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Kaveri Sankramana

About River Kaveri

The sacred River Kaveri is the lifeline for the people of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and many parts of Kerala and Puducherry. The main source of drinking water, irrigation, and electricity, the river flows from Talakaveri in Kodagu district of the Brahmagiri Range in the western ghats and joins the Bay of Bengal at Kaveripattinam in Tamil Nadu. The river enriches the southern delta and supports life everywhere it flows and is fondly called as ‘Kaveriamma’ or Mother Kaveri.

There are many tourist attractions, dams, sacred pilgrimage centers, and important temples along her path. She is revered as adi-devate or the presiding goddess for the local community of the ‘Kodavas’ in Coorg – the place of her birth and worshipped in different forms across south India. It is believed that Kaveri is the manifestation of Lopamudra or Goddess Parvati in the form of a river. The ‘Ganges of the South’ is truly the lifeline of the millions.

Kaveri Sankramana

The Kaveri Sankramana or the birth of Kaveri is celebrated on the first day of the Kodava Month of ‘Toleyar,’ which coincides with the mid-October English calendar month. At a predetermined time when the Sun enters Tula Rasi, thousands of pilgrims gather to take a holy dip in the temple at Talakaveri, where the river Kaveri emerges as a small stream – a fountain or a gundige and the water fills the larger tank in the temple or Theerthodbhava before it flows down to Bhagamandala and joins smaller tributaries to take a form of a mighty river and bless everyone in her path till it meets the sea. The sacred water from the Brahma kundike or the small pond is collected as teertha and kept in every Kodava home as a blessing from the Goddess Mother. It is believed that feeding a spoonful of this holy water to the dying will help them gain entry to the swarga or heaven and attain moksha.

As per the legend, it was on this day that Goddess Parvati appeared in the dream of Devakanta and asked him to gather his father Chandravarma’s family in Balmuri and await her arrival. At the exact moment when the Surya entered Tula Rashi, River Kaveri emerged as a stream of water and blessed them. It is one of the most important festivals for the Kodava community and is celebrated with a lot of zeal. The entire family comes together to celebrate the festival of Kaveri Sankramana or the birth of ‘Kaveriamma.’

Local fare or Kaveri Jatre is held at various places for the tourists and the pilgrims. Buy a variety of forest produce, local handicrafts, explore joy rides, and relish delicious food after taking a holy dip in the Talakaveri and Bhagamandala for a blessed and happy Kaveri Sankramana.

Preparations and Celebrations

Besides the celebrations in the main temple at Talakaveri and Bhagamandala, there are celebrations and festivities in the temples and homes across the region. Day one of the Kaveri Sankramana celebration begins with the family planting a long stick or bamboo in the paddy fields. Married women dress up in traditional silk sarees and jewelry to perform Kanni Puja, where a replica of goddess Kaveri is created with ‘Taliyatakki Bolca’ or an oil lamp placed on rice grains spread on a bell-shaped metal vessel.

A vegetable wrapped in red-silk cloth is adorned with jewelry, flowers, betel leaves, and areca nuts to be worshipped as the manifestation of the goddess. Family members offer prayers by sprinkling rice grains and performing special pooja before immersing it in the flowing water. The elderly women of the home draw water from the well to prepare an elaborate vegetarian fare for the occasion and share with near and dear ones. This is one of the days when the Kodava community’s meat-loving people turn pure vegetarian and indulge in a variety of dosas, curries, payasam, rice preparations, and more.

Kaveri Sankramana 2021

This year Kaveri Sankramana 2021 muhurat is set for 17th October at 9.18 am. You can expect the celebrations to continue throughout the day. Along with your trip to Talakaveri and Bhagamandala, explore beautiful Kodagu and nearby tourist attractions like Dubare, Madikeri, Nisargadhama, Abbey Falls, and more. Enjoy your stay in coffee estates, budget guesthouses, or a luxury resort available across Kodagu

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