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Tatkal Ticket Reservation

Tatkal is a ticket booking scheme that was introduced by the Indian Railways to help passengers needing to travel at a short notice. In case you need to travel urgently and cannot get tickets in the General quota, you can book tickets under the Tatkal quota. Tatkal ticket booking can be done for all classes except Unreserved/General Class and First AC.Tatkal tickets can be booked online with the help of redRail by redBus, an initiative authorised by IRCTC. You can also book Tatkal tickets offline at a railway ticket counter. But going the online route can definitely save you from the long queues at the booking counters. Tatkal ticket booking time is one day before the train starts its journey from the origin station.

Process to Book Tatkal Ticket

Wondering how to book tatkal tickets online? AC and sleeper class Tatkal ticket booking can be done online through redRail by redBus. redRail makes IRCTC tatkal booking easy and hassle-free. It is a platform authorised by IRCTC, where you book Tatkal tickets one day in advance. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Visit the redRail app or website one day before the date of journey of the desired train from the origin station.
  2. Enter the names of the origin and destination stations
  3. Enter your date of journey and click on ‘Search’
  4. You will be shown the Tatkal tickets that are available.
  5. Enter your IRCTC ID and passenger details. You can book up to 4 Tatkal tickets per PNR.
  6. Choose a payment method.
  7. Enter your IRCTC password to finalise the booking.
You can also book tatkal tickets over the counter at a railway station.

Tatkal Ticket Booking Timings

Tatkal ticket booking can only be done one day before the train’s journey from the origin station.Tatkal ticket booking starts from 10 AM for AC classes (except First Class AC). While sleeper class tatkal booking time is 11 AM. The timings are the same for online as well as offline bookings. Hence it is advised that you should take note of the tatkal booking time table and be prepared to book your tickets 15 minutes in advance from the stipulated booking time.

Tatkal Ticket Charges

For Tatkal ticket booking, there are additional charges that are levied. The additional tatkal charges vary from 10% to 30% of the basic fare. For sleeper class, it is 10% of the basic fare. For AC classes, it is 30% of the basic fare. Here are the tatkal charges per ticket:Minimum Extra Charges for Tatkal

  • Second Class (sitting)- Rs.10
  • Sleeper Class- Rs.100
  • AC Chair Car Class- Rs.125
  • AC 3 Tier Class- Rs.300
  • AC 2 Tier Class- Rs.400
  • Executive Class- Rs.400
Maximum Extra Charges for Tatkal
  • Second Class (sitting)- Rs.15
  • Sleeper Class- Rs.200
  • AC Chair Car Class- Rs.225
  • AC 3 Tier Class- Rs.400
  • AC 2 Tier Class- Rs.500
  • Executive Class- Rs.500

Cancellation of Tatkal Tickets

Tatkal tickets can be confirmed or waitlisted. You should keep the following things in mind while cancelling your tatkal tickets:

  • For confirmed tickets:
    • There is no refund on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets.
  • For RAC or waitlisted tickets:
    • In case of RAC or waitlisted tatkal tickets, cancellation can be done until 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the train. However, tatkal cancellation charges apply.
    • No refund is issued if you cancel after 30 minutes from the scheduled departure time of the train.
    • If the status of previously RAC or waitlisted tickets are shown as confirmed, then they are treated just like confirmed tickets. No refund is issued on their cancellation.
  • For Waitlisted Tickets:
    • For tatkal tickets where all the passengers are waitlisted even after the preparation of the final reservation chart, refund is issued after deducting clerkage charges.
redRail by redBus makes tatkal ticket cancellations easy. Now you can simply view the details of your booking and find the option to modify or cancel your train tickets. You can also opt for ‘Free Cancellation’ at the time of booking to avoid paying cancellation charges later. The ‘Free Cancellation’ option requires you to pay a nominal additional charge but in return, makes cancellation free of cost.


Can I Book 5 tickets in Tatkal Reservation?
For every tatkal booking, you can only book a maximum of 4 tickets per PNR. If you need to book 5 tickets, you have to do the booking twice.
Is Tatkal available offline?
Yes, tatkal is available offline at booking counters in railways stations.
Can Tatkal Tickets be Cancelled?
Yes, tatkal booking can be cancelled. However, if you cancel a confirmed Tatkal ticket, you will not receive any refund. In case you want to cancel a RAC or waitlisted ticket, cancellation charges apply depending on when you decide to cancel your tickets. If you decide to do so before 30 minutes to the scheduled departure time of the train, you will be issued a refund after some deductions. However, no refund is initiated if you do cancel within 30 minutes of the departure time.
Can I book Tatkal 2 days in advance?
No, tatkal train ticket booking can only be done one day before the date of the departure of the train from the origin destination.
Is Tatkal a confirmed ticket?
If the status of your Tatkal ticket is shown as confirmed, then it is treated as a confirmed ticket. You can use the redRail app or website to check your PNR status in just a few minutes.