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Hire 35 Seater Bharat Benz   A/C Bus in Mumbai
Hire 35 Seater Bharat Benz   A/C Bus in Mumbai
35 Seater Bharat Benz (2+2)
Starting from:
City Mumbai
Driver Bata ₹500/day
Local packages starting from
4 Hours 40 Kms :9500/-
Fuel Included
Charging Point
Overhead Storage
Back Compartment Storage& 1 more
Booked 5 times last month
Hire 40 Seater Eicher  A/C Bus in Mumbai
Hire 40 Seater Eicher  A/C Bus in Mumbai
40 Seater Eicher (2+2)
Starting from:
City Mumbai
Driver Bata ₹500/day
Local packages starting from
4 Hours 40 Kms :10000/-
Fuel Included
Charging Point
Overhead Storage
Back Compartment Storage& 1 more
Hire 45 Seater Ashok Leyland  A/C Bus in Mumbai
Hire 45 Seater Ashok Leyland  A/C Bus in Mumbai
45 Seater Ashok Leyland (2+2)
Starting from:
City Mumbai
Driver Bata ₹500/day
Local packages starting from
4 Hours 40 Kms :10000/-
Fuel Included
Charging Point
Overhead Storage
Back Compartment Storage& 2 more

Corporate Bus Booking

With the fast-moving pace of our society today, what is most looked for in any form of transport is efficiency. This is something that corporate buses offer. On booking a corporate bus, you allow yourself to experience a hassle-free journey with either colleagues or friends and family.

Typically, when planning to travel with a big group of people, a common mistake made is taking more than one smaller vehicle to incorporate everybody. This can result in delays as well as confusion. This struggle is wiped away when corporate buses by redBus are taken into consideration.

The various advantages of making a corporate bus booking are listed below:

  • Pocket friendly or a cost-effective method of travel
  • Environmentally friendly (reduces the number of vehicles on the road)
  • Ensures comfort and convenience
  • Ensures safety 

This is why, today, people prefer travelling by renting corporate buses. Using Bus Hire under redBus, people can easily make their corporate bus booking to travel to various destinations such as picnics, outings, business trips, marriages, airport travel, and the list goes on.

How to book a corporate bus with redBus

Hiring a corporate bus with redBus is extremely easy considering its highly user-friendly interface. Here are a few steps to guide you along the process:

  • On opening the redBus cell application, you will notice an icon marked as “Bus Hire”. Click on the icon to proceed further with your booking process
  • Depending on the type of trip, which may be outstation, local or a simple drop or pick up from the airport, you can select the kind of journey. This must be done after clicking onto the “Hire a Vehicle” icon
  • Choose whether you’d like a One-way or a Round trip and then input the source and drop location from the available options
  • If you plan to go to more than one location during your journey, the option of choosing multiple locations is available
  • Feed-in essential details such as the time and date of travel, as well as the number of people that would be travelling. You may then continue by clicking on the “Proceed” icon
  • If it’s a local trip, you can even select a package where you can hire a vehicle for a certain number of hours and use it to travel a certain number of kilometres
  • A summary of your booking along with information on the details of your trip, such as the distance (in Kms), number of passengers, and so on. This will be seen at the top of your screen
  • Personal and contact details must be provided, such as email address, phone number and name
  • If needed, additional information can be provided as well, at this point in the booking process
  • Click on the “View Vehicles” icon in order to proceed with booking
  • You will receive an OTP on the cell number you have provided, which you will then have to input into the space provided. On hitting the icon labelled “Verify”, you will be allowed to proceed with the booking process
  • Displaying all available bus rental options on the route, the redBus application will enable you to choose which one you prefer
  • By using the “Details” icon, you can view your entire travel in intricate breakups. This will appear at the bottom of the screen
  • Passengers have the option of paying either full or partial amount for the travel, thus confirming their booking

By paying a minimal amount of Rs.40, passengers can insure their travel and journey. The advantages of this are as follows: 

  • In the unfortunate case of permanent disability caused by an accident, the passenger will receive approximately 6 lakh rupees 
  • In the unfortunate case of a partial disability as a result of an accident, the passenger will receive approximately 6 lakh rupees 
  • Up to 1 lakh rupees as hospitalisation inpatient care
  • Around rupees 500 every day as HospiCash inpatient care
  • In case of baggage getting lost, up to 1 lakh rupees is offered as compensation
  • In the unlikely case of a passengers death, the family of the deceased will receive up to 6 lakh rupees

Advantages of Making a Corporate Bus Booking with redBus

  • redBus offers a user-friendly and hassle-free bus booking facility. Its mobile application, as well as its website, are laid out in a straightforward manner. This allows users to comprehend and follow through with the booking process with great ease.
  • redBus is famous for providing its customers with complete information, displaying all available renting options for the routes chosen. Through the provision of filters, customers can sift through the options available and choose the one best suited for themselves. Depending on various operators, redBus displays the various additional amenities that can be provided by each. Thus, the customer is able to curate his or her travel experience according to their convenience and requirements.
  • redBus prides itself on providing its customers with maximum comfort, quality and utmost safety. redBus only works with the best operators. They also have very helpful customer service, guiding you through your booking process and queries when contacted.

You can hire a bus from redBus online
following these steps:

  •  Go to the redBus portal and enter 'City of Hire,''Starting Point' & 'Destination'

  •  Click search

  •  redBus will bring the best operators at
    affordable prices

  •  Select the bus operator and confirm the

Benefits of Booking A Bus Online

When you book online, the following benefits are offered:

  • Inventory - Access to leading vehicle providers in the city

  • Zero booking fee - Transparent booking. No hidden fee

  • Choose vehicle - Check vehicle images before making any choice

Corporate Bus Rentals in Various Indian Cities

redBus has a reach over a large number of cities and a large number of operators. The various cities in which redBus is operational for the renting of corporate buses across India are:

  • Bangalore 
  • Hyderabad
  • Pune
  • Chennai 
  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Ahmedabad 

Customer Care Numbers and Details

redBus offers an extremely helpful and responsive customer service In case of any queries, you may contact redBus here:

Phone number: +919945600000

Email address for any queries:

For more details, you may visit the redBus home page and use the “Contact us” option.

Thus, when travelling in a larger group of people, considering a corporate bus is the wisest decision as it is not only convenient for travellers but better for the environment as well. It is a cost-effective method to go about your travel. 

For a hassle-free and smooth renting and booking process, redBus is the way to go!

Customer Reviews

We will surely recommend your service.
Hitesh Pandya
Traveled to Mumbai on 2022-01-03with 35 People for a holiday
Excellent service, Keep rocking.
Traveled to Bangalore on 2021-12-18with 49 People for a holiday

Pricing Table

Bus TypeStarting Price Per KmDriver Charges
41 Seater in PuneRS. 42RS. 500
35 Seater in MumbaiRS. 49RS. 500
49 Seater in PuneRS. 50RS. 500
40 Seater in MumbaiRS. 52RS. 500
45 Seater in MumbaiRS. 52RS. 500
53 Seater in PuneRS. 100RS. 500


Frequently Asked Questions

redBus Bus Hire is an online bus renting/hiring platform.

redBus provides the best options when it comes to travelling. Customer requirements and needs are our priority.

redBus has marked its presence globally in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Columbia, and Peru, originating from India.

All of the buses listed on redBus are extremely reliable. In the event of a bus breaking down mid-journey, it is the responsibility of the bus operators to replace the vehicle during the journey.

Since we work with the best operators, the buses are usually reliable. In case of a breakdown, it is the bus operators responsibility to replace the vehicle during the journey

In case of outstation trips, Kilometers are calculated basis the return trip distance between the source and destination.Any extra kilometers which are used within the city and the distance from the Garage are not calculated.

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