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Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, people living in Mumbai have to maintain their lifestyle, and sometimes there is a requirement for luxury cars. Many operators provide luxury car rental in Mumbai. One cannot buy a luxury car if he/she requires it for any particular day or event. redBus, the world’s largest platform for online bus ticket booking, also provides car rentals service via its mobile application/website. They offer many vehicles on rentals like luxury cars, tempo traveller, minibus, etc. One can easily rent luxury cars in Mumbai at a reasonable price via redBus. Let us see more details about luxury car rental Mumbai via redBus.

Unlock Guidelines for Luxury Car Rental Mumbai

Mumbai is known for its affluence, and sometimes, people need to travel in style. During this unlocking stage, luxury car rental in Mumbai is available for lavish family trips or business trips. These luxury cars are available with drivers on redBus Bus Hire and can be rented for long/short journeys. Following are some points that you must remember before booking a car on redBus - 

  • As there is no complete lockdown and travel within the city and the state is allowed, people can book a luxury car rental in Mumbai for family trips or functions like weddings and festivals.

  • Occupancy restrictions of up to 70% inter-district and 50% interstate are present. You can rent a car to go to the office or small gatherings within the city, as long as you are taking all precautions. 

  • Luxury car rental in Mumbai on redBus adheres to all COVID-19 protocols. Cars are regularly cleaned with disinfectants. These luxury vehicles are sanitized before travel, making the journey safer. 

  • Every car is equipped with hand sanitizers, and routine temperature checks are conducted on drivers. The temperature of passengers is also checked before starting the trip. 

  • Some states require an ePass to enter. If you use the car rental service in Mumbai for inter-state travel, make sure to check the requirements beforehand.

  • There is no curfew in Mumbai, and these luxury cars can be rented to travel to Khandala, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala and Pune. 

Luxury Car Rentals in Mumbai

The people of Mumbai have an affluent lifestyle and culture. Car rentals in Mumbai is a usual process as people tend to rent a luxury car for an event rather than buying one or compromising one’s interests. People rent luxury cars in Mumbai for many reasons like wedding anniversary nights, wedding purposes, corporate rentals, award shows, etc. A lot of companies tend to rent luxury cars on rent for high profile clients or senior professionals as it will give out a good image of the company.

Renting a luxury car is much better than renting a bus or tempo as the services and comfort in a luxury car are much better. Your public image will also not be tarnished if you are renting a luxury car. The price of luxury car rental Mumbai is also affordable from trusted sources like redBus.

Why Rent a Luxury Car in Mumbai?

Mumbai has a lot of marriage halls and party centres which are high profile locations. To get a lasting experience in a luxury car, you can rent a luxury car via redBus. redBus has been in the conveyance field for a long time now, and it uses its network to provide you with the best service providers for luxury car rental Mumbai.

Besides booking a luxury car for weddings in Mumbai and corporate purposes, luxury cars in Mumbai are rented for celebrity pickups, award shows, touring the city, etc. Mumbai city is filled with celebrities as it is home to the Bollywood industry of India.

Key Points to Remember about Luxury Car Hire in Mumbai

The sparkling city of India, Mumbai, welcomes with its arms wide open people from all walks of life! This city of dreams was previously known as Bombay and is sure to create tons of memories for everyone. From quintessential monuments to dazzling pubs, gourmet foods to lip-smacking street food, Mumbai has something to offer for everyone.

For those who wish to experience the opulence and opt for luxury car rental in Mumbai, here are few pointers to pay attention to:

  • Car rentals are a standard part of lifestyle and process for people in Mumbai, and the demand for luxury cars is incredibly high, thanks to the opulent living style of the people in Mumbai.
  • One can use luxury car rental Mumbai for weddings, parties, award shows, celebrities, and corporate purposes.
  • People can also save a considerable chunk of money when renting luxury cars rather than buying one. There are also facilities for self drive luxury car rental Mumbai available.
  • Luxury car rental Mumbai is also highly favored by corporate for senior professionals and sophisticated clients as it elevates their corporate profile.
  • Tourists can also choose to go renting luxury cars than renting an average car or bus to experience the life of Mumbai in an affluent way.
  • redBus helps in booking luxury cars in Mumbai at pocket-friendly prices at the tap of a finger via smartphones.
  • Luxury cars can be booked in advance through the redBus official website or application with facilities to compare prices among various operators.

How to Rent a Luxury Car with redBus?

The process of making a luxury car rental in Mumbai via redBus is as follows:

  • Open the redBus mobile application or visit the redBus official website and click on the ‘Bus Hire’ option visible on the interface.
  • Enter your details in the ‘City of Hire’ section and your exact location of rental in the city in the ‘Starting Point’ section. Also, enter your details in the ‘Destination’ section. One can choose for a local destination or any outstation destination on redBus. After entering these details, click on the ‘Hire’ button.
  • You will have to enter your travel details on the next page like the date and time of renting and returning the vehicle, the number of passengers, etc. You are asked about whether you are travelling to multiple cities or not. You can also feed any additional request like the type of luxury car wanted on this page only. If you're going to rent the vehicle for a return trip as well, you can select the same on this page. Once you have entered all the details on this page, click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Enter your contact information on the next page like your mobile number, e-mail id, etc. and click on ‘View Vehicles’.
  • You will have to verify your entered mobile number via the OTP received. Once you confirm your contact information, a complete list of luxury cars available for rental on your entered date will be shown to you. You will also receive quotations based on your entered trip details on your mail of different service providers. Choose any luxury car of your choice and move to the payment section.
  • You will have to pay half of the total price of a rental in advance. Once you complete the payment, your luxury car rental on the desired date & time will be confirmed, and you will receive necessary details on your provided contact information. The rest of the payment of luxury car rental can be made at the time of the commencement of your trip.

Advantages of Renting a Luxury Car with redBus

The advantages of renting a luxury car via redBus are as follows:

  • You will get to know the self-drive luxury car rental Mumbai price in advance. You can also compare the luxury car rental Mumbai price of different operators in Mumbai and can choose the suitable one.
  • redBus is a trusted platform, and you will get the best prices on redBus. redBus does not believe in implementing unnecessary charges on its users.
  • You will only find genuine operators on redBus.
  • The customer support team of redBus is excellent and you can rate your service provider after completion of your trip and can give your honest feedback.
  • There is no need to go to the offices of different service providers for renting a car in Mumbai. You can easily book self-drive luxury car rental Mumbai from your smartphone via the redBus mobile application/website.

You can hire a bus from redBus online
following these steps:

  •  Go to the redBus portal and enter 'City of Hire,''Starting Point' & 'Destination'

  •  Click search

  •  redBus will bring the best operators at
    affordable prices

  •  Select the bus operator and confirm the

Benefits of Booking A Bus Online

When you book online, the following benefits are offered:

  • Inventory - Access to leading vehicle providers in the city

  • Zero booking fee - Transparent booking. No hidden fee

  • Choose vehicle - Check vehicle images before making any choice

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Excellent driver. helping, understanding, respecting, dedicated. Arrived on time for pickup, safe driving. Truly impressed.
Traveled to Mumbai on 2021-02-05with 6 People for a holiday
The driver was calm, punctual and was accurate in navigation.
Traveled to Mumbai on 2020-11-28with 6 People for a holiday


Frequently Asked Questions

redBus Bus Hire is an online bus renting/hiring platform.

redBus provides the best options when it comes to travelling. Customer requirements and needs are our priority.

redBus has marked its presence globally in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Columbia, and Peru, originating from India.

All of the buses listed on redBus are extremely reliable. In the event of a bus breaking down mid-journey, it is the responsibility of the bus operators to replace the vehicle during the journey.

Since we work with the best operators, the buses are usually reliable. In case of a breakdown, it is the bus operators responsibility to replace the vehicle during the journey

In case of outstation trips, Kilometers are calculated basis the return trip distance between the source and destination.Any extra kilometers which are used within the city and the distance from the Garage are not calculated.

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Yes, redBus allows you to book a luxury car on rent in Mumbai for a local or an outstation trip. You can rent a luxury car in Mumbai for a long journey and multiple days easily.

Some of the popular luxury cars booked on rent in Mumbai include Ford Endeavour, Mercedes, BMW 5 Series, Jaguar XF, etc. You can checkout numerous other types of luxury cars on rent in Mumbai via redBus.

Yes, redBus allows its users to book a self-drive luxury car or a luxury car with a driver. The price of luxury car rental in Mumbai with/without a driver will be conveyed to you via redBus in advance.

redBus doesn’t own any cars and usually do not advertise itself on the body of the car. The luxury car rented via redBus will be solely dedicated to your rental purpose.

Yes, redBus conducts temperature checks before handing you the vehicle due to the current COVID scenario. redBus also ensures that the luxury car on rent is thoroughly sanitised before handing it over to you.