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Bus Images

Hire 37 Seater TATA  A/C Bus in Delhi NCR
Hire 37 Seater TATA  A/C Bus in Delhi NCR
37 Seater TATA (2+2)
Starting from:
City Delhi NCR
Driver Bata ₹800/day
Local packages starting form
4 Hours 40 Kms :8000/-
Fuel Included
Back Compartment Storage
Music System& 4 more
Booked 7 times last month
Hire 41 Seater TATA  A/C Bus in Delhi NCR
Hire 41 Seater TATA  A/C Bus in Delhi NCR
41 Seater TATA (2+2)
Starting from:
City Delhi NCR
Driver Bata ₹800/day
Local packages starting form
4 Hours 40 Kms :13200/-
Fuel Included
Reading Light
Charging Point& 4 more
Hire 45 Seater TATA  A/C Bus in Delhi NCR
Hire 45 Seater TATA  A/C Bus in Delhi NCR
45 Seater TATA (2+2)
Starting from:
City Delhi NCR
Driver Bata ₹800/day
Local packages starting form
4 Hours 40 Kms :13700/-
Fuel Included
Air Suspension
Charging Point
Overhead Storage& 5 more
Booked 5 times last month

Corporate Bus Booking in Delhi

Delhi is India’s bustling metropolitan capital and is among the busiest and most populated cities in the country. A larger population would mean a larger number of cars and vehicles on the road, sending the carbon emissions through the roof. In order to curb pollution and increase efficiency, citizens have taken it upon themselves to use corporate bus transport whenever possible to move from one location to another. 

COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

Delhi NCR Lockdown Guidelines​

Last Updated on
14th June 2021
Guidelines Validity​
​Unlock from 14th June​
​Complete Lockdown​
​Relaxation timings ​
10 PM- 6 AM
​(Section 144) Active​
​Restriction within interstate travel
​Restriction within intrastate travel​
​Restriction within Local city travel​
RTPCR Negative Test required to enter the state
​RTPCR Negative Test report required to travel Outstation​
​Occupancy restriction​
​Tourist Destinations​
​E-Pass required to travel​
​Entry to the Specific States which are Not Allowed from the above source​
​RTPCR - report is not mandatory for Himachal
Epass - not required for Himachal
​E-Pass Link​

Safety+ with Bus Hire

Bus Image
Your safety is our utmost Priority
Bus Image
Hand Sanitizers
in all vehicles
Bus Image
Masks worn by
all staff
Bus Image
Deep cleaning
of vehicles
Bus Image
No Blankets /
Linen provided
Bus Image
Regular staff body
temperature checks

The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown several industries into turmoil with multiple lockdowns happening and being enforced through many parts of India. With lockdown orders and inter and intrastate movement getting relaxed, people are looking at hiring buses for several reasons. From returning to their loved ones back home or getting back to their workplaces, people are slowly moving towards a sense of normality when it comes to travel. And with such booking requests coming in, redBus would like to shed some light on some of the safety measures that bus service providers follow before and after every booking:

Mandatory use of Masks: Passengers and staff are not permitted to enter the bus without using a protective mask. The bus staff and passengers are encouraged to keep their masks at all times during their journey.

Deep cleaning: Buses are subjected to a series of deep cleaning procedures to ensure that every vehicle (Tempo, bus, etc.) is disinfected after every trip.

Temperature Checks: Along with the passengers, every staff member on board undergoes regular temperature checks. The bus staff is checked periodically before every trip as well.

Blankets and Linens: Passengers are advised to carry their blankets and linens as the bus service provider would not provide the same to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Hand Sanitizers: Every vehicle that's available for hire through redBus comes equipped with hand sanitisers.

Advisories: Along with several notifications that redBus provides its passengers to ensure that they are kept safe, passengers are also requested to stay at home if they exhibit any symptom associated with coronavirus.

The pandemic is something new that we might not have experienced before. And it doesn't look like that pandemic is going to go away anytime soon. You can ensure that you stay safe while also keeping your neighbours' safety in mind. You can even click here to find out about the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) status, precautions to follow, important state helpline numbers, and make sure you read about Safety+ and more with redBus.

Corporate Bus Rentals in Delhi

Delhi consists of two types of people; the working citizens and the curious tourists. In both situations, the requirement of a corporate bus is vital, to transport people to their business conferences or tourist spots, in the least time possible.

Advantages of Renting a Corporate Bus with redBus 

The advantages of renting a Corporate Bus with redBus are as follows:

  • redBus is famous for its transparent billing and its straight forward charges
  • redBus only works with the best of conductors, thus ensuring the utmost safety and hygiene
  • redBus prides itself on its prompt customer service

Why Rent a Corporate Bus in Delhi

People require corporate buses for a variety of events. Some of them are as follows:

  • Corporate buses come in handy for various office team building activities as well as conferences and tours
  • A large number of schools and universities hire corporate buses to be able to take kids on school picnics and educational outings to places like the zoo or the museum 
  • Schools also require these buses for transporting children during inter-school events
  • These buses are now also being used to pick-up and drop-off office employees from their places of work or airports
  • A large number of people rent a corporate bus for marriage purposes
  • Tourists require quick and easy transport for sightseeing purposes
  • A large number of buses carry pilgrims to and from religious locations

How to Book a Corporate Bus with redBus

Using redBus, customers have a comfortable bus renting and booking experience. Here are a few steps to guide you through the process:

  • Enter the redBus application and choose the icon labelled as “Bus Hire”. On doing so, you will see another icon labelled as “Hire a vehicle” which you will have to click on to proceed with the bus booking process
  • You will have the option of selecting the type of journey, which is either a local or outstation trip or a simple drop off or pick up from the airport.
  • Choose, according to your needs, a One Way or a Round trip and input the source and drop locations by selecting is from the various options provided 
  • Depending on whether you would like to make stops and visit more than one location, you have the option of choosing multiple trips
  • Enter in the information regarding the date and time of your planned travel as well as the number of passengers travelling in total
  • A summary of your trip details will be provided to you at the top of your screen showing details such as the number of people travelling in total and the distance in kilometres
  • The passenger must input their personal information such as their name and contact details
  • During this step of booking, the customer has an option to add in any additional information that they feel is needed to be provided 
  • On clicking the “View Vehicles” option, you will receive an OTP on the number provided earlier. The OTP must be filled into the space provided to reveal a wide selection of bus rental options available on the route of your selection
  • A detailed division of their journey in the form of breakups is provided, on clicking the icon tagged as “Details”
  • Customers have the option to either pay the fee in full or partially pay the price, this way confirming their booking 

Customers have the option of insuring their journey by paying a minimal amount of Rs. 40. Here below are the advantages of this option: 

  • Up to 6 lakh rupees will be given to passengers who become permanently disabled due to an unfortunate event of an accident 
  • Up to 6 lakh rupees will be given to any passenger who has a partial permanent disability in the unfortunate event of an accident
  • Given about 1 lakh rupees and 500 rupees per day in hospitalisation and as HospiCash IDP respectively
  • In the event that luggage is lost, 1 lakh rupees will be provided as compensation
  • In the case of an accident where the passenger loses their life, their immediate family will receive up to 6 lakh rupees

You can hire a bus from redBus online
following these steps:

  •  Go to the redBus portal and enter 'City of Hire,''Starting Point' & 'Destination'

  •  Click search

  •  redBus will bring the best operators at
    affordable prices

  •  Select the bus operator and confirm the

Benefits of Booking A Bus Online

When you book online, the following benefits are offered:

  • Inventory - Access to leading vehicle providers in the city

  • Zero booking fee - Transparent booking. No hidden fee

  • Choose vehicle - Check vehicle images before making any choice

Places to visit around Delhi

A few places that you can visit in Delhi are as follows:

  • Delhi Zoo: The zoo is a favourite among all age groups and is also famous for its wide range and variety of animals.
  • Qutub Minar: It is the tallest individual tower in the world and a popular tourist location.

Customer Care Numbers

Email address for question:

Phone number:: +919945600000

Hence, booking and renting a corporate bus with Bus Hire, redBus, is a simple process that can be followed by almost anyone!

​Get the exact vehicle that you see in your quotation

Planning is of utmost importance for any kind of travel and one should be extra cautious these days, especially when hiring another vehicle. The Hire facility with redBus is a problem-free process that assures a clean and sanitized vehicle along with trustworthy drivers at your service.

The beauty of redBus Hire is that you can book the vehicle completely online. You can search, inspect, and view the buses, cars, and tempo travellers that are available for rent before you can confirm the booking. We also ensure that the vehicle that you see on the quotation that’s shred is the exact vehicle that you will get at the start of your journey. This eliminates any personal inspection that the customer would have to make to ensure that the vehicle that they get on the day of their journey is the same vehicle that they booked. Everything is exactly the same, down to the last digit on the license plate.

Here is how it works:

After entering the details of your journey, you will see the most recent pictures of the vehicle, vehicle number, number of times the vehicle has been hired with redBus, model number, and even the date of registration of the vehicle. A few key points that you can keep in mind:

  • The vehicle and the drivers are approved by redBus and are chosen according to the ratings provided by the customers.
  • The vehicle that you choose on the redBus Hire platform will be the very same vehicle that will be delivered to you at the start of the trip.
  • If you do not get the same vehicle that you saw at the time of booking due to any unforeseen reason, you will get a 25% refund.

redBus hire is here to ensure that your booking process is done without any unknown variables in mind. Once your booking is done with us, you don’t have to worry about the vehicle that you’ve been promised nor do you have to worry about its ability to get you from point A to B. We believe in complete transparency to ensure that you get the very best booking experience with redBus Hire.

Customer Reviews

First time I hired Volvo bus from redbus for going to Udaipur and back to Delhi. Purpose of hiring was marriage of my son at Udaipur. Overall to and fro journey experience was excellent. Quality of bus and staff was excellent. Thanks to redbus for providing online platform at affordable rates
deepak jain
Traveled to Delhi NCR on 2021-02-14 with 41 People for a holiday
Traveled to Delhi NCR on 2020-03-12 with 49 People for a holiday

Pricing Table

Bus TypeStarting Price Per KmDriver Charges
37 Seater in DelhiRS. 44RS. 800
49 Seater in DelhiRS. 48RS. 800
41 Seater in DelhiRS. 49RS. 800
45 Seater in DelhiRS. 49RS. 800
56 Seater in DelhiRS. 58RS. 800


Frequently Asked Questions

We have a network of operators in every city that we work in. When you place a request for a bus, we procure buses from our operators and send you the quotes for the same.

Apart from Delhi, redBus is operational in Chennai, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Madurai, to name a few of many.

No, you do not have to be in the city to book the bus. Our booking system is fully online, so you can be located anywhere while making the booking.

Yes, all our drivers are highly qualified and experienced.

Since we work with the best operators, the buses are usually reliable. In case of a breakdown, it is the bus operators responsibility to replace the vehicle during the journey

In case of outstation trips, Kilometers are calculated basis the return trip distance between the source and destination.Any extra kilometers which are used within the city and the distance from the Garage are not calculated.

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