How it works

Find RideOffer Ride
Activate account.
Request a ride.
Choose from ride.
Pay using points.
  • Open / Download redbus App
  • Go to rPool tab and activate your account
  • Verify your account by your official mail ID
  • Use this account to find / offer ride
50% off on first 5 Rides upto Rs. 25/-
  • Tell us your start point and destination
  • Choose no. of seats, date and time
  • Schedule repeat rides for easy use
Bikepool or Carpool easier by setting recurring rides
  • Choose from a list of verified bike or car owners to pool with
  • Contact your rider without sharing number
  • Track your ride ontime
  • Join the ride from the pickup point
Enjoy secure calls and chats with phone masking
  • Open / Download redbus App
  • Before ride buy points using credit card & Netbanking
  • Auto-debit payments using points, (No variable cost & No cash payment)
  • Rate your rider and save as them as favorite to ride with them again
Ride worry-free with the auto-debit points payment

What is rPool?

rPool is an eco-smart option for handling all your travel needs by connecting you with fellow professional riders. As our cities are growing, increased traffic adds to the chaos and pollution. Hence, we have committed to providing a convenient, economical and sustainable solution to this problem through carpooling and bike pooling.

rPool within your city:

Ridesharing is the best option for socially responsible citizens to commute within the city. Optimizing every ride, rPool makes it easy to find fellow riders on your route and split your commute costs.

rPool outside your city:

Now, carpool/bikepool to destinations outside your city too! We are going the distance for you with outstation ridesharing on rPool.

Safety feature on the go!

With multiple safety features including the rPool Shield, Live Tracking and SOS Button, it is certainly safe to travel outside your city using rPool!

Pay zero commission!

Outstation ridesharing services by rPool are free of cost.

rPool Corporate+, exclusive for Corporates

Say “goodbye” to getting frustrated with traffic and road rage and say “hello” to arriving fresh to work every morning.

rPool Corporate+ is an exclusive bikepool and carpool model for corporates. rPool partners with corporates to provide carpooling and bikepooling as an alternative to existing modes of employee commute. rPool Corporate+ pools employees commuting in the same routes into a single ride, allowing them to travel smarter to work, save on commute costs, and make connections along the way.

How it works?

Every month, the company fills the rPool wallets of all employees who sign up as ride-takers on the rPool app
Employees who have signed up as ride-givers will create their carpool rides on rPool for daily commutes to the office
Based on their routes, the rPool app matches riders who can carpool together to work
On ride completion, the fares are automatically deducted from ride-takers’ rPool wallets, allowing for cash-free transactions


  • Reduced exposure as employees travel to and from work with colleagues
  • Employees enjoy the benefits of ridesharing and arrive fresh to work without having to take public transport
  • Reduced efforts in route optimization and seat planning in other modes of commute
  • Corporates can choose either prepaid or postpaid models
  • Both corporates and employees save money on employee transport and fuel
  • Convenient pickup and drop points for employees

rPool for RWAs

An exclusive model for Gated Communities where we offer Carpooling and Bikepooling as a safer, smarter and reliable mode of commute. Making commute to work more economical and hassle-free for the residents.

How it works?

rPool partners with community Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) to promote ridesharing among residents
RWAs allow rPool to promote ridesharing among the residents by granting permissions for on-ground promotional activities.
RWAs share the promotional communications on society groups and mails
rPool customises offers and incentives exclusively for the RWAs
rPool contributes ₹50 and ₹200 to the RWA fund for each resident verifying as Ride-Giver and Ride-Taker respectively
For every 20 rPool rides happening from/to the society in a month, rPool will contribute ₹500 to the RWA funds (capped to a maximum of ₹2500 per month)


  • Adds to the suite of travel options for residents, enabling safer and cheaper commute to work
  • Corporates can choose either prepaid or postpaid models
  • Employees enjoy the benefits of ridesharing and arrive fresh to work without having to take public transport
  • Both corporates and employees save money on employee transport and fuel
  • Reduced efforts in route optimization and seat planning in other modes of commute
  • Convenient pickup and drop points for employees

Why redBus rPool?

  • Travel Smart with Insurance

    We wish you a safe trip every time. That’s why when you ride on rPool, we cover every trip with insurance
  • Privacy Protected

    Your details are kept safe with us. When you call fellow travellers, the call is routed through the app with phone masking enabled.
  • Save More on every ride

    With rPool you get the best value for rides with opportunities to earn bonus rPool points through great offers
  • Networking on the go

    Create new friendships with your fellow bikepoolers or carpoolers. Connect with various professionals and enjoy networking while on your rides.
  • No Transaction Charges

    We believe in making every ride even more pleasant, therefore enjoy your pool without any transaction charges.

Introducing rPool Points

Load an amount into your rPool Wallet to use for your rides.
Add an amount with a choice of netbanking, credit/debit cards and wallets.
Set your points for auto debit after each ride.
Your points can be redeemed against TMW Card & Amazon Gift Card as well.

Customer Review

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  • Neeraj Tiwari

    rPool is very exciting and interesting to use. It has been a very good experience using rPool.

  • Ajinkya

    It is just awesome. Mostly my travel experience has been amazing.

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What is rPool?

rPool is an online carpool platform that connects Driver(s) (herein after referring to those who offer rides) and Rider(s) (herein after referring to those who are searching for rides). Both parties herein after referred to as “Riders”.

What is carpooling?

Carpooling is a smart way to commute by sharing just one vehicle. A car owner, offers ride and chooses fellow riders who travel along the same route. In addition to being a more affordable way to commute, it also helps the environment by reducing the number of cars on the road and bringing down the pollution.

How is rPool different than other carpooling cab services?

rPool is not a cab service. It is an online carpool platform that connects Driver(s) and Rider(s). rPool caters exclusively to working professionals, who are verified riders.

How does rPool work?

Private car owners desirous of offering a Trip to other professionals traveling on the routes of daily commute will register on the rPool platform and offer rides or invite registered Riders. Alternately, Riders who find Drivers on their route of commute can approach the Driver to ride in their vehicle. In both cases, subject to the approval of the Driver or Rider, both will be paired to ride together. When the offer is mutually accepted, the Users connect with each other through the redBus app. The chat and calls are secure as they don’t reveal the phone number of the Driver or Rider. Once the Trip is completed, the rPool Points agreed for the Trip are credited from the Rider’s rPool Wallet to Driver’s rPool Wallet.

What is rPool Wallet?

rPool Wallet is a wallet provided to each User of the rPool, to seamlessly transact for each Trip provided and availed on redBus App.

What are rPool Points? What can a Rider do with the points received by offering Trips to others?

As a part of your rPool Wallet, rPool Points allow riders to seamlessly transact for rides. Additionally, rPool Points can be redeemed for shopping cards or vouchers as agreed and provided by rPool. Currently, rPool allows redemption of rPool Points. Points can also be donated towards the planting of trees by the MakeMyTrip Foundation.

How does a User benefit from rPool?

Users get to save more on every Trip by splitting the cost between fellow Users while making the best use of a single vehicle. rPool Users also contribute to making the city better by reducing the number of cars and resultantly reducing the pollution. Additionally, as rPool is a carpool exclusively for professionals one can network with fellow Users.

How secure is the platform?

rPool is only open to professionals and we verify users through their corporate email. We ensure that all Users have their privacy protected by routing all calls and chats through our app where the phone numbers are not visible to either party.

What is a Recurring Trip?

A Recurring Trip allows a Driver, to auto-generate their daily commute (home to office and vice versa). This eliminates the need to post rides every day.

Can I alter part of my recurring ride?

rPool allows you cancel a single Trip. If you won’t be available for a few days we recommend stopping the Recurring Ride until your return.

How do I contact rPool ’s support team?

We are always here to help, in case of any issue do email us at for any queries.


How can I register for the service?

Download the redBus App, tap on the rPool tab, next complete and activate your rPool profile to start riding.

Can I register on rPool using my Google / Facebook account?

Yes, you can register using either your Google or Facebook account.

How is the verification done?

We send an email verification to your corporate email ID that you provide us at the time of creation of your profile. You can either enter the 6-digit OTP sent to the email to verify the account or click on the link given in the mail which will automatically verify the account.


How do I offer Trips?

Simply provide us with the details of your vehicle including the registration number, type and make of vehicle along with your driving license details. After submitting these details, you can offer Trips by entering your start and end location. Based on the aforesaid information, you will receive a notification on the app suggesting the Rider(s) seeking a Trip on or along the same route. Accordingly, you may then invite Rider(s) basis your selection.

How do I invite a Rider?

Simply click on the notification and choose from the suggestions provided.

How can I coordinate for the pickup point with the Rider(s)?

The locations of Rider(s) who have accepted the invite are provided on the live tracking map. You can use the group chat to coordinate with them on their pick-up point. You can also directly call them through the app, which ensures your privacy is protected through mobile number masking.

Can I schedule Trips for an entire week?

Yes, you can. Simple select the days and timing for which you would like to offer a Trip. You can also make a Rider a “favourite” to ride with them again.

Whether there is any higher/default pricing fixed for the Trips?

rPool has a cap on the maximum rPool Points that can be charged for each kilometre to be travelled on a given Trip. You may refer the detailed terms and conditions of rPool to know more about point system.

How can I set up points to be charged for a Trip?

A Driver is at liberty to offer a Trip even below the maximum limit per kilometre for each seat. This can be done by changing the default value in the “settings” section. Once selected the fare will be applied for all Trips. They can also customize the fare for each Trip individually.

Should my GPS remain on, while using rPool?

GPS is a required to track each live Trip. It is always advisable to keep your GPS on when using rPool, for the best experience.

Can I reject a Trip request?

Yes, You can.

How do I cancel my Trip?

Go to My Trips, click the Options bar and select Cancel to cancel your Trip.


How do I seek a Trip?

You can find a Trip by simply entering your pick-up and destination details. Once the details have been entered by you, you will be able to see a list of Drivers travelling on the given route. Basis your requirement you may send them an invitation to ride them.

How do I know if someone has invited me for a ride?

When you are chosen as a co-rider you will receive an invitation notification. You may then view the ride and the Driver’s profile before accepting or rejecting the invitation.

How can I organize the pickup point with the Driver?

You can utilize the live tracking page to manage your pick-up point. Kindly note that this is a carpooling service and not a taxi, so choose an amicable pickup point that benefits you without causing any inconvenience to the Driver. You can chat or call securely through the app to co-ordinate with the Driver and other co-riders.

Can I lock down an entire week’s Trip in advance?

Yes. You may choose the days and timing for your Trip. When you are presented with the list of Drivers matching your requirements you can invite them to finalize your Trips for the week.

How do I reserve an extra seat for my friend/family member?

You can modify the number of seats you want at the time of entering details for any given Trip.

Is it necessary for me to check-in after I enter the car for the Trip?

A check-in is both a polite gesture and a mandatory one. By checking-in you acknowledge your presence as a Rider. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation of your Trip.

Will the Driver wait for me at the pickup location?

As it is a Carpool service, we advise that you observe the etiquette and arrive at the pickup point well before the mentioned time. Carpooling is all about mutual respect and it is important to maintain this at all time. However, if for some unforeseen reason you are not able to make it kindly keep the Driver informed.

Do I have to pay any penalty if I cancel the Trip?

No penalty is applicable if the trip is cancelled reasonably in advance. (i.e. not with a short notice). Therefore should you choose to cancel your Trip, please do so as early as possible to avoid causing inconvenience to the Driver or other co-riders.

Should I keep my GPS turned on while using rPool?

It is advisable to keep your GPS on when using rPool, for the best experience. It also helps to track the live Trip.

Can I switch my Driver, if any other Driver has already accepted my request?

Yes, you can switch your Driver after another Driver accepts your request in which case the first Driver’s acceptance will get cancelled. However, we advise that you should avoid changing the Driver.


Who decides the fare for the outstation rides on rPool?

The cost incurred for the ride is shared equally among all riders on rPool. So, the Ride-Giver gets to set the fare upto a maximum of ₹7 per kilometre

How is the payment done on an rPool outstation ride?

On successful completion of a trip, the payment gets deducted from the wallet ride takers’ wallet and get added on the ride giver’s wallet.

Do I need an e-Pass to travel outstation using rPool?

Yes, all local, inter-district and inter-state travel guidelines laid out by the Government needs to be adhered to by all travellers. For routes that require an e-pass, both the ride-givers and the ride-takers have to travel only after applying and receiving a valid e-Pass from the respective authorities.


How is payment handled on rPool?

rPool works on a system of prepaid points called rPool Points. These points are agreed between a Driver and Rider before confirmation of rendering and/or availing of a given Trip. These rPool points will be transferred from the rPool Wallet of the Rider to the rPool Wallet of the Driver after each Trip. This will ensure a hassle and cash free ride.

How do I recharge my account?

You can recharge your account by accessing the rPool Wallet section and choosing the mode of recharge. You can choose between the following options:

  • Net Banking
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Google Pay
  • PayTm

What is the default fare set by rPool?

rPool has a capping on fixation of maximum rPool points for every kilometer to be travelled on a given Trip. The maximum rPool Points that can be charged by a Driver from a Rider for a Hatchback is 5 rPool Points per kilometer, for a Sedan is 5 rPool Points per kilometer, MUV/SUV is 5 rPool Points per kilometer, Premium vehicles is 5 rPool Points per kilometer for a given Trip.

What is the fee for using rPool?

rPool is a free to register and use service. We levy no service charge for using the technology. However, redBus reserves the right to levy the same in future.

What is value of a rPool Point to the Rupee?

1 rPool Point=1 Rupee

When and how do I pay for my Trip?

With every successful Trip, points are automatically transferred from Rider’s rPool Wallet to Driver’s rPool Wallet. We provide both the Driver and Rider with an electronic transaction copy of the Trip.

Whether Driver has a right to change the fare?

Driver has the right to decide the fare for a Trip, but such fare cannot be more than the maximum fare as explained above. Driver cannot charge anything from the Rider over and above the fare already agreed upon.

What about any bonus points received from rPool?

You are not permitted to redeem any bonus points received from rPool. Such points can be used only to make a transaction on

When can I redeem my points ?

You can redeem your points based on your choice. However, you should have minimum balance of 100 rPool Points before redeeming the same.

What is Paytm fuel and how does it work ?

Paytm fuel is a redemption option for the ride givers to put the earned amount in rPool into Paytm fuel wallet. Paytm fuel balance can be viewed on the passbook page on the Paytm app. You can pay for your petrol/diesel top-up into your vehicle at any petrol bunk which accepts paytm and the amount will get debited from paytm fuel automatically.

What is LazyPay - Pay Later and how does it work?

LazyPay is a pay later option for ride takers to seamlessly pay for their rides. You will need to link your LazyPay account in rPool wallet section and mark it as a primary option for payment.You will get 50% Cashback maximum upto Rs. 25 cashback on your first three transactions on rPool app via LazyPay. The same will be deducted from your LazyPay outstanding amount.
Offer is valid for transactions between March 15, 2020 – April 15, 2020 only.


How secure is the system?

All users are required to verify their phone number and official email id for registering with rPool. Aside from this, users can configure their social network profiles, so other users can make informed decisions before connecting. We carry out regular checks on users and invite other users to report any false information by users.

What if do not wish to travel with someone from the past?

You are in control of every Trip. If you choose to not ride with a Driver, you can simply choose to not send an invitation to that Driver. Similarly Driver will have an option of rejecting the invitation of a Rider, if Driver chose not to travel with a particular Rider. Should you feel concerned beyond the rejection, kindly reach out to us at

How can I report abuse against a fellow User?

You can contact us on our emergency line +918071280009 or email us at We take all feedback very seriously and reserve the option to suspend or permanently delete accounts if required.

Will my phone number be seen during the calls?

No, your contact number is hidden through call masking and will not be visible to anyone.

Will my profile visible to everyone on the rPool?

No, your profile is only made visible to Rider who is travelling on a similar route and need carpool services for the said route.

How does rPool ensure security?

All rPool users are verified with contact number and official email id. Also, we use call masking to ensure that your number is hidden both on calls as well as on chats.

Is it mandatory to set my profile photo?

Yes, it’s a mandatory thing to complete your rPool ’s profile and provide an authentic photo. Failure to do so will result in suspension of your account.

Where do I see my transaction history?

You can view your transaction history from your rPool wallet.