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redBus Bus Booking Services

Ah, Mumbai! It is the first destination for every dreamer and ambitious go-getter alike. There is no getting away from the enticing charms of the city, and it draws every person in with its warmth and high zest for life.

But travelling in the city is a task best left for the pros. If you are part of a large group of people wanting to travel within the city, then you should stop looking at public transport options. It will be more convenient for the group to travel together in the same vehicle instead of multiple cabs or personal cars. Just book a 40 seater bus in Mumbai.

Whatever The Occasion, A Bus Is Always Better For Groups

Groups of people often travel to the same destination and use the same route. They could be tourists taking a look at Mumbai’s prominent spots, or a group of students on a study visit. Or they could be a delegation of employees from another city being driven to a conference or meeting at the company headquarters in Mumbai. The point is, that the group has a shared purpose: they could be attending a picnic, or a wedding reception, or even going for a short visit outside the city for a day. For all these purposes, a 40 seater bus booking in Mumbai is the best solution.

These are the occasions why most people book buses in Mumbai:

  • • Corporate Tours, offsites, get togethers, conferences, etc.
  • • Sightseeing tours
  • • Marriage parties
  • • Sports teams heading to their matches
  • • Educational tours
  • • Pilgrimage and religious tours
  • • Holidays
  • • Picnics for adults and children
  • • Excursions, whether for a few hours or overnight
  • • Weekend getaways

If It’s A Bus You Need, Trust Only redBus

At redBus, we prioritise customer comfort and satisfaction over everything else. The buses we offer are in great condition and regularly serviced, apart from being fitted with good seats. Our pricing is competitive and transparent, and the booking process is completely online. So, you can book the 40 seater bus hire/rent in Mumbai from anywhere, using just a laptop or smartphone.

When you book a 40 seater bus for rent/hire in Mumbai, you get:

  • • Easy, convenient, hassle-free booking process

  • • Push Back Seats on every bus

  • • Ample leg room for utmost comfort while seated

  • • Neat and Clean Seat Covers and plush interiors

  • • First Aid Box

  • • LED Television (optional)

  • • Music Player (optional)

  • • Ample Luggage Space – Store not just luggage but equipment, too

  • • Friendly, punctual and experienced drivers

  • How To Book A 40 Seater Online With redBus

    Booking a bus with redBus is so simple, you will never want to book with another company ever again. This is how you book the 40 seater bus for hire/rent in Mumbai with redBus:

  • • Give us the following details about your journey: the city of hire (input ‘Mumbai’), the start and end point (whether within Mumbai or outstation) and press ‘Hire’. Please be specific with this information and also provide data on whether you need any intermittent stops on the way. This gives us an idea of the kilometres that need to be covered for the trip, and we work out the pricing accordingly.

  • • Based on this information and on your budget, we give you quotations from our operators who can provide the bus for your trip.

  • • You can change your requirement before you pay, or before you start your journey. If you don’t need a 40 seater bus for hire/rent in Mumbai, we can offer you buses with a lower or higher seating capacity as well.

  • • Once you are satisfied that you have the right bus for the trip, you can proceed to pay 50% advance amount to confirm the booking. The balance amount must be paid before the trip commences.

  • • We present bills with all the expense heads, taxes, toll charges etc. mentioned in them. Do ask us for printed bills in case we inadvertently don’t send them to you. We do not levy booking charges on customers for any of our trips.

  • • Start and complete your journey to your satisfaction, only with redBus!

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    Drop your query at to get all your questions answered. We are glad to answer all your questions to ensure a smooth booking process.
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    Can I book the bus for a group I am not travelling with?

    Of course, you may. However, do pass on the booking credentials to the organiser of the group in case they have any questions.

    How will I be charged for the trip?

    redBus charges you per kilometre, and the distance is worked out based on the start and end points you offer. We calculate the kilometres based on the distance between start and end points of the journey. This does not include kilometres between garage and start point. Unlike other operators, we do not charge customers from our office to the start point of the journey.

    What are your booking charges?

    redBus does not levy booking charges on any of our trips.

    What happens when the bus breaks down?

    Neither redBus nor its operators will penalise the customers for the bus’s failure. If the bus breaks down, the operator will arrange for a different bus on the route as soon as possible. You can contact us on 080-30916640 for any road assistance that you require.

    Is the driver experienced?

    Yes, all our drivers are highly qualified and experienced.

    How are the Kilometers calculated?

    In case of outstation trips, Kilometers are calculated basis the return trip distance between the source and destination.Any extra kilometers which are used within the city and the distance from the Garage are not calculated.

    Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

    Please email us at