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Providing exceptional bus travel arrangements is the mantra that’s followed at redBus so one can make the right travel arrangements for a great holiday. India’s largest online bus ticketing site has driven the country’s bus booking journey over the past 15+ years through thousands of bus operators and routes. Striving to reach new heights when it comes to online bus booking in India, redBus has become the right tool to use to have a smooth bus ticket booking experience.

Anybody can use the official website of redBus or download the user-friendly app to book their bus tickets from anywhere in the country. From the comfort of your home or from or office or vehicle, you can now make an online bus booking with ease. With these successful USPs, redBus has expanded internationally to countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, and Europe.

Why book bus tickets through redBus

The online bus booking services of redBus offers a plethora of advantages than it’s offline prehistoric booking modes. Firstly, booking a bus ticket through a travel agent or at a counter is in the past. People have begun to recognize the advantages of making an online bus booking.

At a counter, people would have to first stand in a queue in front of a particular bus operator. Once they reach the counter, they would have to book a seat among the seats that are available. If a seat isn’t available on the bus of their choice, the dejected customer would then have to stand in another queue in front of another bus operator. Online bus ticket booking with redBus has eliminated these problems that people used to face.

With redBus, customers can view every bus that’s available on any given route in India. They do not have to stand in a queue and accept the price and seat that’s given to them by the travel agent or the ticket clerk behind the counter. Customers can view every detail of the bus including updated pictures of the bus, the type of bus, amenities offered, and much more on the redBus website and app. Customers can even avail exclusive discounts while making their bus reservation which are offered by the bus booking site like redBus that cannot be matched by any discount offered by a travel agent or a counter.

On-Time Guarantee with redBus

Here's another reason why redBus should be your one-stop destination when it comes to bus ticket booking. The On-Time Guarantee is a unique feature that’s offered by redBus for the benefit of every customer. Look for the “On-Time Guarantee” tag that’s marked against a bus on the route you’ve searched for. If you book bus tickets for your family or yourself on a “On-Time Guarantee” tag, you or your family will fall under the benefits mentioned below:

  • Bus On Time: With this benefit, customers will receive a 25% refund on their bus ticket costs in case the bus that they need to travel in is delayed by 30 minutes.
  • No Bus Cancellation: If you made an online bus booking through redBus and the bus operator cancels the bus without making any alternate arrangements, the customer will receive a 150% refund on their bus ticket costs.
  • Alternate Assurance: If a bus breaks down during the journey, the customers who are traveling on the bus would have to wait for an alternate arrangement to be made by the bus operator. If this arrangement is not made within 6 hours from the time of the breakdown, the customers will be eligible for a 300% refund on their bus tickets.

Payment Modes on redBus

There are a plethora of payment modes that are available on the redBus website and app. Choose a payment mode that meets your needs and complete the bus ticket booking process. Some of these payment modes that are available are:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Net Banking with banks like:
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Indian Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • State Bank of India and many more
  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay where customers can earn Rs.10 to Rs.300 when they book bus tickets for a minimum of Rs.300 and this is applicable once per user when they use Amazon Pay during the offer period
  • PhonePe
  • UPI (Unified Payment Interface) where you will be asked to enter your VPA (Virtual Payment Address)
  • MobiKwik

Track Your Bus with 'Track My Bus' Feature

Have you ever reached your boarding point and wondered about the whereabouts of your bus? Have you ever had a heated conversation with the bus operator about the location of your bus? redBus has addressed these worries and more with the “Track My Bus” feature. With this, customers can track their bus on their app to help them plan their journey to the boarding point or to get off at their desired drop-off point.

If the passenger has to be picked up from the drop-off point, they can always share the live location of the bus to help them plan their commute to the drop-off location. This feature also adds to improving the safety standards on the bus. Family members can breathe a sigh of relief as they can always keep a track of the location of the bus in which their loved ones are traveling in. Visit 'track my bus ' and enter the ticket number and registered email ID to track the concerned bus.

Learn How to Book Bus Tickets Online!

Booking a bus or making an online booking has never been this easy thanks to redBus. After setting industry standards that other competitors have struggled to reach, redBus has now raised the bar again by providing a bus booking experience like no other. Customers have to only follow these simple steps to make an online bus booking with redBus:

Step-by-step procedure on how to book a bus ticket online with redBus

  • Enter the Source and Destination locations in the “From” and “To” tab respectively
  • Enter the “Date of Journey” and hit the “Search” button
  • Select a bus of your choice from the list of buses that are displayed
  • Select a seat, boarding, and dropping points and hit “Proceed to Book”
  • Key in the “Passenger Information” and “Contact Information”
  • You can even choose to insure your journey so that you will be covered in case of an accident or loss of luggage and then click “Proceed to Pay”
  • Enter the offer code (if applicable), select your mode of payment and complete the payment procedure

Once this is done, you will receive an M-ticket on your mobile and an e-ticket on the email ID that was entered under “Contact Information.”

M-ticket and its advantages

Have you ever gone to your boarding point and realized that you did not carry your ticket? That feeling can be terrible especially if it’s for a holiday that you’ve taken leaves or made special arrangements for. The M-ticket initiative by redBus was a game-changer in countless ways. Not only did it put an end to the physical form of a ticket or a printout of a bus ticker but it also ensured that passengers didn’t have to rush back home in case they didn’t have their ticket.

Once a passenger completes their bus ticket booking procedure, redBus will confirm that the booking has been made. The bus ticket is then sent to the customer’s registered mobile number in the form of an M-ticket and it’s also sent to the registered email ID of the customer. With redBus’ advanced interface, this process takes a few milliseconds to complete.

Customers are advised to carry a government-approved identity card that can be used to prove their identity when they have to board their bus.

redBus offers online bus tickets booking option and also promotes hassle-free bus travel across India. Undergo a quick bus ticketing procedure, choose suitable bus seats, bus type and bus operator then complete your secured online payment in just a few seconds. redBus develops incredible travelling experience from selecting bus type, boarding points and operators to bus reservation at lowest fares. 

redBus also provides exciting online discounts and cashbacks upon bus booking making your transactions more rewarding. No more waiting for long hours at bus counters, go ahead, order bus tickets to have a hassle-free booking experience. There are more than 2300+ operators listed on the redBus site and app. They provide services throughout most of the cities in India.

Whether it's about avoiding the long queue at bus counters or knowing every single detail about the available bus ticktes, booking a bus a redBus portal has many benefits. Customers can avail a range of exclusive discounts and offers while making a bus ticket booking online.

So, what are you waiting for? Trust redBus to offer you cheap bus tickets to luxury buses on a plethora of routes in India. Book bus tickets today through the official website of redBus or by using the user-friendly app.

Travel Restrictions during Covid-19

Several states across India have announced a number of travel restrictions for traveling intra and interstate. While the Coronavirus cases in India have now reduced, in order to curb the spread of the virus, strict rules are placed by respective state governments. redBus has created a comprehensive list of state wise travel restrictions that you can check before booking your bus tickets!

Covid-19 Statewise Travel Guidelines 

What's New?

Travel with a Primo Bus

redBus has also launched Primo bus services where passengers can enjoy travelling in high-rated buses with best-in-class services. While looking for bus tickets on a desired route, customers can check Primo tag in order to choose this wonderful service. From hygiene standards to on-time service and comfort, there are many benefits that passengers can get from Primo buses.


With the ongoing pandemic wreaking havoc in a number of industries, people think twice before going through with a bus booking online. At redBus, we have always kept a customer's safety and travel experience as our no.1 priority right from day one. With this in mind, redBus launched the Safety+ campaign where measures were set and implemented to curb the spread of COVID-19. Measures such as deep cleaning of buses after every trip, regular temperature checks of the bus staff, temperature checks are done on passengers before they board a bus, and much more. So, before you complete your bus ticket booking on the redBus platform, learn more about Safety+ and how you can book a bus that follows Safety+ measures.

Free Cancellation and Rescheduling of Bus Tickets

One of the benefits of online bus booking on redBus is that cancellation and rescheduling of bus tickets is extremely convenient. redBus offers 100% refund on cancellation if it is attributable to either redBus or the bus operator. Cancellation of tickets can be done either through the user’s login on the redBus’s website or mobile application, or by calling on the customer care number. Any cancellation is subject to such cancellation charges as mentioned on the ticket. If instead of cancellation, one wants to postpone their journey, redBus also offers an option to reschedule the online bus booking to a future date by simply paying the difference price, if applicable. 


Q: What are the benefits of making a bus booking through redBus?
A: There are numerous benefits to making a bus booking or bus ticket booking online through redBus such as: 1) Book bus tickets with ease from the comfort of your home or workspace. 2) Quick and easy cancellation and rescheduling options. 3) Exclusive offers and cashback options. 4) M-ticket and e-ticket facilities are available. 4) Wide variety of bus operators, types of buses and routes to choose from. 5) Impeccable customer service. 5) Lower prices. Visit the redBus website or download the app to see the benefits of making a bus ticket booking.
Q: Can I cancel my bus ticket?
A: Yes, you can. All you have to do is log in to the redBus website or app and follow the cancellation procedure. You can even call the customer care number of redBus to get your ticket canceled.
Q: Can I reschedule my bus ticket?
A: First, visit and then search for your bus ticket by entering your ticket number and registered email ID. Verify your ticket details and select the date to reschedule your journey. Select a bus operator, verify every detail, and make your payment if any difference in bus ticket prices needs to be cleared.
Q: Do I need a print out of my bus ticket to board a bus?
A: No, you do not. You can present your M-ticket or e-ticket on your mobile device before boarding the bus. It is advisable to carry a government-issued ID to verify your identity before boarding the bus.
Q: Can I book an RTC bus ticket on redBus?
A: Yes, you can. redBus has extended its bus booking services to a number of RTCs in India. Some of these RTCs are Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC), Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC), Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC), Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC), Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC), Jammu and Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation (JKSRTC), Kerala RTC, Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTCL), Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC), Odisha State Road Transport Corporation (OSRTC), Patiala and East Punjab States Union (PEPSU), Puducherry Road Transport Corporation (PRTC), Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC), South Bengal State Transport Corporation (SBSTC), Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC), Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC), Uttarakhand Transport Corporation (UTC), West Bengal Transport Corporation [WBTC (CTC).
Q: What does a PNR number on my bus ticket mean?
A: PNR stands for 'Passenger Name Record.' This is generally represented as a 10-digit number on your M-ticket or E-ticket.
Q: Is it safe to travel by bus in India during the COVID-19 pandemic?
A: redBus, along with bus operators under the redBus banner, have been doing a lot when it comes to upholding the safety standards that have been set by the Government of India and the MoHFW. Passengers can make their bus booking through the redBus platform and travel safely with redBus.
Q: What is Safety+, and what does it have to do with redBus?
A: Safety+ is a new feature that customers can look for when making a bus ticket booking on the redBus platform. Bus operators follow strict safety procedures such as sanitizing buses after every trip, staff with masks, temperate check of both passengers and bus staff before boarding the bus, and much more. Scroll up to learn more about Safety+. Look for the Safety+ icon, which is denoted by a shield with a “plus” sign in the middle when you book your bus tickets online with redBus.
Q: Is it safer to travel by bus or by plane during COVID-19?
A: Though a flight might save some travel time as it does go from Point A to Point B a lot faster than a bus, it is advisable to travel by bus instead. If a passenger wishes to travel via airplane, they would have to get to the terminal early and wait for a long time before boarding a flight. There is a risk of infection as the air in the plane is circulated within the sealed tube and could pose a danger if an asymptomatic passenger does carry the virus onboard. With a bus, the passenger can wait in their vehicle before boarding the bus, and therefore, crowding at a boarding point is significantly reduced. Passengers can even keep their windows open to ensure that fresh air is circulated in the bus. Measures followed on Safety+ buses considerably minimize the chance of contracting the virus on a bus than an airplane.
Q: I need to travel with a few family members to my hometown, but COVID-19 is a concern. Can I rent a bus solely for my family?
A: Yes, you can. You can rent a bus depending on your seating requirement through Bus Hire, redBus. You can even rent a car of your choice through Bus Hire.
Q: Where can I view the amenities available on a bus before I make my bus booking?
A: After entering your route details and clicking the “Search Buses” button, a list of available buses and bus timings will be displayed. The amenities will be displayed right under the name of the bus operator under each listed option that’s displayed. Click on the “plus sign” to view every amenity available on that bus. You can even customize your search by selecting the amenities that you’re looking for by using the filters that are available.
Q: Can I get discount on my bus tickets?
A: redBus offers discounts on bus tickets on various occasions. You just need to grab the perfect deal at the right time. Keep a check on redBus' Offer page and grab amazing discounts and deals on your bus ticket booking.
Q: How many seats does a sleeper bus have?
A: A sleeper bus in India generally has the capacity of 32 people. 32 Volvo sleeper berths in buses ensure comfort and convenient journey for longer distance.
Q: Which bus categories are available for booking bus ticket?
A: There are wide variety of buses in India that one can choose while booking online bus tickets. One can see Volvo AC buses, AC Sleeper, AC Seater, non-AC Sleeper/Seater, and Semi-sleeper buses. Many the buses offer good legroom, charging points, and reading light.
Q: How do I book a Volvo bus?
A: Booking a Volvo bus on redBus is extremely easy. You just have to select the desired route and filter out Volvo buses from the list of buses available. Choose a suitable AC Volvo bus on redBus and head to the payment section for purchasing your ticket.
Q: Can I track my bus online using redBus?
A: Yes, you can track your bus online using redBus. To do so, you have to book your bus ticket with redBus. You will get the bus number and tracking link 30 mins before your journey, using which you can track the bus from your mobile itself.
Q: Which state has best bus service in India?
A: The states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and West Bengal are known to have best transport services in India and have won various awards for bus services. However, there are a number of bus operators across India that are known for best-in-class services and customer satisfaction.

Covid-19 Travel Advisory While Traveling by Bus in India

Key Points to Keep in Mind for Travel Safety in Bus

Covid-19 Travel Advisory While Traveling by Bus in IndiaCheck out travel restrictions that apply to your source and destination.
Covid-19 Travel Advisory While Traveling by Bus in IndiaBook bus tickets anywhere in India in advance to avoid any physical contact.
Covid-19 Travel Advisory While Traveling by Bus in IndiaCarry your personal hygiene items like hand sanitizer, tissues, and soap.
Covid-19 Travel Advisory While Traveling by Bus in IndiaWear a mask all the time while you are on the bus.
Covid-19 Travel Advisory While Traveling by Bus in IndiaBuses may not be providing you a linen or blanket, so make sure to pack yours during a long trip.
Covid-19 Travel Advisory While Traveling by Bus in IndiaDue to temperature checks and precautionary measures, buses may get delayed. Save some additional time for your trip.


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An mticket is an SMS that is sent to your mobile after booking a bus ticket.
This is an electronic ticket issued and sent to your email after confirmation of your online booking.
Counter Ticket is the hard copy of your bus ticket required while boarding the bus.


Hassle-free bus booking from anywhere & anytime
Wide choice of bus seats, bus types & operators.
Great offers and cashbacks on booking tickets
Unique benefit for women seat selection
24/7 Friendly Customer Care assistance
Hassle of reaching bus counter & waiting in long queues
Not much choice suiting your preference
No discounts
No unique benefit for women
No Friendly assistance

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