Haryana Day

Origin, History, and Significance of Haryana Day


Haryana Day is celebrated on the 1st of November every year all over the state of Haryana. The state of Haryana was carved out of the state of Punjab and formally declared a separate state on the 1st of November, 1966. This was based on some agreed criteria about regions having people with similar culture and language getting their separate state. The creation was based on the report of a parliamentary committee and the areas to be carved out of Punjab to form the new state were identified by the Shah commission in 1966.


To commemorate the creation of this new state, Haryana Day is celebrated all over the state on this day every year in a vibrant way. This has been in vogue since 1966, and the 55th-anniversary celebrations are planned for the 1st of November 2021.


When is it Celebrated


Haryana Day celebrations are carried out in a great festive spirit all across the state starting the 1st of November every year and continue for a few days showering the audience with a cultural extravaganza. It is a unifying festive day for people of different cultures, languages, castes, and communities in the state. Communities in all major cities and towns come together to present diverse cultural programs in attractive ethnic dresses to the appreciative audience. Huge promotion by the state tourism board encourages tourists from across the country to come to the state and enjoy the festivities. Special buses are arranged from different parts of the state and neighbouring states to travel to the main festivity centres of the state. Also, a tourism promotion campaign is carried out to sell the state of Haryana as a tourism destination with various places in the state competing with each other to attract tourists.


How is Haryana Day Celebrated and Where to Go


During the Haryana Diwas festivities, there are several programs arranged for the locals and tourists to take part and enjoy. Some of the celebration highlights are:


  • Bicycle rally, as well as a race from the joint capital Chandigarh to Panchkula, is a major event during the Haryana Diwas celebrations. This is an event which is anticipated with great expectations by all the youngsters who like to win a medal.
  • Pakwan Pratiyogitha. The 1 November Haryana day coincides with the food festival Pakwan Pratiyogitha celebrated all over the state. Various types of Haryani and other dishes are arranged at several tourist complexes across the state much to the delight of the foodies. This is also an event where many love to present their favourite preparations to the participating public and win appreciation.
  • Blood donation camps are arranged to convey a social message during Haryana day celebrations. This is an important program to bring in more people to the blood donation scheme of the government and private organizations to save the lives of people in need of blood.
  • Run for fun activities are programmed in many places to bring people together. Many youngsters and also veterans participate in this event. This is a great place for groups of people to get together and enjoy themselves.
  • Classical, folk, and cinema musical performances are planned in tourist places. Such arrangements allow the participants who have put in lots of effort to fine-tune their art to perform in front of a big audience.
  • Classical dance, folk dance, and other shows are part of 1 November Haryana day festivities.
  • Many contests and competitions are held at various places to encourage participation.
  • All tourist spots and important buildings are decorated and brightly lit to create a festive atmosphere.


Here are some Go-To cities where the most colourful celebrations take place on this day.


  • Gurugram. Gurugram is a lovely modern city in Haryana which is close to New Delhi. The Haryana Day is celebrated here with great fanfare. Thousands of people participate in the official function and cultural activities. Gurugram is well connected by road to Jaipur, Delhi, Ajmer, Haridwar, and Dehradun.
  • Faridabad. This is an ancient city in the state with a very rich history. The Haryana Diwas is observed here with local ministers, officials, and others participating in the function and cultural activities. This city has comfortable buses running from New Delhi, Jaipur, Ganghanager, and Hanumanghar.
  • Chandigarh. This is the joint capital of the states of Punjab and Haryana. Here the official function is celebrated on a very grand scale with the Governor and the Chief Minister leading the show in an elaborate ceremony to commemorate the day. Later in the evening, multi-event cultural programs are held for the people of the city to participate and enjoy. This well planned and attractive city is well connected to all the nearby major places in Haryana and neighbouring states in north India. The major cities connected to this place are New Delhi, Manali, and Jaipur.


Travelers can plan a short visit to the many eminently enjoyable places in the state along with the Haryana Diwas visit.



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