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Q: How many buses do the UPSRTC Shatabdi operators own?
A: The UPSRTC Shatabdi is one of the most famous bus operators of Uttar Pradesh. Currently, their fleet size is about 12,429 buses and it is increasing as the demand for these buses are increasing at a very fast pace.
Q: Which are the longest and shortest routes covered by UPSRTC Shatabdi buses?
A: The longest route covered by UPSRTC Shatabdi buses is from Badshahpur (Uttar Pradesh) to Lucknow, while the shortest route being from Allahabad to Lucknow.
Q: Which route has the maximum number of Shatabdi buses run by UPSRTC?
A: The maximum number of UPSRTC Shatabdi buses run from Kaushambi to Bareilly with 69 buses.
Q: What are the ticket fares of UPSRTC Shatabdi buses?
A: The maximum ticket fare of UPSRTC Shatabdi is INR 987.00. Whereas, the minimum ticket fare is INR 44.00
Q: What is the ticket price of the Shatabdi bus UPSRTC travelling from Allahabad to Lucknow?
A: Allahabad to Lucknow is one of the most popular routes covered by a Shatabdi UPSRTC bus. The price of the ticket ranges from Rs.294 to Rs.375. The price varies based on the kind of bus you choose to travel with.
Q: Can I book tickets to Shatabdi AC bus UPSRTC using the redBus app?
A: redBus is the one-stop destination for all kinds of Shatabdi UPSRTC buses. You can book tickets to both AC and non-AC buses depending on your requirements.
Q: At what time does the first Shatabdi UPSRTC bus leaves from Lucknow to Faizabad?
A: The first bus for Faizabad leaves around midnight at 0:15 and it reaches Lucknow in around 3 hours. Faizabad is about 128 kilometres away from Lucknow and this distance is covered very comfortably by a Shatabdi UPSRTC bus.
Q: How can I pay for my UPSRTC Shatabdi ticket while booking the ticket on the redBus app?
A: redBus provides several payment options to its customers. You can pay for your e-ticket using debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, UPI, etc. In case you cancel your tickets, the amount would be refunded to your source account.

UPSRTC Bus Ticket Booking

UPSRTC (Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation) was established on 15 May 1947. It currently has a massive fleet of 12,429 buses providing transportation services in different cities of Uttar Pradesh. UPSRTC Shatabdi bus service is a part of UPSRTC services, and there are currently 1,774 Shatabdi buses run by UPSRTC. There are 115 depots of UPSRTC in Uttar Pradesh from where bus services are provided to the public.

Amenities available on a UPSRTC Shatabdi Bus

The list of amenities offered by UPSRTC Shatabdi buses are as follows:

  • Water Bottle
  • Emergency Contact System
  • Reading Light
  • Hand Sanitisers
  • Charging Point
  • Air-conditioners

Popular routes booked on a UPSRTC Shatabdi Bus

  • Kaushambi to Bareilly: The distance covered on this route is 438 KM, and it takes around 6 hours to cover this route via UPSRTC Shatabdi bus. The first UPSRTC Shatabdi bus to Bareilly leaves from Kaushambi at 12:30 AM and the last bus leaves at 11:59 PM.
  • Allahabad to Lucknow: The distance between these two cities is 200 KM, and it takes around 4-5 hours to cover this route. The first bus on this route leaves from Allahabad at 12:15 AM and the last bus leaves at 10:29 PM. The fare for this route on a UPSRTC Shatabdi bus ranges from INR 294 to INR 375.
  • Lucknow to Faizabad: Lucknow is 128 KM apart from Faizabad, and it takes around 2-3 hours to cover this route. The first UPSRTC Shatabdi bus to Faizabad leaves from Lucknow at 08:00 AM and the last bus leaves at 11:30 PM.

  • Lucknow to Gorakhpur: The distance between these two cities is around 270 KM, and it takes about 6 hours for a UPSRTC Shatabdi bus to cover this route. The first bus to Gorakhpur from Lucknow leaves at 07:29 AM and the last bus leaves from Lucknow at 11:30 PM. The boarding point of UPSRTC Shatabdi buses in Lucknow is Alambagh.
  • Lucknow to Basti: Basti is 193 KM apart from Lucknow. The first Shatabdi UPSRTC bus to Basti leaves from Lucknow at 08:00 AM and the last bus leaves at 11:30 PM. The fare of UPSRTC buses on this route ranges between INR 349 to INR 427.
  • Aligarh to Noida: Aligarh is 120 KM far from Noida, and it takes around 2-3 hours to cover this route. The first UPSRTC Shatabdi bus on this route leaves from Aligarh at 04:58 AM and the last bus leaves at 06:59 PM. You can apply search filters via redBus and can find Shatabdi AC bus UPSRTC on this route.

Safety Measures Followed on UPSRTCs during COVID-19

redBus has launched a Safety+ feature amidst the Covid-19 scenario. UPSRTC buses fall under the Safety+ category and take strict safety measures against Covid-19.

  • Hand Sanitisers are provided to the passengers.
  • The buses are cleaned at proper intervals.
  • Regular temperature checking facility is available on UPSRTC buses, and the staff is equipped with masks.

How to book a bus ticket on a UPSRTC Shatabdi bus?

The steps to book a UPSRTC Shatabdi bus ticket via redBus are as follows:

  • Open the redBus mobile application/website and enter your source and destination details in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ sections visible on the interface. Enter your preferred date of travel and click on the ‘Search’ button.
  • A complete list of buses available on your selected route and date will be visible to you. You can also apply filters to see only UPSRTC Shatabdi buses. Select any bus, and the seat layout of that particular bus will be shown to you. You can easily make a UPSRTC Shatabdi AC bus booking via redBus.
  • Select your preferred seat and enter a few details like your name, contact info. on the next page.
  • Complete the payment via debit/credit cards, e-wallets, etc. and you will receive your M-ticket/e-ticket.

redBus is launching Safety+, a new Covid-19 safety identification that helps bus operators showcase their compliance with safety measures as suggested by the government. Users can also use this sign to identify bus services that follow all guidelines and thereby ensure safer travel.

If a UPSRTC is tagged with the Safety+ sign, you can be sure that it has undergone disinfection and is run by healthy staff who wear masks and gloves throughout the journey. Hand sanitizers are installed in these buses for individual use by the passengers.

To ensure total protection, users are requested to maintain social distancing and follow all personal hygiene measures. These include using face masks, avoiding travel in case of an illness, and washing hands regularly.

UPSRTC Shatabdi Bus Services

Shatabdi buses serviced by UPSRTC are well equipped with various amenities. Most of the buses come with clean and adequate interiors. All the UPSRTC Shatabdi buses comprise of comfortable seating arrangement.

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redBus offers easy bus ticket booking for UPSRTC Shatabdi buses plying in several city routes. You can avail the ongoing deals and cashbacks on bus reservation.

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