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Karthigai Deepam

Karthigai Deepam is the most important festival celebrated by most of the Tamil Hindus. According to the Tamil solar calendar, Karthigai Deepam Day is always celebrated in the month of Karthikai, during the full moon day when the Karthigai Nakshatra coincides with Pournami. According to astronomy, this brightest star in the constellation of Pleiades is known as Alcyone. In southern India, this festival is most commonly celebrated. This festival is celebrated with different names like Thrikkarthika, Kartik Purnima, Deva-Diwali, or Deva-Deepawali.


In the year 2021, Karthigai Deepam would fall on Nov 19,2021. Karthigai Deepam 2020 timing is as below:

Karthigai Nakshathram Begins - 03:19 AM on Nov 29, 2020

Karthigai Nakshathram Ends - 06:04 AM on Nov 30, 2020


Significance of Karthigai Deepam

Karthigai Deepam is one of the ancient festivals celebrated in the name of Lord Shiva and his son Muruga. The lighting of lamps is a significant ritual of this festival. Lamp illumination has spiritual significance on this day as well. This festival is celebrated for ten days at Thiruvannamalai temple. Lighting the lamp symbolizes the burning of our ego and spreading the light of happiness everywhere. The illumination of the lamps thus represents the supremacy of good over evil. On Karthigai Deepam, people celebrate by lighting lamps in their homes, which signifies happiness and goodwill.


The mythology behind Karthigai Deepam

When Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma declared themselves as a superior and supreme. Lord Shiva came in the form of fire and told them both to reach the top and bottom of the flames to demonstrate the superiority of himself. At that time, Lord Vishnu took the form of a boar and decided to reach the bottom of the fire under the earth. He failed and apologized to Lord Siva, stating he could not reach the bottom of the fire.


On the other hand, Lord Brahma took the form of a swan and flown to the top of the fire. He also could not reach the top of the fire. By this, Lord Shiva managed to stop the fight between Lord Vishnu and Brahma. Lord Shiva has proved himself to be the main God of the earth. He then emerged as a hill form in the Thiruvannamalai area. Indeed, these names Tiruvannamalai and Arunachala referred to as "Holy Fire Hill" Later on, a Lord Siva temple came up on the hill.

There is another story on Thiruvannamalai Deepam connected to Lord Muruga. Lord Muruga took the shape of six babies in a Saravana Poigai lake, and six krittika stars cared for them. On this day, Goddess Parvathy unified Skantda's six forms. So, Lord Karthikeya has six faces and formally known in Tamil culture as Aarumugan.


Where else can you go to enjoy festivities related to Karthigai Deepam?


1. Diwali in Gujarat

In Gujarat, people consider the day of Diwali as the end of the year. So, you can visualize how beautiful their eve celebrations on Diwali must be. Like most Hindus on Diwali, Gujaratis also worships goddess Lakshmi with traditional rangolis and diyas.


2. Diwali in Punjab

In Punjab festival of Diwali marks the beginning of winters, and people will plan for the winter crops and harvest. On this day, Hindus in Punjab also worship Lakshmi, and the Sikhs celebrate the festival with exceptional grace and dignity at gurudwaras, particularly at Amritsar's Golden Temple.


3. Kali Puja in Bengal

In Bengal, Kali puja is known as Shyama Puja, which corresponds with Diwali. Nevertheless, unlike Diwali festivities, this puja takes place at night according to the traditional Tantric Hindu rituals. Kali is decorated with hibiscus flower, fruit, meat, and a variety of other offerings. In Kolkata, the celebration will reach a new height at the Kalighat and Dakshineswar temples


4. Dipawali in Maharashtra

Diwali is celebrated for four days at Maharashtra. The first day is Vasubaras and is celebrated with the presentation of an Aarti to cows and calves. This refers to a mother's love with her child. The following day is Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi, celebrated in the same manner as in other regions. On the 3rd day, Narakchaturdashi, people take an early morning scented oil bath and visit a temple. The Maharashtrians then feast on a special Diwali preparation consisting of tasty sweets such as "karanji" and "ladoo" and spicy foods such as "chakli" and "sev." Lakshmi Puja is performed on the fourth day. Goddess Lakshmi and wealth, such as money and jewelry, are worshipped at every home.


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Karthigai Deepam Update during COVID-19:

The Karthigai Deepam festival will not be celebrated this year as it usually is. With the COVID-19 pandemic still prevalent in India, devotees will be restricted to entering the temples on the evening of the 29th of November, 2020. According to the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) Department officials, this measure is being taken to ensure that overcrowding does not occur during the Karthigai Deepam is lit on the top of the hill at Tiruvannamalai. This action is being implemented to ensure that devotees.

The Patteeswarar Temple in Perur and the Subramaniyaswami Temple in Marudhamalai will not allow devotees to enter the temples between 4:40 and 6:30 pm. Devotees will, however, be allowed to enter the temples after 7 pm while strictly following all COVID-19 prevention measures.

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NOTE: In light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, we at redBus would like to urge you to take all necessary precautions when you travel and follow every instruction provided by your local government. If you're not planning on traveling, practice social distancing and stay indoors to help slow down the spread of COVID-19 or the Coronavirus disease and prevent it from spreading any further. Stay safe!