Kabir Jayanti

Kabir Jayanti or Sant Guru Kabir Das Jayanti is the birth anniversary of the well-renowned poet. Jayanti in the Hindi language means birth anniversary and Sant Kabir Das Jayanti is the birth date of the great Indian mystic poet who lived in the 15th century. Known to be a social reformer, his great works and poems are celebrated all over. The day is a commemoration of his birth and celebration of his contribution to literature.

It is a regional holiday in India, especially in the states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Certain other states also declare it as a holiday. Sant Kabir Das urged people to shed their illogical beliefs and follow the path of spirituality to get closer to God. His followers still believe that he is alive in their hearts through his works and revere the coherence and the immensity of the “Supreme Being” that he elucidated in all his literary offerings. Find out more about the festival below :

Origin, History, and Significance of Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti

Sant Kabir Jayanti is the birth date of the poet Kabir. His date of birth is open to debate. Some believe that he was born somewhere between 1398 and 1518. It is commonly believed that he was born to a Muslim family that was into the weaving business. Some believe he appeared on a lotus flower in the lake of Lahartara. Despite his birth as a Muslim, he regarded Saint Ramananda as his Guru and was his ardent disciple. He suffered a great deal of persecution from the Muslim and Hindu community with both sects trying to claim his body on his death.

His most impressive work includes the Bijak, which is the sacred book of the Kabir Panth. This legacy continues through the path of Kabir Panth- a religious community that recognizes him as the founder of one of the Sant Mat sections. The members of this sect are called Kabir Panthis.

Many passages from the Bijak are also included in the Guru Granth Sahib ( holy book of the Sikhs ) and Anurag Sagar. Sir Rabindranath Tagore brought his work to a wider audience by translating them to English in 1915.

Sant Kabir Das is revered today for his work and contribution as a social reformer who guided people to shed their differences and tread on the path of the Supreme to attain enlightenment.

When is Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti Celebrated

Sant Kabir Das Jayanti is an annual event that celebrates the birth of Kabir Das. The birthday is celebrated according to the Hindu calendar and falls on the full moon day of the Jyestha month. As per the Gregorian calendar, it falls in the month of May or June. It was celebrated on the 15th of June in 2020 and will fall on 14th June in 2021.

How is Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti Celebrated and Where to Go

Since the festival celebrates the birth of Sant Kabir Das, the entire country revels in his contribution to society. He is primarily respected for his literary contributions, and many people read the great poems written by him. Seminars, conferences and gatherings are organized to get his followers to understand the deeper importance of his teachings.

The city of Varanasi is believed to be his city of birth and celebrations in the city are conducted on a magnificent scale. At the Kabirchaura Mutt, devotees hold spiritual talks. Many religious leaders preach the teachings and profound lessons of Sant Guru Kabir Das. Many temples built in his memory also hold celebrations. Schools, colleges and educational institutions organize quizzes and competitions to recite his work.

Kabir Das influenced the Bhakti movement, and many Bhandaras organized the Kabir path. The day is totally dedicated to the recognition of his countless ballads which are remembered with excitement and enthusiasm.


Where to Go:

Now that you know all about Sant Kabir Das Jayanti, you would want to know more about where to visit to be a part of the celebrations. Read on to find out more:

  • Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh: The epicentre of his life and teachings, the city is where he propagated his teachings. Even though the Brahmin community shunned him, he was successful in spreading his message. The city has a large celebration on this occasion to offer respect to him as a Saint.

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