Train Coach Position with redRail

    The coach position is the order in which coaches or bogies are attached to a train. It specifies the placement of each bogie and the type of coach it is.
    As a passenger, it is important for you to know the train coach position to easily locate it, plan your journey, avoid confusion and rush during boarding. Over this, it helps you choose your preferred coach and plan according to the facilities available in each coach.

How to Check Train Coach Position?

    Let us take a quick look at how you can check the train coach position on redRail:

    • Step 1: - Click on the redRail app
    • Step 2: - Scroll down to find the ‘Coach Position’ tab and click on it
    • Step 3: - Type in the name of the train and destination
    • Step 4: - Click on ‘View Coach Position’

Train Coach Position Categorization

    Train coach position categorization in Indian Railways is an important system that helps you identify the position and type of coach you are travelling in.
    You can read the list below for details.
    The AC First Class, denoted by its class code 1A, is designed for passengers who are willing to pay a premium for a comfortable and exclusive travel experience. The coach has a limited number of cabins with individual doors that provide privacy to passengers.
    AC Two Tier is a coach category that offers air-conditioned compartments with sleeping berths for passengers. It is more pocket-friendly than AC First Class but provides a comfortable and convenient travel experience.
    AC 3-Tier, denoted by 3A, provides air-conditioned sleeping berths for passengers at a moderate price. It is also a popular choice for long-distance travel.
    The Sleeper Class coach provides non-air-conditioned sleeping berths for passengers. It is the most commonly used coach category, and gives you basic amenities such as blankets and pillows.
    Second Seating, also known as 2S, provides non-air-conditioned seats for short-distance travel. It is the most economical coach category, providing basic seating arrangements without any sleeping facilities.
    The Anubhuti Class is a new coach category by Indian Railways. It aims to provide a premium travel experience to passengers. It is available on selected Shatabdi Express trains and offers amenities such as comfortable seating, and personalized infotainment screens.
    Executive Chair Car, also known as EC, is a premium coach category that offers air-conditioned seating with extra legroom and wider seats. It is available on select Shatabdi and Tejas Express trains.

Why is the Train Coach Position Important?

    It’s essential to know the train coach position so you don’t have to run between platforms.
    Being aware of the coach positions can help you avoid the inconvenience of carrying your heavy luggage around. By having a clear idea of where your coach will be located, you can ensure that you arrive at the right place on time.
    You can also use the coach position chart to access information on the facilities available in each coach, such as the seat type, toilet location, pantry availability, etc. This information helps them choose their desired coach and plan their journey accordingly.


How to check train coach positions online?

You can visit the redRail app and click on the ‘Coach Position\' tab to find out the train coach position. Click here to download the app.

Can we find a train coach position through sms or phone?

Yes, you can find the train coach position through SMS or phone. Just send an SMS with your PNR number to a specific number or call the Indian Railways inquiry number 139. However, it\'s recommended to check the coach position in advance through the official website or mobile app to avoid any last-minute confusion or inconvenience.

What if I don’t find my coach number on the train ticket?

If you cannot find your coach number on the train ticket, don\'t worry. Check the coach position chart at the station or use online services or the enquiry number 139 to find it.

Are coaches interlinked?

Yes, the coaches are usually interlinked.

Is the coach position information always correct?

The coach position information provided by Indian Railways is generally accurate, but there may be changes due to operational reasons. You should always check the coach position information on the website or mobile application or at the station before boarding the train to avoid any confusion.
In case of any doubts or queries, you can contact the railway inquiry helpline or the station authorities for assistance.

What are the different ways to check your coach position on the train?

There are several ways to check your coach position on the train:
Coach Position Chart: A chart is displayed at the station before the train\'s arrival, showing the sequence and placement of each coach.
Online: Passengers can check their coach position online on the Indian Railways website or mobile application by entering their PNR number.
Enquiry Helpline: Passengers can call the Indian Railways enquiry number 139 to get information on the coach position.
Platform Indicators: Some stations have electronic display boards indicating the coach positions of incoming trains.
redRail: You can enter the details of your train on the redRail app and find out the train coach position.
It is advisable to check the coach position in advance to avoid any confusion or inconvenience while boarding the train.

What is 2S and 2A on the train?

They are different types of coach classes on Indian Railways
2S: Second Seating (2S) is a non-air conditioned coach class with bench-style seats. It is the most economical coach class and is usually crowded.
2A: Second AC (2A) is an air-conditioned coach class with sleeping berths. It is more comfortable than 2S and less expensive than the higher classes like First AC (1A) and Executive Class (EC).
You can choose your preferred coach class based on your budget and comfort level while booking the tickets. The coach class is indicated on the ticket and also displayed on the coach position chart.
You can also visit the redRail website by redBus, and explore various options.