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Bus Images

Hire 4 Seater Maruti Suzuki A/C Bus in Mumbai
Hire 4 Seater Maruti Suzuki A/C Bus in Mumbai
4 Seater Maruti Suzuki
Starting from:
City Mumbai
Driver Bata ₹300/day
Local packages starting form
4 Hours 40 Kms :800/-
Fuel Included
Charging Point
Back Compartment Storage
Music System
Booked 10 times last month
Hire 6 Seater Toyota Innova A/C Bus in Mumbai
Hire 6 Seater Toyota Innova A/C Bus in Mumbai
6 Seater Toyota Innova (1+2+3)
Starting from:
City Mumbai
Driver Bata ₹300/day
Local packages starting form
4 Hours 40 Kms :2500/-
Fuel Included
Charging Point
Back Compartment Storage
Music System
Hire 4 Seater Maruti Suzuki A/C Bus in Pune
Hire 4 Seater Maruti Suzuki A/C Bus in Pune
4 Seater Maruti Suzuki
Starting from:
City Pune
Driver Bata ₹200/day
Local packages starting form
4 Hours 40 Kms :1320/-
Fuel Included
Charging Point
Music System
Reading Light& 1 more

COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

Karnataka Lockdown Guidelines​

Last Updated on 
3rd August 2021
Guidelines Validity​
​Complete Lockdown​
​Relaxation timings ​
​(Section 144) Active​
​Restriction within interstate travel
​Interstate - Epass Required for interstate movement​
​Restriction within intrastate travel​
​Restriction within Local city travel​
​RTPCR Negative Test required to enter the state​
RTPCR Negative Test report required to travel Outstation​
​​Yes ( only inter state movement )​
​Occupancy restriction​
​100% Inter district -Upto 70% Inter state​
​Tourist Destinations​
​E-Pass required to travel​
​Entry to the Specific States which are Not Allowed from the above source​
E-Pass is Required for interstate movement RTPCR mandatory to 
travel to Ooty while passengers from MH / Kerala had to produce 
RTPCR reportdestination State guideline to be followed
​E-Pass Link​

Car Rentals

Car rental services are a convenient way to get around without using your vehicle or resorting to public transport. With a car rental, you can explore a city, take a much-needed road trip and make spontaneous getaways possible. Gone are the days when owning a car was a necessity. Today, choosing a car hire gives you all the mobility and privacy you need, without digging deep into your pockets.

Bus Hire is now Ryde! 

To help our customers connect better with our products and services, Bus Hire is now Ryde! Offering tempo traveller rentals, buses for rent, car rentals and more, join us on this journey as you explore the plethora of rental options available that best suit your travel needs!

Safety+ with Bus Hire

Bus Image
Your safety is our utmost Priority
Bus Image
Hand Sanitizers
in all vehicles
Bus Image
Masks worn by
all staff
Bus Image
Deep cleaning
of vehicles
Bus Image
No Blankets /
Linen provided
Bus Image
Regular staff body
temperature checks
Safety Plus
Safety Plus
Safety Plus
Safety Plus

The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown several industries into turmoil with multiple lockdowns happening and being enforced through many parts of India. With lockdown orders and inter and intrastate movement getting relaxed, people are looking at hiring buses for several reasons. From returning to their loved ones back home or getting back to their workplaces, people are slowly moving towards a sense of normality when it comes to travel. And with such booking requests coming in, redBus would like to shed some light on some of the safety measures that bus service providers follow before and after every booking:

Mandatory use of Masks: Passengers and staff are not permitted to enter the bus without using a protective mask. The bus staff and passengers are encouraged to keep their masks at all times during their journey.

Deep cleaning: Buses are subjected to a series of deep cleaning procedures to ensure that every vehicle (Tempo, bus, etc.) is disinfected after every trip.

Temperature Checks: Along with the passengers, every staff member on board undergoes regular temperature checks. The bus staff is checked periodically before every trip as well.

Blankets and Linens: Passengers are advised to carry their blankets and linens as the bus service provider would not provide the same to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Hand Sanitizers: Every vehicle that's available for hire through redBus comes equipped with hand sanitisers.

Advisories: Along with several notifications that redBus provides its passengers to ensure that they are kept safe, passengers are also requested to stay at home if they exhibit any symptom associated with coronavirus.

The pandemic is something new that we might not have experienced before. And it doesn't look like that pandemic is going to go away anytime soon. You can ensure that you stay safe while also keeping your neighbours' safety in mind. You can even click here to find out about the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) status, precautions to follow, important state helpline numbers, and make sure you read about Safety+ and more with redBus.

Unlock Guidelines for Car Rental in India

COVID-19 restrictions are relaxing in several places around India. It means that travel is becoming easier. To ensure complete safety, you can rent cars that are sanitized and well maintained. Car rental service is available on redBus, and you can book it while following all the pandemic related guidelines. Following are some unlocking guidelines that you need to remember while booking a car rental on redBus - 

  • Luxury cars are available for car rental in several cities around India. People travelling across states may have to submit the RT-PCR test report. Tourists should refer to the guidelines for specific locations and adhere to them while travelling. 

  • For travel via car within the state, double vaccine shots might be necessary. The protocols change from state to state, and it is important to check them before renting a car. 

  • A temperature check is conducted for all passengers and the driver before the start of the journey.

  • All cars available on redBus can only be rented if all safety protocols are maintained. redBus provides cars with skilled drivers who follow all guidelines during the journey.  

  • Passengers are also encouraged to use the sanitisers available in the vehicle. Drivers and passengers have to wear masks while travelling. 

  • In this unlock phase, cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Madurai and Visakhapatnam have opened tourist destinations. You can rent cars from redBus for road trips, pilgrimages, and family programs. Car rental service is also available for inter-state business trips.  

  • In several cities, public transport is still functioning at a limited capacity. Opting for a car rental service is a better option as it is safer. Groups of 4, 5 or 7 people can rent a car for travel.

Key Points to Remember about Car Rental

Car rental services provide you with the perfect opportunity to enjoy spontaneous getaways without having to worry about the timings of any public transportation vehicles. Choosing a self drive car rental service or even a Ryde car rental with the driver will allow you to have a flexible travel plan and the privacy you and your family would require!

A few key points you need to remember about the Ryde car rental are:

  • There are many reasons why you should go for the car rental near me option, and these include freedom of movement, the fact that they are readily available, are economical, and that they can be quickly booked online!
  • Customers can insure their trip by paying a small fee of about Rs. 40 when booking a car so that redBus can cover you in case an unfortunate event takes place.
  • There are three main types of car rentals offered in Ryde, and these include 4-seaters, 5-seaters, and 7-seaters. 
  • For occasions that require a show of class, customers can hire luxury cars from Ryde.
  • Ryde’s car rental services are offered in most major cities and pilgrimage points, including Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, Tirupati, Goa, and many more! 
  • The drivers and the vehicles you see on the website are approved by redBus and are chosen based on the ratings of past customers. 
  • The car you choose on the Ryde platform will be the same car provided to you.
  • If redBus failed to provide you with the same vehicle you chose, you would get a refund of 25%.
  • Ryde car rental can be quickly booked online on the redBus app or website, meaning that you are only a click away from your ideal road trip!
  • All the vehicles provided by Ryde are checked and disinfected for the complete safety of the customers!

Why Should You Hire a Car?

There are many benefits of opting for a car rental over other popular modes of public transport.

  • Freedom of movement: Public transport only services selected routes and stops, but with car hire, you can get from point A to point B directly, making as many stops as you want along the way.
  • Car rental services are readily available: A quick search for car rental near me will pull up scores of options, including those on redBus. You will be able to book one at nearly any time of the day while also staying within your budget and being mindful of the number of passengers.
  • Car hire services are economical: You can enjoy the convenience of a car journey without having to buy one or make other permanent decisions. You are able to select a vehicle based on your budget and choose a preferred car model. With redBus, you can also avail great deals and discounts on your car booking.
  • Choose a self-drive car rental or rent a car with a driver: Depending on how inclined you are to drive on this road trip, you can choose to book a car with a skilled driver. If youre in an unfamiliar city, a driver will know all the areas and the fastest routes. You can also choose to turn the wheel over to a professional driver to focus on work, phone calls, or simply gazing out the window.
  • Easy online car booking: Today, you no longer need to go to a travel agent to book a car. All you need to do is log onto redBus and explore the variety of options available. You can pay through a secure portal using your preferred payment method and have 24/7 customer care support available to help!

How to rent a car in your city with redBus?

Renting a car in your city with redBus is a relatively simple process that opens up many luxury cars that offer the best in comfort and reliability and at affordable rates. Car rentals are available in many major cities in the country and booking a car online can be done in minutes, thanks to the interactive and user-friendly nature of the redBus app:

  • Open the redBus app and click on the Ryde icon
  • Click the Hire a Vehiclebutton here and then select your journey type if its an outstation trip, a local trip or a pickup and drop at the airport
  • Round trip or One-way trip? Make your choice and select your source and destination locations from the drop-down options that are provided
  • You can enter multiple destinations if you plan on visiting more than one location during your trip
  • Enter the date and time of your planned journey, enter the number of passengers traveling on this journey, and click Proceed
  • A trip summary will be displayed on the top of your screen with information about your journey, such as no. of people, distance in kilometers, etc.
  • The customer will have to enter their details such as name, email address, and contact number
  • The customer can provide additional information at this stage as well
  • Click on View Vehicles
  • Enter the OTP that will be shared on the mobile number entered earlier and click Verify
  • Once done, the redBus app will display a plethora of car rental options available on your desired route
  • The customer can view the detailed breakup of their journey by clicking the Detailsbutton available at the bottom of the screen
  • Customers can confirm their booking by making a partial payment on the total fare at the time of booking, or they can pay the amount in full as well

Customers can even insure their trip by paying a nominal amount of Rs.40. Some of the benefits of doing so are:

  • The customer receives up to Rs.6 lakhs in case of permanent total disability due to an accident
  • The customer receives up to Rs.6 lakhs in case of partial permanent disability due to an accident
  • Get up to Rs.1 lakh in hospitalization IPD
  • Get up to Rs.500 per day as HospiCash IPD
  • Get up to Rs. 1 lakh in case of loss of baggage
  • The immediate family of the customer receives up to Rs.6 lakhs in case of the customers death

Use of Car Rentals

A car rental can come in handy during numerous occasions, whether its taking a spontaneous road trip with friends or responding to an emergency. Youll find a car hire service very useful in some situations like:

  • Driving to another state
  • Visiting temples during a pilgrimage
  • Carrying more passengers than your car cannot fit
  • Saving money by not having to buy a private car
  • Going on a road trip with friends or loved ones
  • Driving a rental car until your vehicle is serviced or repaired
  • Exploring offbeat locations in familiar cities
  • Attending to business while a skilled driver maneuvers the car
  • Making numerous stops along the way to see sights or grab a bite to eat
  • Transporting luggage that cant fit onto a bus or a train
  • Traveling at odd times when public transport isnt available
  • Responding quickly to emergencies
  • Traveling with children
  • Arriving in style for a business meeting, function or festival
  • Testing out car models in different environments and scenarios
  • Making a long trip that your car will not be able to handle
  • Covering hilly or rugged terrain in the appropriate car

The list goes on, but the bottom line is that there are scores of situations in which youll be grateful that you opted for a car hire instead of using public transport or taking your car!

Types of Cars Available For Rent

Just like one size doesnt fit all, one car cant be used in various situations and environments. For example, you cant drive a small hatchback over rugged roads without ruining the vehicle; similarly, you cant have more than five people sit comfortably in a sedan. For a shopping trip or a one-person car ride, it seems wasteful to book out a massive SUV.

Luckily, with redBus car rental services, you have various car models to choose from, depending on your budget and your use for the car. Heres a glimpse of seating arrangements and car models available:

  • 4-seaters: Ford Figo, Hyundai Grand i10, Tata Indica, Maruti Swift, Honda Brio
  • 5-seaters: Volkswagen Polo, Honda City, Maruti Ciaz, Honda Jazz, Honda Amaze, Ford Aspire. Ford EcoSport
  • 7-seater SUVs: Mahindra XUV500, Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Scorpio, Toyota Innova, Ford Endeavour, Tata Hexa

You will also be able to choose whether you prefer AC or non-AC cars for your journey. This influences not only the price of your rental but also your travel experience. All vehicles are highly safe to travel in and are equipped with essential safety features.

A few reasons to book with Ryde

  • With Ryde, customers have a plethora of vehicles to choose from such as tempo travellers, luxury cars such as Audis, luxury sedans, hatchbacks, minibuses and much more.

  • Prices match quality where Ryde vehicles that are clean and safe are provided at affordable rates.

  • Prices are kept transparent which means that the price that a customer sees on the platform would be the price that they have to pay. There are no hidden charges that the customer would have to pay. 

  • Vehicles come with well-trained drivers and staff who can help make your journey a lot more comfortable.

  • Customer support with Ryde is unmatched with their 24/7 customer service along with the availability of a chat and call-back facility. In-trip feedback support is also provided with Ryde.

  • Live tracking is available which can help you and your loved ones know where exactly the vehicle is located during the journey.

Along with these key advantages, customers can find vehicles offered by Ryde certified partners as well. Customers can easily distinguish between Ryde vehicles and regular vehicles by looking for the “Ryde Certified Partner” icon that would be available against the vehicle option. Some of the unique distinctions between Ryde vehicles from the regular vehicles that are offered are that Ryde vehicles come with drivers in uniform, good music, and amazing goodies that would come in handy on your journey.

Advantages of Car for Hire with redBus

redBus is Indias leading travel facilitating platform, with a substantial presence in international countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Columbia, and Peru. When you book a car hire with redBus, youll experience the following perks:

  • Economical prices: redBus offers competitive pricing models without compromising on safety and comfort.
  • Deals and discounts: The coupons and voucher codes you get on redBus significantly slash your car rental prices, making sure you travel with style and on a budget.
  • Secure payments: The redBus payment portal is certified by VeriSign and is secured with the highest encryption levels. You will be able to pay with credit or debit cards, bank transfers, and valid payment apps.
  • Helpful customer care: Should you face any hiccups during the booking process, the redBus customer care desk will help you.

When you make an online car booking with redBus, you say yes to comfort, convenience, and freedom of movement. redBus makes the care rental process a lot easier by keeping the customer informed about the car they are booking, the amenities available on the bus, things to keep in mind, etc. redBus is dedicated to ensuring that a passenger has the best car rental experience, which is why redBus does whatever it can to connect the customer with car aggregators who are rated well. Customers are advised to view the cancellation policies before making a booking. So, what are you waiting for? Login to the redBus app now as you explore your one-stop destination for car rentals in your city!

You can hire a bus from redBus online
following these steps:

  •  Go to the redBus portal and enter 'City of Hire,''Starting Point' & 'Destination'

  •  Click search

  •  redBus will bring the best operators at
    affordable prices

  •  Select the bus operator and confirm the

Benefits of Booking A Bus Online

When you book online, the following benefits are offered:

  • Inventory - Access to leading vehicle providers in the city

  • Zero booking fee - Transparent booking. No hidden fee

  • Choose vehicle - Check vehicle images before making any choice

Car Rental Near Me

Car rental services are available in popular and highly-frequented cities across India. To find the nearest car rental, you can run a quick search for car rental near meor look through redBus listings for more information. Here are some cities you can opt for car hire with redBus:

  • Bengaluru
  • Mangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Pune
  • New Delhi
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Bhopal
  • Indore
  • Jabalpur
  • Kochi
  • Ernakulam
  • Goa
  • Tirupati

​Get the exact vehicle that you see in your quotation

Planning is of utmost importance for any kind of travel and one should be extra cautious these days, especially when hiring another vehicle. The Hire facility with redBus is a problem-free process that assures a clean and sanitized vehicle along with trustworthy drivers at your service.

The beauty of redBus Hire is that you can book the vehicle completely online. You can search, inspect, and view the buses, cars, and tempo travellers that are available for rent before you can confirm the booking. We also ensure that the vehicle that you see on the quotation that’s shred is the exact vehicle that you will get at the start of your journey. This eliminates any personal inspection that the customer would have to make to ensure that the vehicle that they get on the day of their journey is the same vehicle that they booked. Everything is exactly the same, down to the last digit on the license plate.

Here is how it works:

After entering the details of your journey, you will see the most recent pictures of the vehicle, vehicle number, number of times the vehicle has been hired with redBus, model number, and even the date of registration of the vehicle. A few key points that you can keep in mind:

  • The vehicle and the drivers are approved by redBus and are chosen according to the ratings provided by the customers.
  • The vehicle that you choose on the redBus Hire platform will be the very same vehicle that will be delivered to you at the start of the trip.
  • If you do not get the same vehicle that you saw at the time of booking due to any unforeseen reason, you will get a 25% refund.

redBus hire is here to ensure that your booking process is done without any unknown variables in mind. Once your booking is done with us, you don’t have to worry about the vehicle that you’ve been promised nor do you have to worry about its ability to get you from point A to B. We believe in complete transparency to ensure that you get the very best booking experience with redBus Hire.

Customer Reviews

Jaspreet Ji and Gurpreet Singh Ji both were very nice and helpful.
Anil S Bhurke
Traveled to Amritsar on 2022-01-06with 4 People for a holiday
Polite Driver & Owner Yogesh was really supportive. Well managed the whole trip
Traveled to Bangalore on 2021-12-23with 7 People for a holiday


Frequently Asked Questions

redBus Ryde is an online bus, car renting/hiring platform.

redBus provides the best options when it comes to travelling. Customer requirements and needs are our priority.

redBus has marked its presence globally in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Columbia, and Peru, originating from India.

All of the buses listed on redBus are extremely reliable. In the event of a bus breaking down mid-journey, it is the responsibility of the bus operators to replace the vehicle during the journey.

Since we work with the best operators, the buses are usually reliable. In case of a breakdown, it is the bus operators responsibility to replace the vehicle during the journey

In case of outstation trips, Kilometers are calculated basis the return trip distance between the source and destination.Any extra kilometers which are used within the city and the distance from the Garage are not calculated.

Please email us at

With redBus car rentals, you may be able to book the car up to 6 months before the travel date. The ideal time period within which you can make the reservation is within 2-4 weeks before the intended date of travel.

Yes, redBus offers you the opportunity to insure your trip for a small amount of Rs.40. The insurance coverage depends upon the type and extent of the loss or damage. Loss of luggage or damage could get you up to a lakh in compensation while the higher range is for the situations such as accident and permanent or temporary disability to the passengers.

Yes, you may cancel your reservation up to 24 hrs before the travel date. You can contact customer care by logging in with your mobile number and providing the details about your queries.

No, you don't need to come and pick up the care. The rented car will arrive at the address provided, whether or not you opted for a car with a driver or a driverless car.

Yes, you may change the reservation dates by contacting customer care. But in such cases, there is no guarantee that you will get the same car that you chose initially.

redBus will provide you a wide range of cars on rent to choose from. Some of the popular cars booked on rental via redBus are Toyota Etios, Toyota Innova, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, etc.

The driver charges on redBus depend on the car type and the car operator. The lowest driver charge on redBus is for Maruti Suzuki on rent i.e., INR 200 per day.

If you are travelling with many fellow passengers then it is better to rent an SUV or Sedan via redBus. Some of the top 7-seater SUVs provided by redBus on rent are Mahindra XUV, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Innova, Ford Endeavour, and many more.

You can rent a car in various cities via redBus like Vadodara, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Goa, Pune, Madurai, and many more. You can enter the city of rental on redBus and can check the real-time availability of cars for rent in that city.

redBus adds the toll taxes based on assumptions in your total bill. If there is any difference in the charged and actual amount, then it will be charged/reimbursed by redBus accordingly.