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Hornbill Festival 2023

Hornbill Festival

Hornbill Festival 2023 is an annual festival of Nagaland, a state in North East India. The famous festival is often called the ‘festival of all festival's and the Hornbill Mahotsav. This beautiful festival is a powerful representation of Nagaland's culture, music, dance, and lifestyle. Hornbill Festival, where state visitors are not the only participants, but it receives visitors from all across the world who gather to see vibrant performances are depicting Naga culture.

Hornbill Festival 2023 is a charming festival that focuses on preserving the Naga culture and making the visitors understand the Naga culture and partake in various festivities and competitions.

Origin and History of Hornbill Festival

The North-East Indian state of Nagaland is the home of several tribes with their different festivals. As most of the population of Nagaland depends on agriculture for their livelihood, their celebrations revolve around agriculture. Naga people's culture and festivals are sacred; therefore, participation in the festivals is mandatory. As Nagaland is a state with several tribes, the State Government of Nagaland,d to promote inter-tribal interaction and the cultural heritage of Nagaland, organizes the Hornbill festival. The first Hornbill Nagaland festival was held in 2000. Since then, the Nagaland state Government has celebrated the Hornbill Festival annually.

The Hornbill Festival takes its name from the Indian Hornbill bird found abundantly in Nagaland. Indian Hornbill is a colourful bird prominently displayed in most folklore of the Nagaland Tribes. The large forest bird can be commonly seen prancing in and around the various forests of Nagaland. The different tribes of Nagaland hold their culture with the utmost respect, so the hornbill bird also respects them. Therefore the Hornbill Festival represents all the tribes of Nagaland collectively,y and the tribes celebrate it every year with pride and enthusiasm. They all grace the festival with their presence and do various performances to display their culture. The Hornbill Mahotsav is getting stronger yearly, and a large number of visitors is a sign of its immense success.

When is the Hornbill Festival?

Hornbill Festival is an annual festival of Nagaland. The vibrant festival takes place mainly in the first week of December every year. The Hornbill Festival will start on 1st December and continue until 10th December 2022. The main venue of the Hornbill Festiva 2022 is Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. Though, the celebrations may happen at other locations too.

How is the Hornbill Festival Celebrated?

The Hornbill Festival, 2022, is organized by the art & Culture Departments and the State tourism department of Nagaland. It aims to showcase the melange of Nagaland’s cultural displays in one place. It is held every year during the first week of December at the Naga Heritage Village, Kisma, located 12 kilometres from Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. The Hornbill Festiva,l aimed at reviving and protecting the rich tribal culture of Nagaland d sees the participation of all the tribes of Nagaland. In addition, there are several cultural activities, including customs, music, dance performances and the food and crafts of Nagaland.

The festivities of the Hornbill Festival begin at around 9:00 AM with various performances and competitions. The morning events go on till the afternoon, and then there is a break for lunch. Post lunch break, the events resume again at 2:00 PM with numerous shows and talent hunt events. In the evening,g the visitors are treated to the famous ‘Hornbill National Concert’. The concert sees participation from several local and state bands. Lunch and the evening are the best times to try the Hornbill Festival food, the local delicacies. Hornbill Festival food is another way to understand Nagaland's indigenous culture better.

Highlights of Hornbill Festival at Kisma

The highlights of the Hornbill Festival at Kisma are:

  • The event will have many religious and ceremonial parades. In addition, each tribe will do a stunning performance based on its specific ceremonies or culture.
  • Several performances of traditional folk dance and music showcase the cultural heritage of Nagaland.
  • Fashion shows, sports competitions, craft competitions, dance competitions, and beauty competitions focused on Naga culture.
  • The festival will have a food fair, music concerts, song & dance performances, and other entertainment events.
  • Exhibitions and stalls display and sell traditional wood crafts, artworks, sculptures, handy crafts, and wood carvings. There will also be stalls for herbal medicines
  • Flower shows
  • Food stalls serving traditional Nagaland food along with other varieties of food.
  • Competitions of traditional archery, indigenous games, Naga wrestling, and other athletic sports
  • Hornbill International Rock Concert is one of the main highlights of the Hornbill Festival.

How to reach Kohima?

The Hornbill Festival is held at Kim, located near Kohima. Kisma is a heritage city specifically constructed to showcase the indigenous tribal culture of Nagaland. To reach Kisma, visitors need to travel to Kohima. Kohima is connected to various other Indian cities and towns by road only. It doesn’t have an airport or railway station; the nearest airport and railway station to Kohima are Dimapur. People coming by air or train can come to Dimapur and then take a taxi or local bus to Kohima, which is 74 km from Dimapur and takes 2 hours to travel.

The most direct mode of transport to reach Kohima is by road. It is connected to the North Eastern States through NH39.In addition, visitors can take government or private buses to get to Kohima.

The central bus routes to Kohima are:

  • Dimapur to Kohima
  • Delhi to Kohima
  • Kolkata to Kohima
  • Guwahati to Kohima

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