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Babu Jagjivan Ram Jayanti 2022

Every year, on 5th April, Babu Jagjivan Ram Jayanti is celebrated as it is the birthday of Jagjivan Ram, a long-time political leader. Jagjivan Ram was born in Bihar on 5th April 1908, into a caste that was known as “the untouchables.” Jagjivan Ram was not just a politician; he dedicated most of his life fighting for bringing out voices of the oppressed castes of the country and for the freedom of India. His contributions to the country as a social reformer were far more intense than the other large influences because he was a Dalit himself.

History of the celebration

Jagjivan Ram was a member of Jawaharlal Nehru’s First Cabinet, where he was a member of the Constituent Assembly of India and the youngest minister. Only a very few people emphasized strongly on the principles of social justice, and he was one among them.

Jagjivan Ram, as a fighter for social justice, was a very important part in the creation of All Indian Depressed Classes League during the year 1935. The organization was focused on providing equality and welfare for the oppressed people in society.

He is also popular for the mass organization of several movements that were completely dedicated to the rural labor welfare in 1937 after he became a part of the Legislative Assembly of Bihar. Later, he became a member of the Indian National Congress, where, for over forty years, he worked whole-heartedly in many portfolios.

The fierce repertoire of this Dalit leader led to the celebrations for his contributions to every citizen in India and for his personality. His cremation site has been made into a memorial to honor his legacy, and it is called the “Samata Sthal.” India observes his birth anniversary as the “Samata Diwas” or the “Equality Day” to commemorate his war against various forms of social oppression and caste discrimination and his ideas to promote a social community with equality and welfare.

Positions Held

During his tenure, he had held the following positions officially:

  • For over 30 years consecutively, he was a member of the Central Legislature.
  • For being India’s longest-serving cabinet, he holds a record.
  • Between 1946 and 1952, he was the Union Minister of Labour.
  • From 1952 to 1956, he was the Union Minister for Communications.
  • Between 1956 and 1962, he was the Union Minister for Transport and Railways.
  • 1962-1963, he was the Union Minister for Transport and Communications.
  • He was the Union Minister of Labour, Employment, and rehabilitation, 1966–1967.
  • He was the Union minister for food and agriculture, 1967–1970.
  • 1970–1974, 1977–1979, he was the Union minister for defense.
  • 1974–1977, he was the Union minister for agriculture and irrigation.
  • He was one of the founding members of Congress for Democracy part.
  • He was also the Deputy Prime Minister of India for six months.
  • He was the founder of Congress(J).
  • He was elected as the President of the Bharat Scouts and Guides.

Places of Celebrations

It is a regional holiday and is mostly celebrated in the regions of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. One of the major cities that celebrate Babu Jagjivan Ram Jayanti is Nizamabad, a city in Telangana. On this occasion, the Telangana government will share with the public their views and ideas to follow the path Jagjivan Ram had created.

Another city that celebrates the occasion is Hyderabad, and the celebrations are mostly conducted by the government in their party offices. The government also celebrates it among the public by giving speeches to bring equality among the communities.

Getting to the areas of celebration

If you are planning on celebrating this wonderful festival, then travel to Nizamabad or Hyderabad!

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