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Basava Jayanti

Basava Jayanti 2024

Traditionally observed by the Lingayats, Basava Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Basavanna. He was a 12-century Hindu Kannada poet and philosopher in the year 1134 AD and is also believed to be the founding saint of the section of Lingayat. Basava Jayanti 2024 is celebrated on 14th May, and it is a festival mostly in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra. It is mostly observed as a government holiday in the state of Karnataka, India.

Basava was a follower of the Hindu god, Shiva, and was believed to have been born on the 3rd day of the month of Vaishaka of the Samvatsara (Anandanama). A new era began after the birth of the great poet and philosopher, Basavanna, and it is popularly known as the “Basava Era.”

The Governments of Karnataka and Maharashtra declared Basaveshwar Jayanti as a government holiday. Though Basava Jayanti is a Hindu festival to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Basaveshwara, it is still widely celebrated by all creeds and communities in India. The main objective of the celebration is to share the ancient wisdom of universal brotherhood, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.”

About Basava

Vishwaguru Basavanna is considered to be a very great revolutionary because he, being the chief minister of the kingdom of Bijjal, established a spiritual democracy in the 12th century in India called the “Anubhava Mantapa.” Led by Saint Allamprabhu, this is also known as the “First Parliament concept of the world,” and it had all kinds of practical solutions for humankind’s suffering, especially during his era. His teachings are believed to be time-tested, proven, and scientific. He is an inspiration to many people who wish for human welfare.

Some of his teachings are based on not spreading negative thoughts or hurting another human being, both emotionally and physically. He talks about gaining and giving respect to impress the mighty power. Basavanna also spreads awareness on social issues like social prejudice and gender. Basavanna also introduced the Ishtalinga necklace. Some of his poems are considered to be a part of Kannada literature.

Basaveshwar Jayanti Celebrations

On Basaveshwar Jayanti, people visit the nearest Lord Basaveshwar temples for prayers and celebrations. People from the Lingayat committees organize many events to celebrate this wonderful day, and everybody exchanges greeting and sweets. In the prayer halls, lectures on Basavanna’s life are held, and the teachings of Basavanna are remembered. Many devotees visit Kudalasangama, where this festival goes on for around seven days. Several spiritual and cultural programs are held in the Basavanna temples.

Places of celebration

The festival is mostly celebrated in Basaveshwara temples, which are mostly located in Karnataka. There are various Basaveshwara temples where you could go, to celebrate this wonderful festival! Basaveshwara temples where you could get the complete experience of the festival are found in the following places:

  • Bengaluru
  • Kavanapura
  • Gulbarga
  • Kodi Halli
  • Kuratti Hosuru
  • Kempanaplaya
  • Gudigattanahalli
  • Vanakanahalli
  • Mallehalli
  • Kamblipura
  • Ibasapura
  • Thippur
  • Ganagalur
  • Kemmale
  • Madavara
  • Thippasandra

All of these towns and cities are located in Karnataka, where the festival is celebrated with complete devotion and passion. In Tamil Nadu, there is one temple in Krishnagiri that you must check out! These are some of the oldest temples that celebrate the festival with authentic rituals and faith.

If you are coming from the northern part of India, then visiting the Gulbarga temple would be easier as it is located in the northern part of Karnataka. However, all of these places would provide you with the ultimate Basaveshwar Jayanti experience, so waste no time!

Book a bus ticket online on redBus to reach there at the right time! There are a number of operators that serve every part of Karnataka and ensure your travel is comfortable, secure, and fast. You could check out the various popular routes and decide on the quickest one from your boarding point.

Bangalore is another wonderful place where you could celebrate Basava Jayanti 2024. Bangalore is a hub for culture, diversity, and fun, and you can explore this tourist hotspot along with the celebration. The nearest bus stop to this Sri Basaveshwara temple is Shettihalli Cross, which is only 5 minutes away from the temple.

If you are in Tamil Nadu, then the Krishnagiri temple would be an easier option. Check out the various operators that would take you to this wonderful temple and book online without wasting any time! The nearest bus stop to the Sri Bavaneshwar Temple is the Krishnagiri stop, which is only a few meters away from the temple.

Basava Jayanti is an old festival, and it represents a part of the diverse and huge tapestry of Indian cultures and traditions. Celebrate Basaveshwar Jayanti 2024 with your fellow devotees and be a part of something grand with redBus!

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