The best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in India

It feels like 2019 started just yesterday and all of a sudden, the year has flown by! Now is the best time to ponder about where you are going to spend your New Year’s Eve and what your plans are for ringing in the new year. All that comes to mind when we think of the New Year are the celebrations that it brings and our New Year resolutions. But this day is special for each person and everyone wants to start the New Year 2022 perfectly. People want their holiday destination to be filled with fun, frolic, and festivities. Read on to find out what are the ideal destinations to end this year with a bang and welcome the New Year 2022!

  • Goa: Otherwise known as the party capital of India, Goa is the place you would want to be if you wish to celebrate a happy new year with an interesting crowd at dazzling parties. During the end of the year, the place would be home to spectacular carnivals and music shows on sensational beaches to fill your night with music and parties. Along with luxurious hotels and lavish parties that do not stop, this seaside paradise has beautiful biodiversity from water buffaloes and sea-eagles. Pool parties, DJ nights, clubbing nights, and delectable seafood that makes Goa the most happening place of New Year 2022.

  • Mumbai: Mumbai is surely one of the best destinations for celebrating the New Year 2022. Hailed for its ideal nightlife, this city of dreams has always welcomed people with perfect party plans and festivals. The city gets drenched in enthusiasm because of all the party scenes and revolutions. If you are not a fan of discos and parties, then spend time with your loved ones at the beach for celebrating a fun-filled and happy new year. Celebrity performances and the amazing cuisine places Mumbai at another level.

  • The Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Unique in its own beautiful way, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is another perfect destination for a peaceful New Year. The serene and calm island with pristine beaches and verdant greenery makes it a great family destination for New Year 2022. The islands are also a hub for lively parties. The resorts and the white, sandy beaches transform into a center of merrymaking and water sports activities, making it an ideal spot for a New Year getaway.

  • Kodaikanal: Do you want to escape the noise, crowd, and pollution that’s brought on by any metro city? Kodaikanal is the place for you! It is a charming hill resort where people can enjoy horse riding, cycling, and boating in the calm waters of the central lake. The town also has areas for trekking and long, peaceful drives amidst picturesque views. This is the ideal destination for enjoying a cozy winter vacation, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The fresh air and green hillsides make Kodaikanal a captivating New Year’s Eve destination.

  • Varanasi: Welcome the New Year by absorbing the culture of India at Varanasi. This is an excellent place for people seeking to embrace spirituality while ringing in the New Year. There are also many places for fun activities, adventures, and clubbing to celebrate New Year’s Eve at Varanasi. Start a happy new year with a pure mind by meditating away your problems in this holy city.

  • Gokarna: This beautiful city is both a temple town and a hippie paradise. It is also a popular party hub. Electrifying music fills the atmosphere at the secluded beaches and is fantastic for people who love to dance and party on New Year’s Day. Gokarna is a less crowded and more affordable version of Goa and the parties on the pristine beaches last all night long.

  • Bangalore (Bengaluru): The IT hub of India is not just India’s Silicon Valley but is also a major center for celebrations and parties. You are up for some real fun if you choose Bangalore (Bengaluru) as your New Year’s Eve destination. The nights are lit up with stadium concerts, exciting clubs, and numerous house parties. For a celebration without parties and crowds, there are places to trek and camp around the city’s outskirts.

  • Diu: Diu is a paradise for adrenaline junkies. Get ready for a New Year filled with surfing, paragliding, diving, rappelling, backpacking, and windsurfing in one of the most affordable, yet fabulous places in India. The golden sands and clear waters host some of the most exciting events, crazy activities, and memorable nights. With groovy dancing and dazzling parties beginning on New Year’s Eve and continuing through New Year’s Day, the exciting New Year events in Diu are sure to allure people of all age groups!

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