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18 Seater Tempo Traveller Booking in Hyderabad

Ruled by the Qutub Shahis, the city has a history of nearly 400 years. Rich in its culture and tradition, Hyderabad is one of the leading tourism centres in the country. Also listed as UNESCO creative city of gastronomy, this city welcomes its tourists as well as locals to its delicious cuisines and dishes. Home to one of the biggest producer of motion pictures in the country, the Telugu film industry, this city has a little bit of everything to offer. Planning a trip soon? Rent 18 Seater Force Tempo Traveller in Hyderabad and zoom into this magnum opus city with joy.

Renting A 18 Seater Tempo Traveller in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the 5th largest city and is one of the leading commercial hubs in India. Given its sheer size and the population, driving around Hyderabad can be quite tiresome. When you are travelling in any city, the last thing you need is to navigate through the city’s busty streets and congested traffic. Rent an 18 seater tempo traveller in Hyderabad rather. An 18 seater tempo traveller is a spacious vehicle in which you can travel with your friends and family comfortably. Hiring/renting a tempo traveller is a great way to travel in the city of Hyderabad.

Benefits of Travelling By A Tempo Traveller in Hyderabad vs. By A Private Car

  • • There are various benefits of travelling by an 18 seater Force tempo traveller in Hyderabad versus a private car. Here are some of them:

  • • You don't need to hire multiple cars to travel in. Booking one 18 seater Force tempo traveller in Hyderabad will do the job.

  • • There is no need for co-ordination and management, as everyone will travel in one vehicle as opposed to multiple cars.

  • • You can book an 18 seater tempo traveller in Hyderabad for any type of occasions. Whether it's a wedding party or a business tour, tempo travellers are available for all types of requirements.

  • • It's a relaxed and comfortable way to travel as you can use the aisle area to stretch your legs or even nap in the tempo traveller without disturbing anyone.

  • • Once you rent/hire an 18 seater tempo traveller in Hyderabad, it's booked privately only for you so you can take as many halts as you require. If you are in multiple cars, you will need to coordinate for every halt and every stop.

  • • If you are in a group of 15 or more, renting an 18 seater Force tempo traveller is a much more economical option.

Benefits Of Hiring A Tempo Traveller Online With redBus

There are a host of benefits of hiring an 18 seater tempo traveller in Hyderabad online with redBus. Some of them are:

  • • Hassle-Free Online Booking

  • • No Requirement to run to a physical booking office

  • • Access to the best tempo traveller operator inventory while booking

  • • Choice of vehicle while booking

  • • Access to a driver while booking an 18 seater tempo traveller in Hyderabad

  • • All bookings can be done online on the app and website

Types And Pricing Details for 18 Seater Tempo Traveller In Hyderabad

18 Seater Tempo Traveller Air Conditioned Non Air Conditioned
Price per km INR 23 INR 26
Minimum kms 300 kms 300 kms
Driver Charges INR 500 INR 500
Number of Operators 4 4

Safety+ with Bus Hire

The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown several industries into turmoil with multiple lockdowns happening and being enforced through many parts of India. With lockdown orders and inter and intrastate movement getting relaxed, people are looking at hiring buses for several reasons. From returning to their loved ones back home or getting back to their workplaces, people are slowly moving towards a sense of normality when it comes to travel. And with such booking requests coming in, redBus would like to shed some light on some of the safety measures that bus service providers follow before and after every booking:

  • Mandatory use of Masks: Passengers and staff are not permitted to enter the bus without using a protective mask. The bus staff and passengers are encouraged to keep their masks at all times during their journey.
  • Deep cleaning: Buses are subjected to a series of deep cleaning procedures to ensure that every vehicle (Tempo, bus, etc.) is disinfected after every trip.
  • Temperature Checks: Along with the passengers, every staff member on board undergoes regular temperature checks. The bus staff is checked periodically before every trip as well.
  • Blankets and Linens: Passengers are advised to carry their blankets and linens as the bus service provider would not provide the same to minimize the spread of COVID-19.
  • Hand Sanitizers: Every vehicle that's available for hire through redBus comes equipped with hand sanitizers.
  • Advisories: Along with several notifications that redBus provides its passengers to ensure that they are kept safe, passengers are also requested to stay at home if they exhibit any symptom associated with coronavirus.

The pandemic is something new that we might not have experienced before. And it doesn't look like that pandemic is going to go away anytime soon. You can ensure that you stay safe while also keeping your neighbors' safety in mind. You can even clicking here to find out about the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) status, precautions to follow, important state helpline numbers, and make sure you read about Safety+ and more with redBus.

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Hyderabad 18 Seater Tempo Traveller Types & Prices

18 Seater Tempo Traveller
Non AC
    • Price Per Km
    • Minimum Km
    • Driver Charges
    • Number of Operators
    • Rs. 26
    • 300   Km
    • Rs. 500
    • 4
    • Rs. 23
    • 300  Km
    • Rs. 500
    • 4


Does redBus hire only have tempo travellers for hire and rent?
redBus is an online platform that has a range of vehicles that you can rent, including tempo travellers. Depending on which city you are booking from, the availability of these vehicles might vary.
I am looking to book multiple tempo travellers in Hyderabad for my daughter’s wedding. Is that possible on redBus?
Yes, you can book multiple tempo travellers on redBus. There is no restriction in terms of occasions.
Can I pay by cash while booking the tempo traveller?
redBus is an online platform where all bookings are done. Most of the tempo traveller operators need a 50% payment to confirm the booking. This payment is done on the app or website, so cash payment will not work in this case.
Can I rent 18 seater tempo traveller in Hyderabad for outstation travel from the city?
Yes, you can rent 18 seater tempo traveller in Hyderabad for any intra-city or even inter-city travel. You need to share the details of your entire trip while booking so that the tempo traveller is allotted to you likewise.
I am travelling to Hyderabad next month and need a tempo traveller while travelling within the city. Can I do the booking now?
Yes, you can book your tempo traveller at any point in time. Make sure that you share the correct details of the dates of your travel while booking so that the vehicle is secured for those dates.
Are there different amenities in an air-conditioned tempo traveller and a non-air conditioned tempo traveller?
No, there is no difference in the services that are offered between these two types of tempo travellers. The only difference is the air-conditioning requirement.
Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
Please email us at