Jamat Ul-Vida

Jamat Ul Vida meaning is ‘The Friday of farewell.’ Unlike most holidays, it is not recognized publicly and considered an optional holiday by the Government and various employers. The last Friday of the month of Ramadan is dubbed as Jamat Ul Vida holiday.


It symbolizes the beginning of Eid-al-Fitr festival and the day is very auspicious to the Islamic community. It is believed that people recite the Holy Quran and receive well wishes. A lot of enthusiasm goes behind Jamat Ul-Vida as it is practised with great devotion. Muslim families visit mosques and pray to the Almighty, and they donate to the poor. Charitable work is conducted throughout society, and the last Friday falls on the holy month of Ramzan.


Origin, History and Significance of Jamat Ul-Vida


According to Islamic tradition, every Friday of the week is a holy occasion. However, the people believe that Jamat Ul-Vida is special since reading from the holy book of Quran would result in them receiving blessings from God. It is said that the angel of God enters mosques on this auspicious day, and when the prayers from the Holy Quran are recited in His presence, the sins of the fallen are forgiven. Those who have sinned also have to do the Friday Namaz regularly along with this practice.


Tents are put up outside mosques to accommodate the large gathering of followers who flock to the Masjid on this day. Muslims take a bath in the morning and visit the mosque in clean attire. The priests give guidance to them, and devotees talk to each other and spread the word of Allah. Those who donate to the needy or feed them are blessed and rewarded in the future.


When is Jamat Ul-Vida Celebrated?


Jamat Ul Vida will be celebrated on May 7, 2021. On the day people are asked to forgive those who have wronged them first and let go of ill-feelings. Allah forgives the sins of theirs that way, and after the main festivities are over, families hold feasts at their homes. The day reminds Muslim folks about the Holy Scriptures laid down in the Quran and to abide by them always, making sure they never forget their religious duties. Women don’t have to go to mosques, but the men must attend. The Quran is read aloud multiple times throughout the day.


How Is Jamat Ul-Vida Celebrated and Where to Go?

Muslim people fast during the whole month of Ramadan and maintain Namaaz. Jamat Ul-Vida is the last Friday of the month after which they break their fast. Islamic belief states that Prophet Muhammad offered his special prayers to Allah on this day. This is what makes it so special when compared to the other days of Ramadan.


There is a lot of enthusiasm in the air, and families tend to visit various religious sites and places around the world. For backpackers and travellers, this means they get a chance to explore Islamic culture and learn about different traditions. The holy month of Ramadan comes to a close after this festival and Eid Mubarak begins.


If you are looking for a list of popular places worth visiting during this festival, these are ones worth exploring first. Be sure to pack your cameras with you and be prepared before visiting since it can get crowded!


  1. Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad – Over 10,000 devotees gather here during this auspicious event, and Muhammad Qutb Shah constructed the Masjid. It is one of the largest mosques in India, and this is where Jamat Ul Vida is celebrated in full zest.
  2. Charminar, Hyderabad – The streets of Charminar light up at night after the dusk sets in. Muslim folk enjoy delicious food, and many stalls are selling the iconic Hyderabadi Biriyani at affordable rates.
  3. Frazer Town, Bangalore – Frazer Town’s Mosque Road is where Jamat Al-Vida is celebrated in Bangalore. The stalls sell kebabs, phirnis, and various exotic delicacies. Tourists also find Muslims gathering for prayers at the Masjid there.



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