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About City

Sagar, also called Saugor, is a popular city in Madhya Pradesh. The city is located within Sagar District and is close to Vindhya Range. It is among the few cities of Madhya Pradesh selected among the first hundred cities for the Smart Cities Mission. In 2018, Sagar was named among the safest cities in the country. Sagar is supposed to be among the oldest cities in Madhya Pradesh. However, historians have records till 1022 AD to understand the history of Sagar. Over the centuries, Sagar has witnessed the rule of Ahir Kings, Peshwas, and the British Empire. For the same rationale, one can find some historic sites in Sagar. The city also has lakes, parks, forest areas, and more for tourists. Every year, many tourists coming to MP from different states visit Sagar.

Sagar features a subtropical climate with hot summers and cool winters. Monsoons in Sagar can also get cold at times. The area of the city is a little over 19 square miles and consists of several tehsils. Hindi is the official language of people residing in Sagar. However, a Bundelkhand accent can be found in the language of people residing in Sagar. It is because the territory of Sagar was first involved in the political affairs of Bundelkhand. However, the Hindi of people residing in Sagar is not too hard for North Indians to understand. Many people from South India regions arrive in MP for pilgrimage. Pilgrimage seekers coming to MP from different states visit Sagar and find some peace.

Famous Places to Visit in Sagar Madhya Pradesh

There are several places to visit in Sagar, from lakes to forest areas. Here are some of the best places to visit during your trip to Sagar:

  • Lakha Banjara Lake: This lake in Sagar is named after the person who established it. The blue waters and quaint surroundings at Lakha Banjara Lake attract many tourists. In the evening, tourists will find a vibrant atmosphere at Lakha Banjara Lake.
  • Rahatgarh: Many people want to visit local villages in MP to know more about their culture. Rahatgarh is such a local village within Sagar District. It is a small village that consists of many waterfalls, humble localities, and great food. You can easily find transport facilities from the main city of Sagar to Rahatgarh.
  • Abchand Forest Reserve: Are you a fan of natural green spaces? If yes, Sagar is the right choice for your trip. Abchand Forest Reserve will let you witness untouched wilderness and greenery. One can find a few ancient caves within the Abchand Forest Reserve.
  • Varun Smriti Park: Varun was a lovely who left this world at the age of ten. To keep his memory alive, his family members founded the Varun Smriti Park in Sagar. The area has a swimming pool and water park for families coming to Sagar.
  • Bilhera: Bilhera is a must-visit village near Sagar for food lovers. Many little shops in Bilhera sell local cuisines. The people of Bilhera are friendly and welcome tourists coming from different states.
  • Bina: Bina is another quaint town near Sagar known for its scenic landscapes. Besides knowing the localities, you can also find amazing food in Bina. Sagar is seamlessly connected with Bina by train and bus. Also, you will get a chance to explore the Bina River.
  • Bhapel: Bhapel is a small locality near Sagar known for its history. It is a primary site where the clash of British soldiers with Indians happened during the Revolt of 1857. Also, Bhapel has many temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Devotees from nearby cities and towns come to visit the Mahadev temples in Bhapel.

Best Time to Visit Near Sagar

Most parts of Madhya Pradesh experience high temperatures during the summer. For the same rationale, one must avoid visiting Sagar during the summer season. During the monsoon season in Sagar, travel plans might be interrupted. If you don’t have a problem with rain, you can travel to Sagar in the monsoon season. However, winters are perfect for a trip to Sagar and other areas of Madhya Pradesh. During the winter season in Sagar, you will find more crowds and shops. You can pre-book Sagar bus tickets on redBus according to your plan.

Buses and Railway Connectivity in Sagar

Sagar is well-connected with other cities and towns in Madhya Pradesh by road. The state government has developed new roads in/around Sagar in the past few years. You can find bus connections from Sagar to many cities like Indore, Dhule, Hirapur, Karwi, Dewas, and Bharuch. Buses to cities in other states are also available from Sagar. You can check redBus to know the bus connections from Sagar.

The city also has a dedicated railway station known as Saugor Railway Station (SGO). Besides travelling to cities of Madhya Pradesh, one can find trains to other states from Sagar. Sagar has seamless train connections with cities like Bina, Kota, Jabalpur, Katni, Bhopal, Itarsi, and Bilaspur. Don’t forget to check the availability of seats in trains before making travel plans to/from Sagar.

Famous Bus Routes from the City

Sagar has bus connections with many cities in MP and nearby states. Here are the top bus routes from Sagar on redBus:

  • Sagar to Rahatgarh
  • Sagar to Dewas
  • Sagar to Devendra Nagar
  • Sagar to Indore
  • Sagar to Bharuch
  • Sagar to Aurai

Famous Bus Routes to the City

One can board a bus from top cities around the country to reach Sagar. Here are the top buses routes to Sagar on redBus:

  • Hamirpur (UP) to Sagar
  • Dabra to Sagar
  • Pune to Sagar
  • Devendra Nagar to Sagar
  • Bhopal to Sagar
  • Indore to Sagar


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Sagar (Madhya Pradesh) consists of a good blend of hotels and tourist locations, making it an ideal place to visit. Travellers may visit Sagar (Madhya Pradesh) all around the year and experience the diversity of the place. Sagar (Madhya Pradesh) is speckled with varied social amenities and has a smooth dispense of services.

Bus Operators Serving to Sagar (Madhya Pradesh)

There are a number of operators serving in Sagar (Madhya Pradesh). All the listed bus operators facilitate comfortable bus journeys in the city. Some of the popular bus operators in Sagar (Madhya Pradesh) are:

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