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Fastest booking experience
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IRCTC Authorised Partner
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Instant Refund on UPI Payments
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Hassle free customer support

What is Current Reservation?

In the context of Indian Railways, current reservation refers to the purchase of tickets for available seats or berths on a certain train on the day of its departure. This implies that subject to availability, travellers can reserve their tickets just a few hours before the train departs from the origin station.The current ticket booking service is offered at certain reservation counters in major railway stations around India. Passengers can go to these kiosks to see whether there are any seats or berths available on the train they want to take. If seats or berths are available, they can make a reservation by inputting their travel information and paying the relevant fee.In straightforward words:

  1. You as a passenger can buy tickets when the reservation chart has been established.
  2. Booking closes 30 minutes before the train's departure.
  3. Tickets can be reserved online through IRCTC, on an app like redRail by redBus, or at a railway station counter.
  4. Tickets are the same price as General Quota tickets.
  5. There are no additional fees.

Current Ticket Booking Timings

To acquire a current booking ticket, the tickets must be booked within the past four hours. Generally, the chart is made four hours before the train's departure. If certain seats are available, they are made available for booking through the existing reservation. This service is also halted 30 minutes prior to the train's scheduled departure time. This is done so that the final chart may be completed before the departure.

Current Reservation Booking with redRail

redRail by redBus is an IRCTC-authorised partner that provides a variety of services such as:

  1. Train reservation, checking PNR status, train status, platform number, and so on.
  2. Current train status.
  3. Real-time confirmation of the PNR status, which aids in determining the next course of action.
  4. There is a 'no questions asked' quick return policy. Refunds will be issued in the original payment method.
  5. Immediate refunds: For UPI transactions, returns are immediate. It might take up to 5 business days for card and net banking transactions.
  6. A specialised support staff is available between 08.00 am and 00.00 am in English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil.
  7. The app has also added a new 'Confirmation Probability' function, which informs travellers about the likelihood of a waitlisted ticket being confirmed at the time of booking.
While making your current reservation online, you may also take advantage of these benefits offered by the redRail by redBus app and make your current reservation booking by following these simple steps:
  1. Open the redRail app or Website.
  2. Enter the origin, destination, and date of travel, then click Search Trains.
  3. A train schedule will be provided, along with availability numbers for each class. Choose a train and class to book.
  4. Enter your IRCTC user ID, passenger information, and any preferences (if any) before clicking Proceed.
  5. After reading the booking details, choose a payment option and complete the transaction.
It’s as simple as 5 steps and your current reservation ticket can be booked at the comfort of your home.


How to book a current reservation online with an example?
Indian Railways' current reservation booking is an option that is now available online through the IRCTC website and the redRail app.
For those who are still unfamiliar with Current Reservation Booking, it is a service provided by Indian Railways that allows you to purchase a ticket on reservation a few hours before the train departs from the station of origin. For example, if you are travelling from Mumbai to Delhi and a train departs from Mumbai CSMT at 9 p.m., you can login to IRCTC about 4 hours before and check if the Current Reservation window is open in the seat of your choice, be it AC or SL. If so, you may reserve it. You will be assigned to the chosen coach.
How many hours before departure can we book a current reservation ticket?
Current reservation requests are accepted at reservation counters up to 4 hours before the train's scheduled departure, after which the reservation will be done at the current reservation counters at the stations up to one hour before the train's scheduled departure, and thereafter by the ticket collector/conductor.
Can we get a refund for our current reservation?
A ticket issued under a current reservation cannot be cancelled. However, you may submit a TDR and receive a 50% refund.
How can I make my current reservation booking with IRCTC?
The procedure for buying a ticket within the current reservation system is the same as for purchasing any other IRCTC ticket. The main difference is that current bookings may only be made when the train chart is generated. If a current reservation for the specified train is in place when the chart is available, you will see 'CURR_AVAIL' printed beneath the set date. Then proceed with the booking as if it were a standard booking under the general quota.
Can I book a ticket after chart preparation?
Current booking is a sort of railway ticket reservation in which passengers can reserve tickets on a train after the initial chart is prepared, subject to seat availability.