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Q: How many Super Luxury buses are run by APSRTC on daily basis?
A: 17410 Super Luxury buses are run by APSRTC on daily basis
Q: Which are the longest and shortest routes covered by APSRTC Super Luxury buses?
A: The longest route covered by APSRTC Super Luxury buses is from Vijayawada to Bangalore, while the shortest route being from Nizamabad to Bangalore.
Q: Which route has the maximum number of Super Luxury buses run by APSRTC?
A: The maximum number of APSRTC Super Luxury buses run from Hyderabad to Vijayawada with 228 buses.
Q: What are the ticket fares of APSRTC Super Luxury buses?
A: The maximum ticket fare of APSRTC Super Luxury is INR 1586.00. Whereas, the minimum ticket fare is INR 27.00
Q: What are the various extra measures being taken during the time of this pandemic?
A: redBus ensures passenger safety at all times and has made sure that all operators that they are working with take strict protective health measures during the time of COVID- 19. These would include measures such as mandatory use of masks by both staff and passengers alike, provision of seat covers which can later be disposed of, denying provision of blankets and fleeces to prevent the spread of the disease through contact, and hand sanitisers are provided to passengers before and after boarding.
Q: What are the basic details I need to know before booking an APSRTC super luxury bus from Bangalore to Ananthapuram?
A: The distance between Bangalore and Ananthapurum is a little over 210 kilometres. This distance can be covered by an APSRTC luxury bus in a span of three to four hours. The cheapest fare would come up to around 270 rupees.
Q: Can I download the redBus app on any smartphone device?
A: The redBus application is available on all smartphone types, be it an android or an iOS device. APSRTC online booking super luxury bus can be done using redBus.
Q: What other bus types are available with APSRTC?
A: In case one desires to travel on anything other than an APSRTC Super Luxury bus, there are a plethora of other options provided which can be chosen from such as Express Bus, Ultra Deluxe, Indra, and much more. Visit the APSRTC page on redBus to know more.
Q: What are the other cities that APSRTC services on?
A: APSRTC is a popular RTC travelling many routes and connecting many cities. Some on the list are Dornala, Mylavaram, Ongole, and Narasaraopet.

APSRTC Bus Ticket Booking

APSRTC is a public transport bus service functioning under the Ministry of Transport by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh. This public sector undertaking has its headquarters situated in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Over the past 62 years, APSRTC has created a brand image in the country through its constant efforts of providing excellent services to its passengers through coaches like the APSRTC Super Luxury bus. There is no shortage of options when it comes to booking an APSRTC Super Luxury bus on the redBus app.

11,678 APSRTC buses have created a reticulate network all over the State, making it convenient for the civilians to move from one place to another with comfort. Out of the whole fleet, APSRTC Super Luxury bus is considered to be the most demanded bus of all times. It runs on various routes connecting small and big cities and towns altogether. In the case of an online APSRTC Super Luxury bus ticket booking, discount coupons and cashback offers can be availed by the passengers.

Amenities available on an APSRTC Super Luxury Bus

APSRTC enjoys a great deal of passenger loyalty which has been made possible through the quality of buses and the services of the company. APSRTC buses are maintained exceptionally well. A proper degree of hygiene and cleanliness is ensured inside the buses along with the availability of all the necessary amenities required for travelling. The type APSRTC Super Luxury is also loaded with a variety of amenities to facilitate the passengers. Some of them are listed below:

  • Hand-Sanitizers
  • Disposable Seat Covers
  • Thermal Screening
  • Air-Conditioner
  • Comfortable Seats
  • GPS Tracking
  • Luggage Space

Considering the current situation of COVID-19, all the APSRTC Super Luxury buses provide amenities, needed to contain the spread of the virus, under the guidelines of the government. For APSRTC Super Luxury bus images, check out the redBus app.

Popular Routes booked on an APSRTC Super Luxury Bus

APSRTC aims at encapsulating a larger area under its coverage through its buses. Among various routes covered by the APSRTC Super Luxury bus, some are frequently travelled and booked the most through redBus.

Following are the popular routes served by APSRTC Super Luxury bus along with the average APSRTC Super Luxury bus fare:

  • Hyderabad to Vijayawada: A total of 228 buses cover this route which is the most number of APSRTC Super Luxury buses for any route. The distance of 274 km can be covered within 4-5 hours with a minimum ticket price of Rs.295.
  • Hyderabad to Vijayarai: Both the locations are 342 km away from each other. This route can be travelled by any bus out of 192 Super Luxury buses, which takes about 6 hours. The minimum ticket price is Rs.34 which may go up to Rs.684.
  • Hyderabad to Kodad: An option of 65 Super Luxury buses is available for this route covering a distance of 178 km in about 3 hours. Book the ticket at redBus for a minimum price of Rs.205.
  • Bangalore to Anantapur: 60 APSRTC Super Luxury buses operate from Bangalore to Anantapur covering 214 km in 3-4 hours. Book the cheapest ticket for Rs.269.
  • Bangalore to Kadapa: Book your Bangalore to Kadapa bus tickets for as less as Rs.317 to travel the distance of 275 km in 6 hours of ease and comfort. A variety of 62 buses can be looked through.
  • Hyderabad to Suryapet: This long route is covered within 11-12 hours covering the distance 696 km from Hyderabad to Suryapet. Book tickets for minimum Rs.154 for any bus out of the available 60.

Safety Measures Followed on APSRTC during Covid-19

APSRTC ensu res that all the norms and protocols given by the Indian government are followed on its buses for maximal passenger safety. The following precautions are taken on APSRTC buses:

  • Deep cleaning of all the buses regularly
  • Face masks for all passengers are mandatory
  • Hand-sanitizers are always available on the buses
  • Thermal screening of passengers before boarding the bus is done
  • Temperatures of all the people on the bus are checked at regular intervals
  • Seats are covered with disposable seat covers

How to Book a Ticket of an APSRTC Super Luxury Bus

For a quick, safe, and reliable APSRTC online booking Super Luxury, make use of the redBus app and book your own APSRTC Super Luxury Bus for any route.

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Use the redBus app or register on the website of redBus.
  • Feed the source and destination locations in the options provided for ‘From’ and ‘To’.
  • Also, add a particular date of your travel.
  • After searching, you will be able to see all the buses by various bus operators on your screen.
  • You can make use of the filters at the left side of the page to screen your search to a more precise level.
  • Make sure you check every bus and then select the most suitable bus suiting your preference.
  • To select a particular seat for yourself, go to the seating plan.
  • Then select the ‘Proceed to Book’ option on the screen.
  • Enter your contact number along with your personal information. To confirm your APSRTC online booking Super Luxury, make the online payment using your bank cards or PayPal.

APSRTC Super Luxury Bus Services

Super Luxury buses serviced by APSRTC are well equipped with various amenities. Most of the buses come with clean and adequate interiors. All the APSRTC Super Luxury buses comprise of comfortable seating arrangement.

Book APSRTC Super Luxury Online Bus Tickets

redBus offers easy bus ticket booking for APSRTC Super Luxury buses plying in several city routes. You can avail the ongoing deals and cashbacks on bus reservation.

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