by the cavalry unit to the venue of the event at Raisina Hill and Vijay Chowk. This tradition is taken from the British, like the Republic Day parade each year on 29th of January, all three wings of the defense force, the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy, perform a ceremonial display of band performances by various battalions and regiments of the defense. Along with that, the Central Reserve Police Force, Delhi Police, and Central Industrial Security Force also display their band performance to the President of India. This ceremony symbolizes that the battle has ended and the soldiers are returning home.

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