Your safety is our utmost priority
We value the safety and well-being of our customers.
Bus Operator Measures

Staff with Masks
We require all our bus staff to strictly wear approved masks at all time during the journey.
Deep Cleaned Vehicles
All our vehicles are deep cleaned and disinfected before and after every trip.
No Blankets/ Linens
For your safety, we shall not be providing any blankets or linens. You are requested to carry your own.
Hand Sanitisers Provided
We are equipping all our vehicles with hand sanitisers to help you stay disinfected.
Regular Temperature Checks
Our bus drivers and service personnel are subject to temperature checks before every trip.
Passenger Guidelines

Mandatory Masks
Proper masks are mandatory for all passengers. Handkerchiefs /other cloth items are not permitted as masks.
Do not travel with Symptoms
Passengers are advised to refrain from travel if they show Covid-19 Symptoms. In such cases the passenger may be de-boarded.
Carry your own Blankets
In an effort to maintain utmost hygiene, you are requested to carry your own blankets and linens as we will not be providing these.