Maharashtra Day

Maharashtra Day is celebrated to mark the formation of Maharashtra in 1960. Every year 1st May, Maharashtra Day is a regional public holiday in Maharashtra. All central government and state government offices, companies, and educational institutes are closed for work or studies. There are political events, cultural events, and other programs organized across the state. Maharashtra Day is not only celebrated in the Maharasthra but across many other Indian cities. Maharashtra Diwas is celebrated on 1st May. Find the detailed information on Maharashtra Diwas below:

Origin, History, and Significance of Maharashtra Day

Maharashtra Day originated on 1st May 1960, when the state of Maharashtra was formed. India, after gaining independence from Britain, had a different regional constitution from the present scenario. Numerous princely states were united to form states to establish a state system for the nation's administration.

In 1956, the Indian government defined the boundaries of different states as per the States Reorganisation Act based on the regional people's main languages. The current states are familiar to us, but at that time, few states were anomalies as they had residents speaking many languages. Like the Bombay, the state had people speaking different languages such as Gujarati, Marathi, Konkani, and Kutchi, covering two distinct linguistic groups.

Due to these different linguistic groups in a single state, a movement called "Sanyukt Maharastra Andolan" started to divide the Bombay State into two states with separate linguistic groups. One state would have people primarily speaking Marathi and Konkani, and the other would have Gujarati and Kutchhi speaking people. This "Sanyukt Maharastra Andolan" movement had already started in 1940, demanding a separate state for Marathi-speaking people. However, as the freedom struggle, the Quit India Movement, and World War II were there, this movement took a backseat. After almost two decades, this movement again started when the Parliament passed a bi-lingual state resolution.

Because of this "Sanyukt Maharastra Andolan" movement and according to the Bombay Reorganisation Act, 1960, Maharashtra and Gujarat's states were formed by dividing the Bombay state. The Indian Parliament enacted the Bombay Reorganisation Act on 25th April 1960. The act became effective on 1st May 1960. So on 1st May 1960, the Bombay state was divided into Maharashtra and Gujarat's states, and they attained statehood under the Bombay Reorganisation Act. On 1 May, Maharashtra Day, Maharashtra's state came into being with Bombay as its capital.

When is Maharashtra Day Celebrated

Maharashtra Day is observed every year on 1st May. The day is a regional public holiday, and there are numerous events and cultural programs to celebrate the anniversary of attaining statehood. In 2021, special Maharastra Day events will be organized in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra.

How is Maharashtra Day Celebrated and Where to Go

Maharashtra Day is celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm across the state of Maharashtra. It is a regional public holiday for all state and center government offices, companies, and educational institutions. Various programs such as rallies, speeches, cultural events, colorful parades, sports competitions, art shows, blood donation camps, etc. are organized by the government, government departments, NGOs, schools, other institutions, and local people. Along with the private sector, the state government also launches various new projects and schemes on this day.

Maharashtra Din festivities can be enjoyed across many cities in India. Mumbai and other prominent cities of Maharashtra like Pune are especially known for their Maharashtra Divas celebrations. The following places are worth visiting during Maharashtra Din:

1) Mumbai- The capital city of Maharashtra is the hub of Maharashtra Day celebrations. The Maharashtra Divas is commemorated with a parade at Shivaji Park in Dadar. There the Governor of Maharashtra gives a speech, and other activities are organized. Other celebrations in the city include cultural events such as traditional Lavani dance & music performances, poetry narrations, folk songs, etc.

2) Pune- This prominent city of Maharashtra is known for its automobile and IT sector. The city sees a lot of cultural and other events to commemorate the anniversary of attaining statehood.

3) Navi Mumbai- The satellite city of Mumbai, has similar events to celebrate the Maharashtra Din. The locals enjoy and participate in various cultural events and sports competitions.

4) Nagpur- The beautiful city of Nagpur, celebrates this day with a lot of enthusiasm. There is a colorful parade, several cultural events, and welfare camps to commemorate the day and invoke the spirit of oneness.

5) Delhi- the Maharashtra state government, organizes the "Maharashtra Utsav" at Dilli Haat. This is a fortnight-long cultural event showcasing the traditional art, heritage, dance/music, craft, culture, and food of Maharashtra. There are various other events in the city celebrating Maharashtra Din.

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