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Mini Bus Rentals in Vadodara

It is an ancient city, with its origins tracing back to 812 AD. Vadodara is a charming city full of historical wonder, though it also wears its modernity well. One of India’s most prosperous and progressive cities, it is full of tourist attractions, good restaurants and high-end hotels. You will love to explore this cultural and historical epicentre in Gujarat.
However, if you are travelling with a group in this city, we urge you to make the commute easier and more comfortable with a mini bus rental in Vadodara.

Visit Vadodara for its sights

There are many places to explore in this wonderful city. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Laxmi Vilas Palace
  • Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum
  • Kirti Mandir
  • Makarpura Palace
  • Kirti Stambh
  • Hazira Maqbara
  • Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery

Rented Mini Bus in Vadodara – A Wise Choice

Geographically, Vadodara is not a very large city. However, commuting within it in peak hours can become tiresome. The roads become congested and make you waste valuable time trying to reach your destination. Thus, if you are part of a group of people travelling within Vadodara or going for a trip outside the city, you should make sure that the group is using one mini bus instead of being scattered across many vehicles.
Renting/Hiring a mini bus in Vadodara is both a practical and economical solution. Instead of spending more money and using up more fuel by hiring a series of cars or autorickshaws, a mini bus keeps the entire group together at a much lesser cost. Using public transport is also not ideal for sightseeing or if the group wants to reach a conference at a scheduled time. It is always better to travel in comfort with a mini bus for rent/hire in Vadodara. The group can save money, time, travel in comfort and arrive at their destination unhurried. With a mini bus for rent in Vadodara, there is no question of any of the group members arriving later or earlier than the others, or trying to find their way around the city on their own.

When you Need a Bus, Call redBus

There are several mini bus hiring companies in Vadodara. However, only leading bus hire companies like redBus offer you complete value for your money.
At redBus, we work closely with each of our customers to ensure a memorable ride. Whether you want to book a short-day trip for sightseeing or a long outstation one to another nearby city, you and your group are in good hands with redBus.
We source mini buses from among our large pool of operators in Vadodara. We work with reputed operators that offer clean and well-maintained buses, experienced drivers and necessary amenities on board. Besides, we offer a fully seamless booking and payments interface which means that you can book the bus you want and pay for it in just a few steps.
So when you need a mini bus rental in Vadodara, trust only redBus. We offer the following seating capacities in mini buses for hire in Vadodara:

  • 15 Seater Minibus
  • 18 Seater Minibus
  • 20 Seater Minibus
  • 21 Seater Minibus
  • 22 Seater Minibus

To sum up, these are the benefits of booking a bus with redBus:

  • Fully online, hassle-free booking and payment
  • Transparent billing
  • Comfortable seats
  • Neat and plush interiors
  • Music player and TV set for entertainment
  • Easy route planning and freedom to add rest stops or pickups as required

How to Book with redBus

  • Initiate the booking process by giving us these details about your proposed journey: Start and end point for the journey, whether the trip is outstation, etc.
  • You can add as many rest stops or pick up/drop points along the route as you want. We plan your route accordingly and offer the most competitive pricing based on this information.
  • Next, we send you quotes that match your criteria from our pool of mini bus operators.
  • Please study the quotes we send, and the mini bus photographs and details. Once you choose the best mini bus for your journey, you can inform us of your decision and we can take you to the next step.
  • Confirm your journey by paying at least 50% of the booking amount. The rest is paid before the journey commences.
  • Start and end the journey in Vadodara or outside the city to your satisfaction, only with redBus.

Talk to us
Send an email to or call us on 080-30916640 for more details. We are operational 24/7 to address all your queries and concerns.


Is redBus present in Gujarat?
Yes, we are present in Vadodara, Surat and Ahmedabad.
Does redBus have its own fleet of buses?
We do not have our own fleet of buses. We have a network of operators in every city that we work in. When you place a request for a bus, we procure buses from our operators and send you the quotes for the same.
How will I be charged for the journey?
redBus charges you per kilometre, and the distance is worked out based on the start and end points you offer. We calculate the kilometres based on the distance between start and end points of the journey. This does not include kilometres between garage and start point.
Can I book from outside Vadodara?
Yes, you can.
What are the booking charges for the bus?
redBus does not charge any booking fees.
How are the Kilometers calculated?
In case of outstation trips, Kilometers are calculated basis the return trip distance between the source and destination.Any extra kilometers which are used within the city and the distance from the Garage are not calculated.
Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
Please email us at