Lohri 2022

A very popular folk festival in Punjab, Lohri Festival brings people from all sects together to celebrate the day that marks the end of winter, January 13. Celebrated on the same date each year, the Lohri Festival also marks the welcoming of the sun in the Northern Hemisphere. redBus is India’s best online ticketing service for buses brings a plethora of bus operators who provided buses to various parts of Punjab and India to soak in the festivities of Lohri 2022. Select a bus operator of your choice and travel to your favorite destination this year and have a Happy Lohri Festival 2022.

Other parts of the North Indian belt also celebrate it making it a very popular festival in the region. A festival celebrated with ardor and love, and many people believe the festival commemorates the end of the winter solstice. Lohri marks the end of the long, winter night, and is a traditional welcome for the days of a happy summer. It is also celebrated as a harvest festival by the people of Punjab and Haryana. In the regions of Punjab, the main crop is wheat, and in October, farmers sow their crops that are harvested during March or April. During January, the land promises a golden harvest as the farms get filled with beautiful wheat crops. The Lohri festival is celebrated before this harvesting process. The Lohri Festival is celebrated on the 13th of January, 2022.

The Legend Behind Lohri Festival

There are many legends associated with a festival of such history. The first legend is that the ancient people of Punjab wanted their families to be protected from the extreme winter solstice, so they came up with a mantra (chant). The Sun God heard their prayers and to solve the problem, He showered the land with a tremendous amount of heat to counter the harsh effects of the cold. Thus, people started chanting around the fire to thank the Sun God. This became the origin of Lohri.

Another folklore is that, during ancient times, the fire was lit by the people to protect themselves from local wildlife. The fire was considered to be the communal one where everyone took part in it. The young girls and boys were sent to collect wood from the forests, and this tradition still exists where young people are sent to collect cow dung to keep the fire of Lohri alive. In this legend, the fire is considered to be the protector of the people.

The main attraction of the happy Lohri festival is the bonfire, and people arrange this on the eve of the festival. People of the region celebrate by dancing and singing their folksongs.

Main areas of Celebration

The Lohri festival is celebrated in Punjab. It is one of the most important festivals in the state. Apart from Punjab, other states of North India like Haryana, Delhi, and Himachal Pradesh celebrate it. Since the Mughal times, Lohri has been celebrated in parts of Jammu as well. In the Sindhi community, it is observed as Lal Loi.

To get a flavor of the uniqueness of Lohri, trips to these regions can be planned where you can celebrate a happy Lohri:

  • Amritsar: This city celebrates Lohri like no other state in India. The happy Lohri celebration transforms the city with bustling markets and colorful shops. The amazing smell of jaggery and sweets fill the atmosphere while people celebrate it with purity and love. On this massive day, the golden temple gets lit up, and the community kitchen feeds thousands of visitors to share this happiness. The skies would be filled with vibrant kites while people walk around the streets wearing their finest attire during Lohri.

  • Ludhiana: Ludhiana, Punjab, is also a great place to witness the Lohri festival in all its glory. The dynamic energy of the city during the festival is infectious. People perform various traditional dances and the streets come alive with markets and joy. You will get trapped in the delicious traditional food and the music.

  • Chandigarh: This state is where the happy Lohri festival gets a touch of the city lifestyle as it is celebrated in both modern and traditional ways. The Gurudwaras get lit up with amazing lights and bonfires. In the city, people throw parties in their own homes, wear their traditional attire, prepare traditional cuisine, or celebrate in their own unique way.

  • Delhi: When the happy Lohri time is around, the city never sleeps, and the markets of the capital will be bustling with delicacies, jaggeries, and gift shops. The festival unites people, no matter what community they come from. Everybody comes together to celebrate this grand Lohri festival as one.

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