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Earth Day 2023

With Earth Day on its way, there are many things to plan and do. World Earth Day is an annual event established to raise public awareness of pollution and preserve the planet's environment. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd every year. It is observed worldwide with conferences, outdoor activities, rallies, and services. Since the earth and its ecosystems are our home, we must balance the present and the future demands of the generations by creating and promoting peace with the earth and nature.


The first Earth Day was held in 1970, which gave a voice to the public's emerging consciousness about the planet's condition. Decades before the first official Earth Day, Americans consumed vast amounts of leaded gas through inefficient and massive automobiles. The entire industry was spitting out sludge and smoke with a bit of fear about the consequences. The condition went so wrong that the people commonly accepted air pollution as the smell of prosperity.

Most of America did not care or have any environmental concerns about how pollution could affect human health and the environment. However, this mindset was about to be changed as the New York Times bestseller Silent Spring by the publication of Rachel Carson was out in 1962. The book helped spread awareness and concerns for the environment, living organisms, and the links affected.

The Earth Day of 1970 started to provide a platform for the increasing environmental problems and channeled the energy to put this on the front page. In 1990, environmental leaders wanted to organize a major campaign for the earth. This time, World Earth Day went global, lifting environmental concerns onto a larger audience and inspiring 141 countries and 200 million people. It also gave a quick boost to the efforts of recycling.

The Impact of Earth Day

Millions know about World Earth Day and why people are fighting for change. Compared to the day's origins in the 1970s, it now has broader coverage and has gone fully mainstream. However, this does not entirely reflect its impact on the world's environmentalism. Many people still do not believe in climate change, and less than fifty percent think environmental protection is mandatory.

However, this does not detract from the significance of Earth Day every year. On the contrary, it sees this pessimism as a reason to make the celebration of Earth Day larger worldwide. World Earth Day encourages people to think about their environmental impact and how they could help preserve and protect the environment from further damage. The day allows people to reflect on everything humans have done to nature and how we could find solutions, take those into action, and inspire future generations to do the same. Earth Day is considered a unique opportunity to encourage people to make changes.

Activities to do on Earth Day 2023

All over the world, many events are held to celebrate a happy earth day. The Earth Day activities could range from long-standing traditions to brand-new projects. No matter what a person's passion is, people will always find ways to participate in the festivities of Earth Day 2023.

Children in schools should create science and craft presentations related to the environment. Many people take action to clean up their surrounding areas or plant many trees. If it is a beach community, people should take part in cleaning the ocean and the beaches and advise others not to trash. Events would be held to spread awareness of conserving energy and recycling waste.

On Earth Day 2023, people should educate children on the significance of protecting the environment and encourage them to spend time at local schools to spread the message. In addition, people must dedicate at least an hour of the day to doing a public service like planting a tree, participating in organized clean-up, or other sustainable practices. People could find different ways to take individual actions to help improve the environment on World Earth day 2023. It could include researching the product you usually use and finding an alternative if it would reduce the carbon footprint.

Earth hour should be spent by switching off the lights and only lighting candles. On World Earth day 2023, the earth hour is between 8:30 and 9:30 pm. Earth Day 2023 is one of the best days to participate in Earth Day activities to help educate yourself and the people around you. Travel to your favorite events or conferences this Earth Day with redBus. Find your suitable buses and book one at your convenient timings on the website! The hassle-free process will help you book your ticket in no time.


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