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Ahmedabad to Surat Train Information

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Online Train Ticket Booking from Ahmedabad to Surat

Looking to book Ahmedabad to Surat trains? Booking a train ticket from Ahmedabad to Surat is now easier than ever on redRail. Whether you want to check the timetable for Ahmedabad to Surat trains or find the train seat availability from Ahmedabad to Surat, redRail is one-stop for all the train enquiries. Ahmedabad to Surat are two of the popular cities in India, and trains are considered as one of the most efficient and convenient ways to travel between these cities.

To book a train from Ahmedabad to Surat, all you need to do is to enter your travel details on the top of the page, choose from the list of trains available, check out the desired train seat availability, and proceed to train ticket booking by paying the cost. You can then receive the confirmed tickets shortly. The easy-to-understand and adaptable interface, easy railway ticket booking process, and affordable train fare make redRail a great choice for those looking to book a Ahmedabad to Surat train.

There are frequent trains between Ahmedabad and Surat. While some trains run on a daily basis, others run weekly. A large number of travelers choose to reach Surat from Ahmedabad by train. You can also find Covid special trains on this route that ensure travel safety. On the other hand, if you are planning to travel during a popular festival, you will likely find a number of festival special trains from Ahmedabad to Surat. You can get detailed information about Ahmedabad to Surat train timetable, availability, train fare, train running status, and PNR on redRail.

Ahmedabad to Surat Train Timings

One can find a large number of trains running from Ahmedabad to Surat. Hence, travelers need not worry about the train seat availability on the Ahmedabad to Surat route. The total time taken by different trains running from Ahmedabad to Surat can be different and passengers can choose the train based on their suitability. Boarding a train from Ahmedabad is extremely comfortable with the presence of various stations.

Ahmedabad to Surat Train Ticket Price

If you are looking for affordable train tickets to travel from Ahmedabad to Surat, redRail is the best place to be. You can find numerous train tickets to choose from to suit your budget. The Ahmedabad to Surat train ticket price varies based on the date of journey, type of coach, and your preference. Passengers can choose from a third AC (3A) coach, a second AC (2A) coach as well as first AC (1A) coach to travel from Ahmedabad to Surat on a desired date as per the budget. redBus makes the Ahmedabad to Surat train ticket booking convenient and secure.

About Surat

Located near the Tapti River, Surat is a famous metropolis in Gujarat. In the past, Surat used to be a major seaport in the country. At present, Surat has grown to be an economic center in Gujarat. Many people recognize Surat because of its diamond industry. Diamonds from all around the world are cut and polished in Surat. Besides its diamond industry, Surat is known for its textile industry in India. Many rely on Ahmedabad to Surat trains to travel to this beautiful city. The distance from Ahmedabad to Surat by train is around 230 km. People from Ahmedabad travel to Surat for commercial, tourism, and family purposes. The Diamond City of India is also among the cleanest cities in the country. In 2020, Surat was the second cleanest city in the country.

You don't have to worry about booking a train ticket to Surat. With redRail, one can quickly check the Ahmedabad to Surat train ticket price and book tickets accordingly. According to a report published by Economic Times, Surat will be the fastest-growing city in the world in the next few years. The city is also in line to become a smart city under the Smart Cities Mission flagship program. The rich history and culture of Surat date back to 1297, during the reign of the Delhi Sultanate. During the Mughal and British eras, Surat remained an essential city for trade, administration, and commerce. Possessing a tropical savanna climate, Surat has beautiful geography. Read on to know more about a train trip to Surat from Ahmedabad.

Places to visit in Surat

Some popular places to visit in Surat are as follows:

  • Dutch Garden

    This garden in Surat gives a glimpse of western-style architecture. In the past, this garden served as a resting place for Dutch and English travelers. Located amidst greenery, you will feel a sense of tranquillity at the Dutch Garden. The Tapti River also flows near the Dutch Garden and offers a scenic view. One can check for train timings between Ahmedabad to Surat and plan a visit to the Dutch Garden.

  • Dumas Beach

    Dumas Beach is the best place in Gujarat to enjoy the beauty of the Arabian Sea. Located 21 km from the main city, Dumas Beach is known for black sand and scenic views. If you believe local stories, this beach is considered paranormal after sunset. However, you don't have to worry about that and can visit the beach during the daytime.

  • Sardar Patel Museum

    The historical building housing the Sardar Patel Museum was constructed in 1622 under Mughal ruler Shah Jahan. The building was used as a guest house in Surat during the British era. Before being made a museum, the building also served to be the governor's residence. By visiting this museum, one can learn about Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's life. Sardar Patel Museum in Surat is open for visitors between 09:30 AM to 05:00 PM daily.

  • Dandi Beach

    Dandi Beach is one of the historical beaches in Gujarat. It is the same place where Mahatma Gandhi started the salt movement during the British era. One can sit near the beach and enjoy scenic views of the Indus River. Dandi Beach is also a preferred picnic spot in Surat for tourists. Many people come to catch the sunset view at Dandi Beach in Surat. Ahmedabad to Surat trains can help you visit many such serene natural spots.

  • Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium

    Many rely on Ahmedabad to Surat trains to visit the Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium. It is a multidisciplinary aquarium that houses more than 100 species of fish. One can find everything from a shark tank to a jellyfish pool at this aquarium in Surat.

Major railway stations in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Railway Station (ADI) is the central railway station in the city. Most of the trains arrive at or depart from ADI only. With redRail, one can find Ahmedabad to Surat trains that stop at ADI. Since ADI is located in the Kalupur area of Ahmedabad, some people call it Kalupur Railway Station. With twelve platforms, ADI has ample space for trains from different locations. From AC and non-AC retiring rooms to parking spaces, ADI has several social facilities.

Apart from ADI, there are many other railway stations in Ahmedabad. However, the frequency of trains will be lower at different railway stations in Ahmedabad. Gandhidham Junction Railway Station (GIMB), Maninagar Railway Station (MAN), Asarva Junction Railway Station (ASV), and Sabarmati Junction Railway Station (SBT). One can check for Ahmedabad to Surat trains from each station on redRail.

Major railway stations in Surat

Surat Railway Station (ST) is a significant transit point located in the heart of the city. 'Ahmedabad to Surat trains' usually have a drop-off point at ST. Since ST is along the Mumbai – Ahmedabad route, it always remains busy. All basic amenities are present at ST for commuters. ST is seamlessly connected with Udhna Railway Station, which is another transit point in the city. A few trains also run from the Kosad Railway Station (KSE), a city satellite station. The city also houses Gothangam Railway Station (GTX) and Sachin Railway Station (SCH). On redRail, you can check for trains to any railway station in Surat.


How many trains run from Ahmedabad to Surat?
There are 108 trains that run from Ahmedabad to Surat route. Some trains run on a daily basis. On the other hand, some trains run weekly and can be booked in advance. You can find the list of available trains when you enter the travel date while looking to book a train from Ahmedabad to Surat.
How can I book a train from Ahmedabad to Surat?
You can make an online train ticket booking from Ahmedabad to Surat by entering the travel details like source, destination, and date of travel. From the list of available trains on the mentioned date, you can choose the most suitable one and check the seat availability. After this, you can continue to pay and wait to receive your train booking confirmation.
How many days in advance can I make a railway reservation?
Advance railway reservation generally opens 120 days before the date of journey. This excludes the date of the journey. So, you can start checking the seat availability during the period of 120 days and make a booking in advance.
What is the maximum number of passengers I can reserve the seats for in a single train ticket booking from Ahmedabad to Surat?
A maximum of 6 seats can be booked in a single train ticket booking. Also, 2 children who are below 5 years of age are allowed with the ticket, but tickets will not be generated for them. Therefore, if you are booking a Tatkal ticket from Ahmedabad to Surat, you can reserve seats for a maximum of 4 passengers.
Which documents are required for online railway reservation from Ahmedabad to Surat?
When making a railway ticket booking, you do not require any special travel documents and only need to fill up the details required. However, during the train journey, you will need to carry valid ID proof such as Aadhar, Voter ID, Driving License, Pan Card, Passport etc..