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Easter 2024

Easter will be celebrated this year on the 31 March, 2024. Initially, this day is called Easter Sunday, and in just a while, we shall also look into what Easter is all about and why it is always celebrated on a Sunday. Further, we shall see why and how the Easter date is chosen and the tales behind the Easter egg and the Easter bunny. Children around the globe love this festival because it means a lot of fun and holidays in the Western and predominantly Christian world. Yes, almost two weeks off!


What is Easter all about?

In India and the world, most Catholics and Christians celebrate fasting for 40 days during the Lent period, which ends on Easter with a big celebration for Easter Sunday. There are new clothes, a candied Easter bunny, and an Easter egg with families congregating for Easter wishes. The festival of Easter marks the culmination of the Passover week of passion in the life of Jesus Christ.

The week starts with Maundy Thursday when according to the Bible, Jesus shared his last meal, called the Passover Supper, and was betrayed with an identifying kiss by one of his twelve apostles named Judas Iscariot for 30 shekels of silver. Then, on Good Friday, Jesus was tried in the court of the then-ruler Pontius Pilate and condemned to die on the cross by popular public demand though there were no proven charges against him.

The crucifixion of Jesus had him carry the heavy cross up Mount Golgotha, where He was impaled to the cross and left to die at age 33, fulfilling the promise to humanity that he would die on the cross for the sins of his believers. He also promised them that he would rise again and was resurrected on the third day or Easter Sunday, thereby fulfilling the Bible prophecy written centuries before by Daniel. Thus, the Easter date is a time of Easter wishes, an Easter egg, and the Easter bunny celebration over death and the resurrection, which can be accurately calculated from the calendar used in those days and different from our present calendars.

Why does the date change every year?

The Anglo-Saxons used the German's "Eostre Monath" in 725 AD to decide on the Easter date in April, and Goddess Ostara or Eostre, who is the Spring Goddess according to the Bede the early ages historian explaining why the Easter egg and the Easter bunny became the symbols and why Easter and the spring equinox always fall close. We shall now take a peek at the Easter Sunday date calculations.

Calculating the date:

Christians in the early ages used the lunar calendar, and the evening or moon rise as the start of the day. Jews calculate the 14th day of spring or the Nisan month as the Jewish Passover. The nearest Sunday is then celebrated with Easter wishes. After the death of Jesus, because different churches celebrated the calendar date differently, the Roman Empire implemented the Gregorian calendar with 365 days. In reality, each revolution takes 364 and a quarter days, which is why the older calendars differ.

Most scholars agree that the Passover or the Aramaic "Paschal" full moon is the first full moon after the spring equinox and the time for the appearance of the Easter egg and Easter bunny. However, since moon observation changes according to the time zones, there is always a difference in Easter Sunday dates every year.

The celebration symbols of Easter:

The Easter Bunny and the Easter Egg are symbols used in the western world to signify the Easter wishes and fertility of the Goddess. Pagan customs also include watching the Easter sunrise, celebrating the Passover by actual crucifixion, lighting vigil candles till Easter Sunday, and having bonfires. A German answer to the colorful Easter eggs is to say the Easter Bunny laid them. Now bunnies are not born of candy-filled eggs!

Where to enjoy the Easter Festivities?

Easter is celebrated grandly in Goa and the northeastern part of India. In Goa, people go to church, pray, and exchange the Holy Cross once the service is over. They also exchange colorful lanterns. In addition, there's lunches, dinners, and Easter parties are hosted in various hotels and households. In Panjim, Goa, the Church of Mary Immaculate Conception is decorated and lit up beautifully.

The Way of the Cross is re-enacted, drawing huge crowds of people. Hundreds of people come to listen to the mass. Amazing parties are held during the Easter weekend in most beach shacks and restaurants. There are special menus and fantastic entertainment during the Easter Bash.

Other events like the Cashew Trail (celebrating the cashew fruit and cashew liquor), Konkan Fruit Fest (fruit-eating and carving competitions with displays of rare fruits), and The FabLab Show (A science theater show) are also held around this time in Goa.

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To conclude:

Children enjoy the Easter Sunday festival, which is full of flowers, candied Easter Bunny and Easter Egg, feasts and lunches, plenty of Easter wishes, and most of all, holidays!

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