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About Chikhaldara

Chikaldhara is a hill station located in the Amravati district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is situated at an altitude of 1,188 meters above sea level and is known for its beautiful landscapes and pleasant climate. Chikaldhara is surrounded by dense forests and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. The hill station is also home to many waterfalls, including the Darna and Devagiri. In addition to its natural beauty, Chikaldhara is also known for its cultural and historical sites, including the Temple of Lord Vishnu and the Chikaldhara Fort. Chikaldhara is a popular tourist destination in Maharashtra, and it is a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Chikhaldara Travel Guide

Situated at 1118 meters above sea level, Chikhaldara is mainly celebrated for being mentioned in Hindu mythology as where Bhima killed the villainous Keechaka and threw him down the valley. Along with that, Chikhaldara is famed for being the only coffee-growing place in Maharashtra’s entire state. Moreover, it has an outstanding beauty that is rarely found anywhere, with a fantastic blend of exotic wildlife, serene lakeshores, and mesmerizing views.

People from all over the country visit Chikhaldara mainly in the summer season. Summer is considered the best if you want to experience the beauty of Chikhaldara, which is at its zenith then.


Chikhaldara Highlights

Chikhaldara is a storehouse with amazing views and sights that you can visit. Some of the highlights of this place are:

  1. Famous Wildlife Museum
  2. Lush Green Forest Gardens
  3. Serene Lakeshores
  4. Spellbinding Waterfalls
  5. Heterogeneous Flora and Fauna

How to Reach Chikhaldara by Bus

Nearby Bus Terminals

Chikhaldara is a place that is well connected through bus services. Bus service providers operate several buses, which ply to and from Chikhaldara. Therefore, you can quickly board a bus to Chikhaldara from various locations that will drop off at the Chikhaldara stop.

Some famous bus routes to Chikhaldara include the bus route from Amravati to Chikhaldara and Yavatmal to Chikhaldara. Both these bus routes are considered to be providing the best journey and amazing views while reaching Chikhaldara.

Buses from Amravati to Chikhaldara take almost 2.5 hours to cover the total distance of 85 km between both these locations.

If you wish to travel from Yavatmal to Chikhaldara, it will take less than 5 hours to cover the total distance of 183 km.

Nearby Taxi Stops

Chikhaldara has a special connection to all the adjoining areas through buses and taxis. Therefore, booking a cab to Chikhaldara can turn out to be pretty convenient and comfortable. Out of all the taxi routes to Chikhaldara, some routes are quite popular.

Nagpur to Chikhaldara taxis can be booked online. You can choose from various options for cars with different features and prices. Many sights can be seen from Nagpur to Chikhaldara while covering a total distance of 231 km.

Another route, Akola to Chikhaldara, is also one of the most travelled routes. Therefore, people take up a taxi service. A single-way or round-trip taxi can be easily booked for this particular route online. Taxis take about 1 hour and 45 minutes to cover the distance of 113 km from Akola to Chikhaldara. Therefore, it may cost you around Rs.1700-2300 for a single-way trip on this route.

Popular Bus Operator

Chikhaldara lies in Maharashtra state and is therefore well connected through Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) buses.

Nearest Airport

Akola is the nearest airport to Chikhaldara, which is just 150 km away from it. Travellers can easily book cabs or taxis from the airport to Chikhaldara.

Nearest Railway Station

Chandur Bazar Railway Station is just 48.52 km away from Chikhaldara.

Places to Visit in Chikhaldara

If you visit Chikhaldara, don’t miss out on the chance to see these places:

  • Bhimkund

Bhimkund is a famous lake area with a mythological association with lord Bhima who used to bathe in this lake. Therefore, it is named after Bhimkund. The refreshing water flowing is mesmerizing.

  • Melghat Tiger Reserve

Being one of the country’s most famous tiger reserves, Melghat is home to about 82 tigers and other heterogeneous animals like panthers, wild dogs, sloth bears, etc.

  • Gwaligarh Fort

Situated just 2km from the central city, Gwaligarh fort is distinguished because of its architectural uniqueness.

  • Bir Lake

This beautiful lake provides terrific views. It was built back in colonial times.

  • Panchol Point

It is a famous point on the edge of a road with thrilling views of coffee plantations at one side while moving upwards from Bir Lake.

Places to visit near Chikhaldara

There are some fantastic locations around Chikhaldara as well. You must visit the following places in case you visit Chikhaldara.

  • Wardha

Wardha is a famous spot among tourists as this particular construction marks the existence of various empires that ruled in the past.

  • Ajanta

Who wouldn’t be aware of the prolific Ajanta caves? These are just 280 km away from Chikhaldara and are worth being seen.

  • Khandwa

Khandwa is a pretty town situated in the district of East Nimar in Madhya Pradesh state. This place is famous for its serenity and various small temples and kunds. Khandwa is just 165 km from Chikhaldara, and it takes just 3 hours to visit Khandwa.

  • Pandit Nehru Botanical Garden

This famous garden is known for its variety of flora and fauna, which come from various parts of the world. This is famously known as the Company Garden or the Government Garden.

Chikhaldara Weather and Best Time to Visit

Chikhaldara hill station does not experience extreme temperatures and climates. This makes it a perfect destination to travel to any time of the year. However, people prefer to visit Chikhaldara in the summer season to experience cool breeze and rain pours to get relief from the hot weather.

The average summer temperature, particularly from March to June, remains around 37- 17 degrees Celsius.

Talking about the winters, the winters in Chikhaldara are genuinely cold and freezing. The temperature generally falls below 10 degrees Celsius in the winter months of Chikhaldara, which are December and January.

Tips while Visiting Chikhaldara

  • Travellers must visit this place in April, May, June, and July for an ultimate and satisfying experience.
  • Trekking in winter may not be allowed due to risky weather conditions.
  • Booking a taxi from the airport and railway station is the most convenient option to reach Chikhaldara.

Bus Operators Serving to Chikhaldara

There are a number of operators serving in Hyderabad. All the listed bus operators facilitate comfortable bus journeys in the city. Some of the popular bus operators in Hyderabad are:

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