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Safety Plus
Safety Plus
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When you think of a city with several ancient heritages and tourist attractions to explore, Hyderabad is one of the cities you might think of. This South Indian city has numerous tourist spots and recreational options that you must try visiting the city at least once in your life. But to make the most of your vacation in Hyderabad, you need a comfortable vehicle and a spacious one too if you are travelling in a medium or large group. With redBus Bus Hire service, you can easily hire/rent a tempo traveller in Hyderabad at a pocket-friendly cost.

Tempo travellers are minibuses that are an amazing option if you are travelling in a medium or large-sized group. These tempo travellers are available in multiple seating capacities and can comfortably accommodate a group of 12 to 16 people along with their luggage. Imagine going on a picnic to the Golconda Fort and having to travel in different cars or public transport. The first disadvantage is that you do not get to travel together with your group. Second, if you are using public transport, assembling everyone and changing transports multiple times become a hassle. Third, even if you use your own cars, you have to utilize multiple parking spaces and continuously coordinate with your group in the other car. One solution for all these problems is to hire/rent a tempo traveller in Hyderabad.

Hire a Tempo Traveller in Hyderabad With redBus

redBus has easy Bus Hire service that makes hiring/renting a tempo traveller much easier. No more running to your nearest travel agent to scout for the perfect mode of transport for your group outing. With redBus, this task is managed at home with a click of a button. The booking process is easy with a transparent billing procedure and no advance booking charges. You will find complete relaxation in these well-maintained tempo travellers with comfortable seating and separate luggage section. Not to forget our friendly and helpful drivers that not only know the ways around the city but also allow you to make multiple stops if needed without any extra charge.

Whether it’s a family trip or a planned office outing with your colleagues, redBus has several tempo traveller options to choose from. redBus has different varieties of tempo travellers in Hyderabad manufactured by Mercedes Benz, Mahindra, Eicher and many more at different price ranges. So, whether you want a luxury tempo traveller or non-luxury tempo traveller, redBus has an option for everyone. Comfort being of utmost importance, the tempo travellers have ample leg space, and all the seats have high back, pushback and recliner options. Apart from these basic necessities, you also get luggage compartment, charging points near your seats, blankets, water bottles, reading light, television, and other amenities.

Various Tempo Traveller Seating Capacities in Hyderabad

With a variety of tempo traveller seating arrangements, you can hire/rent the best fit for your group. To make your task of choosing easier, here are the options of different seating capacities.

Things to know about Renting a Tempo Traveller in Hyderabad

redBus provides you with excellent tempo traveller services in the Hyderabad city. You can book a tempo traveller in Hyderabad to tour around the city with family/friends. One can easily compare the prices of various service providers via redBus mobile application and can also book a tempo traveller with preferred amenities. You can book a tempo traveller in Hyderabad for attending any meeting, get-together, etc. while travelling in groups. Renting a tempo traveller is cost-efficient too.

A tempo traveller on rent is a perfect vehicle for travelling in a group. You do not have to waste your time lurking for public transport and can stop at whichever place you like. You can choose from various types of tempo traveller in Hyderabad on rent via redBus. redBus has recently launched a Safety+ feature under which safety measures against the COVID-19 outbreak are taken. The preventive measures taken by redBus include the following:

  • Staff members are equipped with masks at all times
  • Hand sanitisers are provided in the vehicle
  • Temperature checking facility to avoid any infection before boarding the vehicle
  • Blankets/linens are not provided by the operator to avoid infection. Passengers can bring their blankets though

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while touring around the Hyderabad city using a tempo traveller.

  • Make sure you inspect the tempo traveller on rent before starting your journey and notify the operator in case of any negligence or irregularity beforehand.
  • The winters of Hyderabad are pleasant, and the temperature remains around 20 degrees, so pack your clothes accordingly. Don’t forget to wear a mask and always carry a hand sanitiser with you. 
  • You can see the images of the vehicle before renting and can also contact the operator in case of any queries via the quotes received from redBus. You need to find the most suitable operator for your travel needs, that also meets your budget. redBus has plenty of tempo traveller on rent options from some of the most reliable operators in the city.
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Tempo Traveller Types and prices

Bus TypeMake/Brand/CapacityPrice/KM
12 Seater TT in Hyderabad12 Seater Force Motors AC (2+1)Rs. 19
15 Seater TT in Hyderabad16 Seater Eicher AC (2+1)Rs. 30
18 Seater TT in Hyderabad17 Seater Force Motors Non AC (2+1)Rs. 23


Why Hire/Rent redBus Tempo Traveller in Hyderabad?
  • • redBus has multiple options in both luxury and non-luxury tempo travellers for all types of customers.

  • • All the vehicle images are available online, making it easy for you to choose a tempo traveller of your choice.

  • • redBus doesn’t have any hidden costs, and there is a zero-booking charge.

  • • The drivers at redBus are trustworthy and reliable.

  • • redBus makes it easy for you to book your tempo traveller online without having to visit multiple agents.

Do I Have to Pay Advance Booking Amount?
redBus has a zero-booking charge, and you directly pay the tempo operator on the day of travel. Payment methods vary from operator to operator. However, you’ll be asked to pay at least 50% in advance to secure your booking and the remaining amount on the completion of your trip.
Can I Choose My Tempo Traveller?
redBus displays all the tempo traveller options online for easy viewing to the customers. This display consists of tempo traveller details along with images for easy selection. You can check and select the tempo traveller of your choice from the many options.
How Much Does Tempo Traveller Service Cost?
  • • Varies from operator to operator.

  • • Varies according to the number of seats.

How Do I Choose a Tempo Traveller Operator?
redBus provides you with the details of all the available operators along with a complete quotation. Once you are fine with the tempo traveller, the operator and the quotation, you can book the service.
How are the Kilometers calculated?
In case of outstation trips, Kilometers are calculated basis the return trip distance between the source and destination.Any extra kilometers which are used within the city and the distance from the Garage are not calculated.
Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
Please email us at
What type of tempo travellers are provided in Hyderabad via redBus?
redBus provides many types of tempo travellers including luxury and basic tempo travellers. You can choose from different tempo travellers which have different seating capacities. One can choose from various tempo travellers manufactured by Mercedes Benz, Mahindra, Eicher, etc. via redBus.
What is the vehicle tracking system provided by redBus?
You can access the vehicle tracking system via the redBus mobile application. It gives you the exact location of your vehicle throughout your journey and helps in navigating to different places. You can also get a driver via redBus for your rented tempo traveller who knows about the routes in Hyderabad city.
What is the average per KM rate of tempo traveller on rent in Hyderabad?
The price depends on the operator and the type of tempo traveller rented. The average per KM price of a 12-seater Force tempo traveller in Hyderabad is around INR 17 & that of a 16-seater Eicher tempo traveller (AC) is INR 30. One can see the average per KM price of tempo traveller on rent in Hyderabad of different service providers via redBus.
What are the payment options on redBus for renting a tempo traveller?
The payment system of redBus is secured via the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technique. You can pay via debit/credit cards, internet banking, or e-wallets. You will receive the confirmation of your booking on your contact information provided after you have done the payment.
Can I contact the service provider before booking a tempo traveller on rent in Hyderabad?
Yes, you can look at the vehicle images and can also find the contact number of the service provider via redBus. You can consult the operator in case of any query. redBus always aims at providing genuine and reliable services to its users.