UPSRTC Kairana to Muzaffarnagar Bus Timings & Fares

Bus TypeDeparture TimeArrival TimVia Stops
Ord09:5014:00Panipat, Kairana, Jhinjhana, Unn, Thanabhwan
Ord10:2014:30Panipat, Kairana, Jhinjhana, Unn, Thanabhwan
Ord10:5015:00Panipat, Kairana, Jhinjhana, Unn, Thanabhwan
Ord11:4514:00Unn, Thanabhwan, Jhinjhana
Ord11:5016:00Panipat, Kairana, Jhinjhana, Unn, Thanabhwan
Ord12:1514:30Unn, Thanabhwan, Jhinjhana
Ord12:4515:00Unn, Thanabhwan, Jhinjhana
Ord12:5017:00Panipat, Kairana, Jhinjhana, Unn, Thanabhwan
Ord13:4516:00Unn, Thanabhwan, Jhinjhana
Ord13:5018:00Panipat, Kairana, Jhinjhana, Unn, Thanabhwan
Ord14:4517:00Unn, Thanabhwan, Jhinjhana
Ord15:4518:00Unn, Thanabhwan, Jhinjhana


Q: How many buses operate from Kairana to Muzaffarnagar?
A: There are 12 buses that operate from Kairana to Muzaffarnagar.
Q: Where can I find the timetable for Kairana to Muzaffarnagar route?
A: You can view the timetable for Kairana to Muzaffarnagar route by scrolling up. A detailed timetable with information on the bus operators, bus timings, fares, and routes that are taken are displayed above.
Q: Can I book a Kairana to Muzaffarnagar ticket on redBus?
A: At the moment, you cannot book a Kairana to Muzaffarnagar ticket through redBus. Tickets are exclusively sold offline, as in, at either a counter or on the bus. You can purchase your ticket from the conductor of the bus that you are traveling in.
Q: How many stops do buses from Kairana to Muzaffarnagar make?
A: There are a number of stops, or stages, that passengers can use to board the bus. Scroll up to know more.

UPSRTC Time table for Kairana to Muzaffarnagar

Booking a UPSRTC bus from Kairana to Muzaffarnagar has never been this easy. The first bus for this route departs from Kairana at 09:50 and arrives at Muzaffarnagar by 14:00. redBus has integrated a number of bus operators who provide clean buses and a safe journey on the Kairana to Muzaffarnagar route. Booking a UPSRTC bus from Kairana to Muzaffarnagar can be done with a few simple steps on the redBus platform. It is advisable that people should visit the UPSRTC bus booking page on the redBus platform to know more about fares, and most importantly, the time table of UPSRTC buses running from Kairana to Muzaffarnagar. redBus updates the UPSRTC timetable regularly so that people have updated information to plan their bus journey. Book your UPSRTC bus from Kairana to Muzaffarnagar today with redBus.

Kairana to Muzaffarnagar Bus Service



27 kms



4hrs 10mins

Kairana to Muzaffarnagar Bus Distance

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