Bus From Karkala to Udupi

Karkala to Udupi Bus Timings

Bus OperatorBus TimeFareVia Route
Vishal Tourist06:15RS 42.00Bailoor, Manipal
Vishal Tourist08:45RS 42.00Bailoor, Manipal
Vishal Tourist10:20RS 42.00Bailoor, Manipal
Vishal Tourist13:05RS 42.00Bailoor, Manipal
Vishal Tourist13:30RS 42.00Bailoor, Manipal
Vishal Tourist13:58RS 42.00Bailoor, Manipal
Vishal Tourist15:20RS 42.00Bailoor, Manipal
Vishal Tourist17:35RS 42.00Bailoor, Manipal
Vishal Tourist20:05RS 42.00Bailoor, Manipal


Q: How many buses operate from Karkala to Udupi?
A: There are 9 buses that operate from Karkala to Udupi.
Q: Where can I find the timetable for Karkala to Udupi route?
A: You can view the timetable for Karkala to Udupi route by scrolling up. A detailed timetable with information on the bus operators, bus timings and routes that are taken are displayed above.
Q: Can I book a Karkala to Udupi ticket on redBus?
A: At the moment, you cannot book a Karkala to Udupi ticket through redBus. Tickets are exclusively sold offline, as in, at either a counter or on the bus. You can purchase your ticket from the conductor of the bus that you are traveling in.
Q: How many stops do buses from Karkala to Udupi make?
A: There are a number of stops, or stages, that passengers can use to board the bus. Scroll up to know more.

Karkala to Udupi Bus

Boarding a bus has never been this convenient. We all know that private buses rarely stop at locations apart from the pre-determined boarding points within the city, rest stops, or at the drop-off locations. Thanks to stage carriages, people traveling from Karkala to Udupi do not have to travel over long distances to board a bus. They can board the bus from any of the different stages that have been set by the bus operator. For instance, the first bus going from Karkala to Udupi departs at 06:15 and makes a stop at Bailoor, Manipal and many more such stages before finally reaching Udupi. Visit the official website of redBus today to know more about buses departing from Karkala to Udupi. redBus has set the bar quite high when it comes to offering convenient, safe, and luxurious travel arrangements throughout the country by booking a bus ticket through redBus.

Karkala to Udupi Bus Service

Number of Buses





RS 42.00

Karkala to Udupi Bus Distance



39.7 kms

Time Taken


01 hrs 05 mins

Via Routes


Bailoor, Manipal

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