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redBus Bus Booking Services

Madurai is a famous temple town, with many other tourist spots to add to its roster of attractions. It has moderate traffic even at peak hours, but the roads are not too wide and the public transport is not always reliable. Also, booking an autorickshaw or cab for the entire day is expensive. Thus, tourists and those on pilgrimages prefer to rent a 30 seater bus in Madurai instead of depending on other modes of transport. The bus makes it easier for a group of 20 to 30 people to sightsee and visit all the places of worship quite conveniently. Tourists particularly, find it easier to move around as a group of 30 when there is a bus taking them around – they can travel in comfort, and find the bus easily at the parking spot after their sightseeing is complete.

Book A Bus in Madurai for Multiple Reasons

It is not just tourists and pilgrims that require bus bookings in Madurai. You can book the bus for:

  • • Airport/railway station pick up or drop off for relatives, friends or delegation of office colleagues/invited guests
  • • Corporate Tours, offsites, get togethers, conferences, etc.
  • • Marriage parties
  • • Holidays
  • • Picnics for adults and children
  • • Excursions, whether for a few hours or overnight
  • • Weekend getaways

At redBus, we believe in creating a simple and interactive platform for our customers to book buses online. The booking and payment processes are entirely online, so the booking is completed easily and conveniently. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of buses (multi axle Volvos, city buses, tourist buses) across the tempo traveller category, for both short and long journeys inside and outside Madurai.
Just give us a few details about your journey to help us match your journey with the right bus as per your expectations.

How To Book A 30 Seater Bus In Madurai With redBus

It’s really simple – just follow the steps below to book the bus of your choice with us:

  • • Input these details as prompted: Start and end points, any stops on the way, etc. and what the desired seating capacity of the bus is. You can opt for 30 seater bus hire/rent for Madurai, or a bus with a lower or higher seating capacity as well.

  • • Based on the information you provide, we search among our pool of operators to offer you the 30 seater bus booking in Madurai.

  • • We send you quotes, photographs and all relevant details about the buses for your journey from our pool of operators. This helps you make the right choice for the bus.

  • • Confirm the booking by paying at least 50% of the booking amount. You can pay the remainder before the trip commences.

  • • At redBus, we believe in full transparency throughout the booking and payment process. There are no hidden fees, zero booking charges, and no fees for generating the operator quotes. Please study the bill for our charges per kilometre, toll fees etc.

  • What redBus Offers You For Your Booking

    Apart from an astonishingly simple booking process, redBus makes sure to offer every customer the most comfortable and safe ride in Madurai. These are the benefits you get by booking a 30 seater bus in Madurai with redBus:

  • • Online, step-wise booking from your computer or smartphone

  • • Transparent pricing and billing process

  • • Push Back Seats with ample leg room for added comfort

  • • Neat and Clean Seat Covers and Interiors

  • • Ample boot space to store luggage, equipment, etc.

  • • First Aid Box

  • • LED Television (optional)

  • • Music Player (optional)

  • • Friendly, punctual and experienced drivers

  • • 24/7 customer service centre to answer queries on the phone or over email with promptness

  • The Types Of redBus Buses In Madurai

    redBus operates 30 seater multi axle Volvos, city buses, and tourist buses across Madurai.

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    Drop your query at to get all your questions answered. We are glad to answer all your questions to ensure a smooth booking process.

    Safety+ with Bus Hire

    The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown several industries into turmoil with multiple lockdowns happening and being enforced through many parts of India. With lockdown orders and inter and intrastate movement getting relaxed, people are looking at hiring buses for several reasons. From returning to their loved ones back home or getting back to their workplaces, people are slowly moving towards a sense of normality when it comes to travel. And with such booking requests coming in, redBus would like to shed some light on some of the safety measures that bus service providers follow before and after every booking:

    • Mandatory use of Masks: Passengers and staff are not permitted to enter the bus without using a protective mask. The bus staff and passengers are encouraged to keep their masks at all times during their journey.
    • Deep cleaning: Buses are subjected to a series of deep cleaning procedures to ensure that every vehicle (Tempo, bus, etc.) is disinfected after every trip.
    • Temperature Checks: Along with the passengers, every staff member on board undergoes regular temperature checks. The bus staff is checked periodically before every trip as well.
    • Blankets and Linens: Passengers are advised to carry their blankets and linens as the bus service provider would not provide the same to minimize the spread of COVID-19.
    • Hand Sanitizers: Every vehicle that's available for hire through redBus comes equipped with hand sanitizers.
    • Advisories: Along with several notifications that redBus provides its passengers to ensure that they are kept safe, passengers are also requested to stay at home if they exhibit any symptom associated with coronavirus.

    The pandemic is something new that we might not have experienced before. And it doesn't look like that pandemic is going to go away anytime soon. You can ensure that you stay safe while also keeping your neighbors' safety in mind. You can even clicking here to find out about the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) status, precautions to follow, important state helpline numbers, and make sure you read about Safety+ and more with redBus.

    Key Features
    Access to leading vehicle providers in your city.
    Look at vehicle images before making a choice
    Transparent all inclusive pricing.No hidden cost.


    Is redBus operational all over Madurai?
    Yes, redBus is operational all over Madurai and in other prominent Indian cities. Apart from Madurai, we are operational in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, Vishakhapatnam, and Mysore.
    How will I be charged for the trip?
    redBus charges you per kilometre, based on the start and end points. We do not charge customers from our office to the start point. Also, there are no booking charges. Please study the bill generated and get back to us with any queries.
    Do I need to be present in Madurai to book the journey?
    Yes, you can book a journey from anywhere. You do not need to be present in Madurai to book a trip with redBus.
    Does redBus have its own fleet of buses?
    redBus has a pool of operators from whom we procure the buses of different seating capacities. However, we handle the billing and booking on behalf of our operators.
    What happens if the bus breaks down?
    Since we work with the best operators, the buses are usually reliable. In case of a breakdown, it is the bus operators responsibility to replace the vehicle during the journey
    How are the Kilometers calculated?
    In case of outstation trips, Kilometers are calculated basis the rerturn trip distance between the source and destination.Any extra kilometers which are used within the city and the distance from the Garage are not calculated.
    Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
    Please email us at