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The city is in Madhya Pradesh on an elevated plateau beside the Sau River, a Chambal River descendant. Mandsaur is rich in historical and archaeological significance, but the temple of Lord Pashupatinath, located on the bank of the Shivna, makes it famous. This idol is only found in Nepal. Mandsaur, the Province's headquarters town, provided the name. It is thought to have evolved from Marhsaur, which originated from Marh and Saur, two municipalities that combined to form the town. In the older days, the city was known as Dashpur. Mandasaur's cultural and artistic heritage is deeply impacted by those found in the Malwa area. The predominant language spoken in this district is Malvi, a combination of Hindi and Rajasthani. The city is particularly well-known for its unique dancing form known as Swang. The city has seen Indian history's medieval, ancient, and modern periods. Mandsaur still has historic monuments depicting the city's glorious past. The earliest statues originate from the 4th to 5th centuries AD. During British rule, Mandsaur was a component of the united provinces of Gwalior. Mandasaur is also well-known for its intricate bangles, exquisite sarees, and the huge manufacturing of opium. The city's primary industry is slate pencil manufacturing.

Famous Places to Visit in Mandsaur

Some of the famous places to visit in Mandsaur are as follows:-

  1. Gandhi Sagar Dam: Gandhisagar Dam is 168 kilometres away from the central city. It is constructed on the renowned Chambal River. In 1954, on 7th March, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India, laid the foundation for building the District's Power Station or the Gandhi Sagar Dam. The reservoir is a must-see since it offers a stunning view of the Chambal River.
  2. Lord Pashupatinath Temple: The Lord Pashupatinath temple is the primary aspect of the Mandsaur. Lord Shiva is known by the name Pashupatinath. It is found on the Shivna River's banks. The main feature is a one-of-a-kind Shiv Ling with Lord Shiva's eight faces. The eight-faced idol remains exactly as the renaissance artists left it, though the below faces have been slightly carved on and are not as vivid as those of the top four faces. The entire shrine is elegantly ornamented and carved.
  3. Mandsaur Fort: Mandsaur Fort also referred to as the Dashpur Fort, is a historically significant fort situated between the towns of Mewar and Malwa. This fort is popular because of its magnificent architecture. Hoshang Shah Gori, one of the Malwa region's early Islamic kings, was acclaimed for his aesthetic taste and constructed it.
  4. Dhamnar Caves: Dhamnar Caves are situated close to the town of Dhamnar. This stone site has 51 caves, passageways, stupas, compact homes and Chaityas. Massive sculptures of Gautama Buddha in sitting and Nirvana mudra can be discovered at the location. These Buddhist caves were carved into the hard laterite rock of the hillside around the 5th century AD. The caves have a rich history and are famous for their interiors and remarkable architectural skills.
  5. Bandi Ji Ka Baag: It is a well-known temple with glass inside in Mandsaur's Sarafa Bazaar. Bandi Ji Ka Baag is a 120-year-old Jainism temple with glass insides. The attraction is the Maan Stambh, constructed as the temple became 100 years old. One should admire the dazzling reflecting lights illuminating the walls inside.
  6. Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary: The Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary stretches for over 300 kilometres along the periphery of Neemuch and Mandsaur and is a must-see for all nature and wildlife enthusiasts. The charm of the reserve includes the attribute that now the sanctuary is diverged into two sections by the Chambal river. Correspondingly, the eastern end is in the Mandsaur area, and the western end is in the Neemuch Region. It is an ideal place to visit and explore the fauna and flora at the sanctuary.

Best Time to Visit Mandsaur

Mandsaur's best months to visit are December to February. Temperatures range from 43°F to 91°F during these months, making them ideal for a vacation to Mandsaur. The ideal time to travel to Mandsaur is during the winter months when one can fully immerse oneself in the experience without considering certain inconveniences. Mandsaur's weather is pleasant in these months, and the best activities are available through this time of year. This time of the year offers a prime setting for exploring Mandsaur's sites of interest.

Buses and Railway Connectivity

Mandsaur is well-connected to other cities and states by various kinds of transportation. There are currently 10 trains departing through Mandsaur. Direct trains run from Mandsaur to Ujjain, Mumbai, Ratlam, Hyderabad, Agra, Kolkata, Ajmer, Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota, Indore and Bhopal Ratlam. Cross-state and public buses are also available for convenient transportation to the city. NH-79 leads it to Lebad and Ajmer, while SH-31 connects it to Neemuch and Mhow. It is also connected to Pratapgarh through the Rajasthan state border, around 25 kilometres faraway.

Famous Bus Routes from Mandsaur

  • Mandsaur to Delhi
  • Mandsaur to Ujjain
  • Mandsaur to Agra
  • Mandsaur to Jaipur
  • Mandsaur to Bhopal
  • Mandsaur to Ahmedabad
  • Mandsaur to Pratapgarh
  • Mandsaur to Indore
  • Mandsaur to Nashik
  • Mandsaur to Khamgaon
  • Mandsaur to Burhanpur

Famous Bus Routes to Mandsaur

  • Bhopal to Mandsaur
  • Indore to Mandsaur
  • Delhi to Mandsaur
  • Ujjain to Mandsaur
  • Jaipur to Mandsaur
  • Ahmedabad to Mandsaur
  • Pimpalgaonbaswant to Mandsaur
  • Ahmedabad to Mandsaur
  • Nagpur to Mandsaur
  • Shirdi to Mandsaur
  • Hyderabad to Mandsaur
  • Pune to Mandsaur
  • Khamgaon to Mandsaur
  • Jalgaon to Mandsaur


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