Garia Puja

Garia Puja is celebrated in Tripura, a state in northeast India. This popular religious festival is celebrated with huge fervor throughout Tripura and is the state's biggest festival. It is a week-long festival and the last day is the most important day of the festival. This day is also a public or state holiday in Tripura. The locals worship the Baba Garia or Goria and Devi Durga during this religious festival. So Garia Puja is also called Goria Puja, Baba Garia Puja, or Garia Durga Puja by locals.

Garia Puja is observed in the Hindi month of Vaisakha or Chaitra on the seventh day, as per the lunar calendar. Find detailed information on Garia Puja below:

Origin, History, and Significance of Garia Puja

Garia Puja was originally a festival celebrated by the tribunals of Tripura. Now it is celebrated by everyone in Tripura. Many years back, when the tribunals of north-east India were fighting for their rights, this festival and the feast acted as the bridge to connect them to non-tribunals. The festival raised hope for harmony and peace between local people. Many small fairs were organized during the week-long festival to bring vibrancy and enjoyment to the locals. People went to these fairs for small marketing and enjoyment.

During the Baba Garia Puja, a bamboo pole is used and worshipped. This bamboo pole symbolizes the Lord Garia or Baba Garia, the local deity of livestock and wealth. Lord Garia is worshipped with flowers, garland, cotton thread, riccha, rice, fowl chick, wine, rice beer, earthen pots, and eggs. As per the olden traditions, the chicken fowl and eggs are sacrificed before Baba Garia, and its blood is strewn before the deity to seek his blessing for prosperity, well-being, and better crops. The fowl and eggs are considered symbols of fertility and prosperity. The tribal priest then, by observing the sacrifice, predicts the coming year.

In the current scenario, as even non-tribals participate in the festivals. So instead of only the tribal priest performing the ritual, the rituals are performed by a tribal priest with the local Hindu priest. This Baba Garia Puja has become a great platform to harmonize the tribal with the non-tribals as they jointly worship and offer prayer to the deity. The traditional Garia dance is also performed by the devotees to show their enthusiasm and harmony. The devotees cook a feast at their home and invite their families and friends to celebrate the festival.

When is Garia Puja Celebrated

Garia Puja is a week-long festival starting on the 7th day of the month of Chaitra or Baisakh as per the Hindu calendar. Garia Puja 2021 is on 21st April as per the English calendar.

How is Garia Puja Celebrated and Where to Go

Across Tripura, the Garia Puja is celebrated by offering prayers, sacrifices, and performing various rituals. In various Tripura places, people gather in masses worship the Baba Garia, and enjoy the festival. Another activity to boost harmony and bring together the tribunal and non-tribunal together is the Garia dance. It is performed during this festival by youngsters, who together sing and dance along with drums. In many places, Garia carnivals are organized. In these carnivals, there are several folk performances, including Garia dance performances by tribal devotees. After the Baba Garia Puja comes to an end, people indulge in these carnivals. These carnivals also showcase Tripura's vivid culture in the form of exhibitions, performances, food, etc. You can enjoy the Baba Garia Puja celebrations across Tripura. The following places are worth especially visiting during Garia Puja:

1) Agartala- The capital of the state is known for its festivities and celebrations. There are many fairs and other cultural events organized to celebrate this religious festival.


2) Dharmanagar- This town in Tripura is known for its religious celebrations. During the Garia Puja festival, numerous devotees come to the town to partake in the festivities and enjoy the festival.


3) Matabari, Gomti- The Tripura Sundari temple in Matabari is a venerated attraction of the state. This ancient temple attracts a lot of devotees for the Garia Durga Puja. Devotees after the puja go to the nearby fair and enjoy the cultural performances.


4) Delhi- the Tripura state government, organizes a Tripura festival at Dilli Haat for the state people living in Delhi. This cultural event showcases the traditional tribunal art, the state's heritage, traditional dance/music, craft, regional culture, and Tripura cuisine.

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