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Q: How many Volvo buses are run by GSRTC on daily basis?
A: 7447 Volvo buses are run by GSRTC on daily basis
Q: Which are the longest and shortest routes covered by GSRTC Volvo buses?
A: The longest route covered by GSRTC Volvo buses is from Ahmedabad to Bhuj, while the shortest route being from Zadeshwar (Bharuch) to Bhuj.
Q: Which route has the maximum number of Volvo buses run by GSRTC?
A: The maximum number of GSRTC Volvo buses run from Ahmedabad to Baroda with 95 buses.
Q: What are the ticket fares of GSRTC Volvo buses?
A: The maximum ticket fare of GSRTC Volvo is INR 2438.00. Whereas, the minimum ticket fare is INR 47.00
Q: What areas does the GSRTC cover?
A: The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) covers the state of Gujarat through its routes. It also links major cities in the state to neighbouring villages and towns for easier travel. Ahmedabad is often considered the centre of this region, so many GSRTC bus routes go to and from the city.
Q: What is the difference between GSRTC Volvo and other buses?
A: The GSRTC Volvo fleet is a premium service that makes travelling luxurious. The service consists of sleeper coaches of world-class quality from the automobile titan Volvo. Naturally, these buses are much more comfortable than other non-AC or basic coaches that traverse the roads of Gujarat. When you make a GSRTC Volvo bus booking, you get a better bang for your buck and can travel from pick-up to drop-off point in comfort, especially at night.
Q: What cities do GSRTC Volvo buses travel to and from?
A: The GSRTC Volvo buses cover routes to and from Ahmedabad as well as other major cities. Some commonly frequented routes include Rajkot to Ahmedabad, Baroda to Surat, Ankleshwar to Ahmedabad, Kamrej to Surat, and KIM to Kamrej. The buses pick up passengers at different pre-designated points in the city– for example, in Ahmedabad, the buses tend to stop at CTM Char Rasta, Geeta Mandir Bus Stand, and Paldi. Coaches from Surat make stops at Kapodra and Adajan Patiya, among others.
Q: How do I track my GSRTC Volvo bus?
A: If you’re looking to make a GSRTC bus booking through redBus, you can easily track your bus afterwards. While booking, you must enter your mobile number or that of a friend or loved one. Once the transaction is complete and 30 minutes before departure, you’ll receive a tracking link to your number that will allow you to zone in on exactly where your bus is and how long it will take to reach your pick-up point or destination. If you’ve already booked a ticket with GSRTC, you can use the department’s Track My Bus feature on the same day as your date of travel to track your bus. However, you might not be able to do this on the go unlike the redBus app, which allows you to track your bus even when you’re on your mobile or are travelling.
Q: Can I get a discount on my GSRTC Volvo bus booking?
A: Yes, you can. redBus offers great deals and discounts on GSRTC Volvo bookings to ensure you pay the best price without compromising on safety or comfort. You could also combine your bus reservations with hotel bookings for better deals. Discounts, coupled with world-class service, and a plethora of operators to choose from makes redBus a great choice to book bus tickets with.
Q: Can I get a refund if my bus is cancelled?
A: If the bus operator has cancelled your bus and hasn’t made alternate arrangements to ferry its passengers, then you can claim a 150% refund on the reservation you made through redBus. If your bus is delayed for more than 30 minutes but reaches you eventually, you’ll be able to request a 25% refund on the amount you paid. These guarantees apply on buses marked with the “On-Time Guarantee” tag on the redBus website. Unfortunately, if you miss the bus on your own, then these refund policies don’t apply.
Q: Apart from the GSRTC Volvo, what are the other options?
A: The GSRTC runs a variety of buses to cater to the budgets and needs of people. Apart from the uber-comfortable Volvo services, the GSRTC offers non-AC seaters, AC Sleepers, AC luxury, local ordinary and express buses. The features of each of these vary, as do the prices. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find an alternative that upholds the same quality of service as the GSRTC Volvo.
Q: Why should I make a GSRTC Volvo bus booking on redBus and not the official site?
A: redBus is India’s biggest online bus ticketing platform. When making a GSRTC bus booking, the choice is in your hands right from the bus operator to the seats you want. redBus offers exclusive discounts and deals that make ticket prices even more economical. mTickets allow for paper-less travelling. The On-Time Guarantee will enable you to claim a refund on cancelled or delayed buses.
Q: I need to cancel my GSRTC Volvo reservation, how do I do it?
A: You can visit the “Cancellation” page on the redBus website. Enter your ticket number and the registered email ID to proceed with your cancellation, subject to terms, conditions and potential cancellation charges. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can call the redBus customer care number to have your reservation cancelled.
Q: Is it safe to make a GSRTC Volvo bus booking on redBus?
A: You can pay using a variety of payment methods on the redBus platform, with one thing in common that they are all secure and safe to use.

GSRTC Bus Ticket Booking

The Gujarat State Road Transport Services is one of the most popular transportation service providers in the west region of India. It is commonly known as GSRTC. A GSRTC bus booking can be made both online and offline. The Gujarat State Road Transport Services was formed in the year 1960. The main aim of this corporation was to improve the connectivity within the state of Gujarat and also opening up channels for connecting Gujarat's cities with other cities. The GSRTC owns about 7,600 buses. Also, there are about 220 bus stations from where the GSRTC buses pick and drop the passengers. Volvo bus bookings for GSRTC Volvo buses are made on the redBus platform regularly.

The state has been divided into 16 divisions. GSRTC is also an award-winning bus service provider. A lot of buses run on different routes helping people out with their travel needs. GSRTC buses also cover some of the major routes to nearby cities bridging the gap between two or more states.

Amenities on GSRTC Volvo buses

GSRTC aims at providing comfortable and hassle-free services to their passengers. The buses have different facilities and amenities. Some of them are free and are available in all kinds of buses whereas some come with an added cost. For instance, the fare would be more for an air-conditioned bus as compared to the non-air-conditioned buses. Volvo is considered to be the most premium bus of GSRTC. Volvo bus bookings can be easily made on the redBus app before the journey. The amenities provided by GSRTC Volvo buses are as follows:

  • Drinking-Water
  • Reclining Seats
  • Wi-Fi
  • Television
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Sleeper seats
  • Air-conditioners
  • Charging points

A Volvo bus gives you the best on-journey experience at an affordable price.

Popular Travel Routes

Volvo buses are quite popular in the state of Gujarat. The GSRTC buses cover about 2 lakh routes daily and Volvos run on all of these routes. Volvo bus bookings can be easily made and you can enjoy your travel. Some of the routes covered by GSRTC Volvo buses are:

  • Baroda to Ahmedabad
  • Ahmedabad to Surat
  • Ahmedabad to Baroda
  • Chotila to Ahmedabad
  • Rajkot to Chotila
  • Baroda to Surat
  • Ahmedabad to Chotila
  • Ahmedabad to Rajkot
  • Rajkot to Ahmedabad
  • Chotila to Rajkot

All these routes can be checked online on the redBus app and a Volvo bus booking can be made accordingly.

Types of GSRTC Buses

GSRTC manages different kinds of busses. It has a very diverse fleet. Some of the buses which are a part of the GSRTC fleet are:

  • Volvo Buses
  • Express Buses
  • Air-Conditioned Seater Buses
  • Air-Conditioned Sleeper Buses
  • Luxury Buses
  • Non-A/C Sleeper
  • Low Floor Buses
  • Ordinary Buses

Popular Cities Covered

The GSRTC buses run on different routes and cover about more than 2 lakh routes in a single day. Therefore, these buses cover several cities of western India. The GSRTC Volvo buses run on different routes and provide a comfortable journey to all its passengers. Some of the important and popular cities covered by the GSRTC Volvo buses are:

  • Surat
  • Gandhinagar
  • Baroda
  • Chhota Udaipur
  • Rajkot
  • Ahmedabad
  • Matar
  • Ankleshwar
  • Chotila
  • Ramji ka Gol

The destination city can be easily chosen on the redBus app and booking can be made.

Popular Pilgrimage Destinations with GSRTC Volvo

GSRTC Volvo buses operate throughout the state of Gujarat. Also, some of the major cities of Gujarat are popular pilgrimage destination. Also, these buses take you to pilgrimage spots outside the state. Some of these popular pilgrimage destinations are:

  • Narayan Sarovar
  • Ambaji
  • Mata Na Madh
  • Gondal
  • Dwarka
  • Nathdwara
  • Shridi
  • Nasik
  • Somnath
  • Varanasi

These places have great religious importance. Also, these can be easily accessed by travelling via a GSRTC Volvo Bus.

How to Book a GSRTC Volvo bus on redBus?

GSRTC Volvo buses can be easily booked on the redBus app. The app is very easy to use and you can book tickets in a matter of minutes. A Volvo bus by GSRTC can be booked on the redBus app by following these steps:

  • Open the redBus app or visit the official redBus website.
  • Sign up or log in to your existing account to get started with the booking process.
  • A screen appears where you can select your source city and the destination city
  • Then choose a date on which you want to travel
  • You can now click on the search button. The results of all buses serving that route would appear
  • You can then use the filter and select ‘Volvo GSRTC’ as your bus service provider. The results would be customized.
  • You can then have a look at all the options and make a choice based on the timings of departure.
  • You can also pick a bus-stop which is near to your place as your pickup point
  • You can also choose from the list of amenities you want to have while traveling through a GSRTC Volvo bus
  • Now, select from the customized list and you are good to go
  • You need to select the number of tickets you want to buy for the journey based on the number of people who are coming along.
  • You can then select the seats by clicking on the seats of the virtual bus design.
  • After selecting these seats, click on the ‘book tickets’ option
  • This option will take you to a payment window where you can select your mode of payment.
  • Make the payment and then your tickets are booked

These tickets can be easily checked by pressing ‘my bookings’ option.

Safety Measures Followed on UTC during COVID-19

The GSRTC Volvo buses have taken all the precautionary measures concerning the COVID-19 crisis. For GSRTC Volvo, the safety of the passengers is their utmost priority. These buses are washed and disinfected after every journey. Also, linens and blankets are changed for all trips. Buses are equipped with hand sanitizers and protection gear. The passengers can travel on a Volvo bus by GSRTC without any hassle.

Safety+ is a feature by redBus that reinforces our attempt to ensure safer bus travel. It allows bus operators to showcase their compliance with Covid-19 measures across their staff and vehicles. While booking, users can use the Safety+ mark to identify buses that follow these measures outlined by the government of India

Buses tagged with the Safety+ sign are disinfected regularly, are operated by staff members that wear face masks and gloves, and are installed with hand sanitizers.

As part of this move against the coronavirus, redBus requests all its users to maintain social distancing and observe personal hygiene. If you are travelling, make sure you are wearing a face mask at all times, washing your hands regularly, and not touching your face. In case you are unwell, please postpone your travel plans.


GSRTC Volvo Bus Services

Volvo buses serviced by GSRTC are well equipped with various amenities. Most of the buses come with clean and adequate interiors. All the GSRTC Volvo buses comprise of comfortable seating arrangement.

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redBus offers easy bus ticket booking for GSRTC Volvo buses plying in several city routes. You can avail the ongoing deals and cashbacks on bus reservation.

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