Celebrating Bihar Day 2023

Bihar day is celebrated to mark the formation of the state of Bihar by the British. The British created Bihar from the Bengal Presidency in 1912. Every year this day is a public holiday across the state of Bihar. All offices, companies, and educational institutes coming under the central and state governments are closed for work or studies. Many multicultural events and programs are organized. Bihar Diwas is celebrated in Bihar and across many Indian and international cities. Bihar Diwas's date is 22nd March. Find the detailed information on Bihar day below:

Origin, History, and Significance of Bihar Day

The day the state of Bihar was created by the Bengal presidency in 1912 is celebrated as Bihar day. It is an annual celebration and a public holiday in Bihar. Though the History of Bihar Diwas dates back to 1912, the day's official celebration with numerous events and programs started in 2011. The Bihar state government in 2010 decided to celebrate its formation day with many events and programs to restore the pride of Bihar in the hearts of the state people and enthuse them with the proud feeling of being a Bihari.

In 1764, the Battle of Buxar was fought between the joint forces of the Mughal king Shah Alam II, Nawab of Bengal, and Nawab of Awadh against the East India Company led by Hector Munro. The battle was fought at Buxar, hence the name. This battle was won by the East India Company defeating the Mughals and the Nawabs, resulting in them losing their rights over their territories. The East India Company got the Diwani rights which are the rights to administer the management and collection of revenues. Those territories, then called the Bengal presidency, are the present-day states of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, and Bangladesh.

On March 21, 1912, when the new Governor of the Bengal presidency, Thomas Gibson Carmichael, took charge, he announced on 22nd March the Bengal presidency's split into four parts- Bengal, Assam, Orissa, and Bihar. Thus, forming the state of Bihar on 22nd March 1912. People had forgotten the History of Bihar Diwas, so Bihar Diwas was being celebrated not as an event but as an occasion for bonding and coming together.

When is Bihar Day Celebrated

Bihar Diwas is observed annually on the same day with cultural and other activities to mark the occasion when Bihar became a state. Bihar diwas date 2021 is 22nd March.

How is Bihar Day Celebrated and Where to Go

Bihar Diwas is celebrated with great fervor and aplomb. The Bihar state governments organize many events and cultural programs, central government, educational institutes, and other organizations/local people to mark this day. Gala functions and cultural extravaganzas are organized even at the panchayat (villages and towns) level to make the local people participate maximum in the celebrations to strengthen Bihar's spirit and image.

Bihar Sthapna Diwas festivities can be seen across many cities in India. Patna and other prominent cities of Bihar are primarily known for their Bihar Diwas celebrations. The following places are worth visiting during Bihar Sthapna Diwas:

1) Patna- Patna is the hub of all Bihar Diwas celebrations worldwide. There are several events, programs, and other celebrations, including cultural events, blood donation camps, eye donation camps, folk dances, sports, and other competitive events. Some events have Bollywood celebrities, including singers and actors, participating in the celebrations. Along with Patna, Gaya, Bhagalpur, Darbhanga, and Bhagal Pur have similar events.

2) Delhi- The Bihar state government organizes the "Bihar Utsav" at Dilli Haat, a fortnight-long cultural event showcasing Bihar's art, heritage, culture, craft, and food. There are other events too in the city celebrating Bihar Sthapna Diwas.

3) Mumbai- The metropolitan sees various events, film screenings, competitive programs, etc., which showcase Bihar's culture, history, arts, and tradition.

4) Chennai- The city has many events celebrating the day with singing and dance performances, sports competition, and cultural events. Various exhibitions showcase the state's art, culture, history, and recent development.

5) Bengaluru- Various celebrations are held across the city, including many cultural activities like folk dances and songs from Bihar, stalls of Bihari delicacies, and other competitive programs.

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