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Independence Day

15th August is celebrated as the Indian Independence Day as India got its freedom from the British on 15th August 1947. Let’s talk a bit about Independence Day, how it is celebrated, and why it is the proudest day in Indian history. Independence Day celebrates the end of British rule and the rise of Independent India. In fact, the Independence Day speech by Jawaharlal Nehru is still considered to be one of the most motivational speeches of all time. Also called the Swatantrata Diwas in India, this holiday is celebrated in schools, colleges, complexes, and almost every corner of this country.

The celebrations begin with the flag-raising ceremony, parades, and the singing of our Indian national anthem. People go around wishing each other happy Independence Day, and children run around with miniature flags in their hands. Various cultural programs are also held across cities, especially in schools. The 15th August 1947 day is remembered by singing patriotic songs and performing on pieces that salute our freedom fighters.

Independence Day Celebration in Delhi

The Swatantrata Divas is celebrated in the biggest way in our capital city, Delhi. The biggest parade in the country happens in this city, and it is kicked off after the Prime Minister gives the Independence Day speech. Awards are distributed to several army officers who have served the country in an honorable way. The best way to see all the celebrations in Delhi is to get on a bus and go to these places one by one. Try and be there for the Red Fort celebration as that is something not to be missed.

The main event begins after the Prime Minister hoists the flag and starts the Independence Day celebrations. The flag hoisting is synchronized with 21 honorary gunshots followed by the singing of the national anthem. The Prime Minister then addresses the crowd as well as people sitting in their houses through a live TV stream, wishing everyone a happy Independence Day and talking about the struggles of our freedom fighters.

Independence Day Celebration at Wagah Border

If you want to witness yet another iconic Independence Day celebration, you could head up to the Wagah border. Go on the redBus website and book a bus from Delhi to Amritsar. Once there, you can take a taxi or auto till Wagah Border and wait for the celebrations to start. The narrator bursts into a happy Independence Day, lifting the spirits of one and all.

The program begins with flag hoisting followed by a drumming session. Songs are sung remembering the 15th August 1947 day, and the crowd is unimaginable during this time. Since it is Independence Day, security is very tight on the day, and you might have to go through several more checking points. From there, take a bus to Amritsar and see the other historically significant sites like the Jallianwalah Bagh, the museums, and more.

Apart from Delhi and Amritsar, there are other cities as well whose histories talk about Independence Day. You can hop on a bus to Allahabad and take a tour of this historic city. To commemorate the day, you can visit the Chandra Shekhar Azad Park, which has a strong association with the freedom struggle. There is even a statue of Chandra Shekhar Azad, which was erected where he died.

You can also take a bus to Jhansi and see the Rani Jhansi ka Quila. It is an iconic structure that represents the first fight for freedom, which happened in 1857. The fort is on Banjara Hill overlooking the city of Jhansi. A trip to Kolkata might also not be a bad idea to celebrate the happy Independence Day. From Kolkata, you can take a bus and go to Barrackpore, where Mangal Pandey rose in rebellion against the Britishers. Mangal Pandey Garden is the place where Mangal Pandey was hanged to death. Many go on Independence Day to pay their tribute to this national hero.

Mumbai’s August Kranti Maidan is also bustling with people on the Swatantrata Diwas, as this is where Gandhiji had issued a call for the Quit India Movement in 1942. There is a memorial in the park commemorating this. It is also a very famous playground so your children will have fun while respecting the freedom struggle. These are a few places you can go to pay your respects to the great leaders of our country.

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