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Ratlam to Indore Train Information

176 kms
02h 15m
Trains During Day
Trains At Night

Weekly Trains from Ratlam to Indore

GIMB INDB EXP (19335) departs every Tuesday from Ratlam at 06:10 and arrives at Indore at 11:05, covering the entire distance in 04 hrs 55 mins.

AII RMM HUMSAFAR (19603) departs every Sunday from Ratlam at 04:50 and arrives at Indore at 06:40, covering the entire distance in 01 hrs 50 mins.

DEE INDB EXPRESS (19338) departs every Tuesday from Ratlam at 07:20 and arrives at Indore at 09:35, covering the entire distance in 02 hrs 15 mins.

LPI INDB HUMSAFR (19315) departs every Monday from Ratlam at 21:40 and arrives at Indore at 01:35, covering the entire distance in 03 hrs 55 mins.

KCVL INDORE EXP (19331) departs every Sunday from Ratlam at 04:15 and arrives at Indore at 08:15, covering the entire distance in 04 hrs 00 mins.

INDORE MAHAMANA (19319) departs every Friday from Ratlam at 01:25 and arrives at Indore at 05:15, covering the entire distance in 03 hrs 50 mins.

INDB MAHAMANA EX (19334) departs every Monday from Ratlam at 07:20 and arrives at Indore at 09:35, covering the entire distance in 02 hrs 15 mins.

Daily Trains from Ratlam to Indore

GNC INDORE EXP (19309) departs daily from Ratlam at 02:00 and arrives at Indore at 06:30, covering the entire distance in 04 hrs 30 mins.

VIRBHUMI COR EXP (19330) departs daily from Ratlam at 04:10 and arrives at Indore at 09:00, covering the entire distance in 04 hrs 50 mins.

AVANTIKA EXP (12961) departs daily from Ratlam at 05:35 and arrives at Indore at 09:15, covering the entire distance in 03 hrs 40 mins.

JP BPL EXP (19711) departs daily from Ratlam at 05:40 and arrives at Indore at 09:59, covering the entire distance in 04 hrs 19 mins.

Online Train Ticket Booking from Ratlam to Indore

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To book a train from Ratlam to Indore, all you need to do is to enter your travel details on the top of the page, choose from the list of trains available, check out the desired train seat availability, and proceed to train ticket booking by entering your details and paying the cost. You can then receive the confirmed tickets shortly. The easy-to-understand and adaptable interface, easy railway ticket booking process, and affordable train fare make redRail a great choice for those looking to book a Ratlam to Indore train.

There are 17 trains running from Ratlam to Indore covering an approximate distance of 176 kms. While some trains run on a daily basis, others run weekly. A large number of travelers choose to reach Indore from Ratlam by train. The first train from Ratlam to Indore is INDORE MAHAMANA (19319), departing at 01:25 from Ratlam Junction (RTM). AII RMM HUMSAFAR (19603) is the fastest among the Ratlam to Indore Trains. It departs from Ratlam Junction (RTM) at 04:50 and arrives at Laxmi Bai Nagar (LMNR) at 06:40, covering the distance in just 01 hrs 50 mins. The last train from Ratlam to Indore is LPI INDB HUMSAFR (19315), departing at 21:40 from Ratlam Junction (RTM). You can get detailed information about Ratlam to Indore train timetable, availability, fare, running status, coach position, and PNR on redRail. 

Ratlam to Indore Train Ticket Price

If you are looking for affordable train tickets to travel from Ratlam to Indore, redRail is the best place to be. You can find numerous train tickets to choose from to suit your budget. The Ratlam to Indore train ticket price varies based on the journey date, the type of coach, and your preference. Passengers can travel from Ratlam to Indore on a desired date at a cost ranging from just ₹145 to ₹1175. The Cheapest price for the journey is ₹145.
Here are the cheapest train ticket prices from Ratlam to Indore for all classes:
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Ratlam to Indore Train Timings

One can find a large number of trains running from Ratlam to Indore. Hence, travelers need not worry about the train seat availability on the Ratlam to Indore route. The total time taken by different trains running from Ratlam to Indore can be different and passengers can choose the train based on their suitability. Boarding a train from Ratlam is extremely comfortable with the presence of various stations.

About Ratlam

Ratlam is a historic city located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It serves as an essential railway junction and a significant transportation hub due to its strategic location. The city’s architectural marvels, like the Kedareshwar Temple and Cactus Garden, showcase a rainbow of cultural diversity and rich heritage. With its bustling markets, delectable cuisine, and warm hospitality, Ratlam offers a glimpse into the heart of India, making it a fascinating stop for travellers exploring this region.

About Indore

A dynamic city in India’s heart, Indore has emerged as a thriving urban centre. Also known as the “Commercial Capital of Madhya Pradesh,” Indore offers a rich blend of tradition and modernity. It is famous for its street food, vibrant markets, and a flourishing business landscape. The city boasts a rich cultural heritage, as evidenced by its historical landmarks like Rajwada Palace and the Glass Temple (Kaanch Mandir). Its welcoming atmosphere and a harmonious mix of cultures make it a must-visit destination in central India.

Major Railway Stations between Ratlam to Indore

You will cross many major railway stations when travelling from Ratlam to Indore by train. You will pass through Nagda Junction, a crucial transit point for travellers. Next, you will get the Khachrod Station, Nagda Junction, and Ujjain Junction. Dewas is another prominent railway station on this route before arriving at Indore.

Popular Places to Visit in Indore

Indore is the largest city in Madhya Pradesh. In fact, post-independence, Indore became the summer capital of Madhya Pradesh. The city is famous for its cultural diversity, culinary delights, and historical landmarks. You can visit the following places when in Indore:

  1. Rajwada Palace: The Rajwada is a seven-storied palace situated near the Chhatris. It was constructed by the Holkars of the Maratha Dynasty. Rajwada is divided into two areas - one part is a temple, and another is a grand palace.
  2. Sarafa Bazaar: A trip to Indore is incomplete without a tickle to one’s taste buds that is offered by the vast culinary delicacies offered by the city. The best place to experience this is the Sarafa Bazaar.
  3. ISKCON: This temple in Indore is a serene place for spiritual seekers and believers of ISKCON, and it hosts regular kirtans and lectures.
  4. Kaanch Mandir (Glass Temple): It is a Jain temple made entirely of glass. Built by Hukumchand Seth in the 20th century, this temple is like no other you have ever visited. The unique architecture and unique style make it a one-of-a-kind place of worship.
  5. Patalpani Waterfall: Situated just over 35 kilometres on the outskirts of Indore, this scenic waterfall is a popular picnic spot and an excellent place for nature enthusiasts.
  6. Lal Bagh Palace: This palace is an architectural marvel with a blend of European, Indian, and Persian styles, it used to be the residence of the Holkar rulers
  7. Central Museum (Indore Museum): It is a must-visit for anyone in Indore. Whether or not you are a history enthusiast, the vast collection of artefacts and sculptures here will turn your head around.
  8. Khajrana Ganesh Temple: One of the most revered temples in Indore, it's dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The temple is known for its peaceful ambiance and intricate architecture.
  9. Kanchi Vaijnath Temple: Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is renowned for its architectural beauty and spiritual significance. It's a peaceful place for devotees and tourists alike.
  10. Annapurna Temple: Dedicated to Goddess Annapurna, this temple is a significant religious site in Indore. The architecture and the spiritual atmosphere make it worth a visit.
  11. Gomatgiri: This temple complex is famous for its 21 feet tall statue of Lord Gomateshwar, a replica of the Bahubali statue in Shravanabelagola.

Best Time to Visit Indore

The best time to visit Indore is during winter, from October to March. The weather is pleasant, making it ideal for outdoor exploration and sightseeing. Summers season, starting from April to June can be scorching. The July to September monsoon season could be manageable but be prepared for heavy rainfall. However, you should book your train early to avoid problems. You can book all your trains on redRail, an IRCTC authorised partner through which you can book train tickets and check schedules through our website and the mobile app.

Connectivity from Indore

Indore is a major transportation hub in Central India. From Indore Junction, travellers can easily catch trains to various parts of the country. The city also has a well-developed road network, and bus services are readily available. Indore is connected to the rest of the country via NH3 – Agra Bombay, NH 59 – Indore Ahmedabad, NH 59A Indore – Betul – Nagpur connecting NH 69.

Nearby Airports

Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport in Indore is the nearest airport for those who prefer air travel. It offers domestic only, making it convenient for domestic travellers. The airport is located 8 kilometres from the city centre. You will find regular flights operated by IndiGo, Akasa Air and Spicejet at the airport on Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi routes.

Nearby Major Stations

Apart from Ratlam, Indore is well-connected to other major cities in Madhya Pradesh by train, such as Bhopal, Gwalior, and Jabalpur, by train. Four other small stations, Rajendra Nagar, Lokmanya Nagar, Saifee Nagar and Lakshmibai Nagar, provide short-distance services to nearby towns and villages.

Bus from Ratlam to Indore

If your train ticket is not confirmed, need not worry. Alternatively, you can travel by bus from Ratlam to Indore through redBus bus booking app. Book now!


How many trains run from Ratlam to Indore?
There are 17 trains that run from Ratlam to Indore route. Some trains run on a daily basis. On the other hand, some trains run weekly and can be booked in advance. You can find the list of available trains when you enter the travel date while looking to book a train from Ratlam to Indore.
How can I book a train from Ratlam to Indore?
You can make an online train ticket booking from Ratlam to Indore by entering the travel details like source, destination, and date of travel. From the list of available trains on the mentioned date, you can choose the most suitable one and check the seat availability. After this, you can continue to pay and wait to receive your train booking confirmation.
How many days in advance can I make a railway reservation?
Advance railway reservation generally opens 120 days before the date of journey. This excludes the date of the journey. So, you can start checking the seat availability during the period of 120 days and make a booking in advance.
What is the maximum number of passengers I can reserve the seats for in a single train ticket booking from Ratlam to Indore?
A maximum of 6 seats can be booked in a single train ticket booking. Also, 2 children who are below 5 years of age are allowed with the ticket, but tickets will not be generated for them. Therefore, if you are booking a Tatkal ticket from Ratlam to Indore, you can reserve seats for a maximum of 4 passengers.
Which documents are required for online railway reservation from Ratlam to Indore?
When making a railway ticket booking, you do not require any special travel documents and only need to fill up the details required. However, during the train journey, you will need to carry valid ID proof such as Aadhar, Voter ID, Driving License, Pan Card, Passport etc..
How many railway stations are there in Ratlam?
There are 1 stations in Ratlam.
How many railway stations are there in Indore?
There are 2 stations in Indore.
How to get the cheapest train tickets from Ratlam to Indore?
redRail offers you the best deal to book the cheapest IRCTC train tickets. Use code: BIGRAIL and get a flat Rs. 150 Off on your first ticket booking.