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Tempo Traveller Booking on redBus

Travelling within the city, especially in an Indian metro, is nothing short of harrowing for those who use their own cars daily. For most cities like Bengaluru and Chennai, road travel is often the only way to get from one spot to another. You could be commuting within the city, or trying to get out of the city limits for a trip or meeting. Sitting for hours in your car with hardly any room to stretch your legs – it’s such a waste of time and energy! So why not hire a tempo traveller and commute in complete comfort?

What is a tempo traveller?

A tempo traveller is a luxury bus that may seat any number of people from 12 to 30. They feature spacious reclining seats with ample leg space, and a large boot to store luggage. The best tempo travellers also feature an on-board entertainment system, PA (Public Address) system, emergency exit and safety kit.

Why rent a tempo traveller?

Renting/hiring a Tempo Traveller is a great travelling option for groups of people ranging from 9 to 15. The tempo traveller is the perfect solution to both long and short distance travel. Every person usually seeks comfort and ample leg space while travelling, especially over long distances. With a tempo traveller, you do not feel the fatigue of a long journey because you are comfortably seated and have enough space to stretch your legs even when seated.

Hire/rent a traveller whenever you want

Tempo traveller service providers do not concern themselves with why you require the vehicle. If the occasion warrants it and you must rent/hire a tempo traveller in your city, just go ahead and book one. The following are some occasions to book a tempo traveller:

  • Corporate Tours
  • Marriage
  • Pilgrimage
  • Holiday
  • Picnic
  • Excursion
  • Weekend Getaway

Which tempo traveller should you hire?

The best part about riding a tempo traveller is that you can maintain your personal space in a luxurious vehicle. At redBus, we offer state-of-the-art Bajaj or Force tempo travellers. You can choose between Ac or Non-Ac tempo travellers for these two brands. Both are ideal large vehicles for short or long distance excursions or any other tours. Be assured of safety and comfort during the journey, since all vehicles are well-examined before being sent to customers.

At redBus, we offer a fleet of AC and Non Ac tempo travellers manufactured by Force, Bajaj and Tata Winger Tempo Traveller which are operated by travel agencies across India.

What are the various tempo traveller seating capacities?

At redBus, we offer tempo traveller bookings for vehicles with different seating capacities. You can book various types of tempo travellers like 9+D, 12+D, 13+D, 14+D, 15+D, 17+D, 19+D and 20+D (D represents ‘driver’). Choose a listed tempo traveller service with a suitable seating capacity and book it online.

What about the driver?

At redBus, we believe in providing our customers with a safe and happy journey. This starts with assigning a reliable, experienced and friendly driver with your bus. Rest assured about the driver’s credentials and punctuality when you hire/rent a tempo traveller with us.

Other add-ons

Apart from friendly drivers there are other things that are taken care of while you hire/rent a tempo traveller. The services on offer change from one tempo traveller to another, depending on the seater capacity and type of tempo traveller. Book a tempo traveller and experience the following services ensuring a comfortable journey:

  • Push Back Seats
  • Neat and Clean Seat Covers
  • First Aid Box
  • LED Television (optional)
  • Music Player (optional)
  • Good Luggage Space

redBus is in your city!

Rent/hire a tempo traveller as per your requirement, please note that hiring option is available in 7 cities as follows:

  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Pune
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Delhi
  • Ahmedabad
Key Features
Access to leading vehicle providers in your city.
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Transparent all inclusive pricing.No hidden cost.

Tempo Traveller Types & Prices



12 Seater Force Motors AC (2+1)

Siddaganga Travels



13 Seater SML AC (2+1)

Anand Enterprises



13 Seater Force Motors AC (2+1)

Amruta Travels



17 Seater Force Motors AC /Non AC (2+1)

Ranjit Travels



What is redBus hire?

redBus hire helps you hire a bus from the best bus operators in your city.

How does it work?

We ask you a few simple questions regarding your trip. We work with the best operators in your city to get you detailed quotations, so that you get the best deal.

Which cities are you operational in?

We are currently operational in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Ahmedabad.

Whayt are the payment terms?

Payment terms vary from operator to operator. Usually, operators ask for a 50% advance to confirm the booking and balance 50% at the start of the journey

What happens if the bus breaks down?

Since we work with the best operators, the buses are usually reliable. In case of a breakdown, it is the bus operators responsibility to replace the vehicle during the journey

How are the Kilometers calculated?

In case of outstation trips, Kilometers are calculated basis the return trip distance between the source and destination.Any extra kilometers which are used within the city and the distance from the Garage are not calculated.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Please email us at